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Francis Lauer

Adopt-A-Family 2020

Thank you for supporting the youth and families of YSS Francis Lauer!

To participate in our Adopt-A-Family program, sign up for a family (or a few) and purchase the items they need. Some families like having their gifts wrapped for a holiday surprise, while others prefer to have them unwrapped. Due to COVID-19, we are providing an alternative through Amazon for contactless delivery to their homes. If you sign up for an Amazon family, you will be sent a link that will allow you to purchase their items and send them to their home (while maintaining privacy of their address).

Preference for wrapped, unwrapped, or Amazon gifts are listed with the family number in the signup. Please include the family code with your gifts, and for gifts being returned to the office, please label each gift with the age of the youth.

Gifts may be dropped off at YSS Francis Lauer, 50 N. Eisenhower Ave., Mason City, IA 50401, on the following dates:

  • Wednesday, December 9th: 8:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
  • Thursday, December 10th: 8:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
  • Friday, December 11th:  8:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
Created by:   YSS Francis Lauer
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Available Slot

AT Wrapped 1 (2 Youth)

10 year old male: medium top + medium bottom, shoe size 7; likes minecraft & fortnite; 8 year old female: 7/8 girls top + bottom; shoe size kids 12; likes LOL Surprise Dolls, Kinetic Sand, & Playdoh

Traci Hansen

CY Amazon 1 (2 Youth)

Youth 1 (Female,16): youth L, size 2, pants size 16, board games, hair accessories - Youth 2 (Male,14): youth XL, pants size 14, board games, football, outdoor activities, https://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/1CQHVMFN3AHVS?ref_=wl_share

Joshua Sturges
Enjoy the holidays! Stay safe and healthy!

CY Amazon 2 (2 Youth)

Youth 1 (Male): adult M, underwear adult small, Iowa and football, Youth 2 (Male): Adult Small, Iowa State and Magic https://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/2HKCXS9OIT2X2?ref_=wl_share

Joshua Sturges
Enjoy the holidays! Stay safe and healthy!

CY Amazon 3 (2 Youth)

Youth 1 (Female): Size 7/8, girls medium, dolls, board games Youth 2 (Male): Size 9/10, Boys Large (only likes jogging pants), Hunting, Football, Card Games https://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/EXD30CCSCWI4?ref_=wl_share

Traci Hansen

CY Amazon 4 (3 Youth)

Youth 1 (Male, 2 yrs old): 4T, Shoe 10T, Educational Toys Youth 2 (Male): Youth L, likes jogging pants, Vikings, skateboarding, fishing Youth 3 (Male): Mens S, John Deere, Fishing, Games https://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/27ELVWYG52BKQ?ref_=wl_share

Thrivent Financial
Thrivent Financial

CY Amazon 5 (1 Youth)

Youth 1 (Male): Adult S, Large Socks, Athletic clothing, NASCAR, Baseball, MN Twins https://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/TWCOTKB6AIET?ref_=wl_share

Susie Wolfram
Happy Holidays!

CY Amazon 6 (1 Youth)

Youth 1 (Male): Youth XL, Board Games, Card Games, Magic https://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/1GY5BRYTI9K9E?ref_=wl_share

Traci Muhlenbruch
CENT Credit Union

MG Wrapped 1 (1 Young Adult)

Youth 1: Large sweatpants, shoe and sock size 13, Playstation gift cards


MG Wrapped (1 Young Adult, 1 Youth)

Young Adult 1 (Female Young Adult): XL, Pants, Jeans size 16, Yoga Pants size L, Music, Writing, Notebooks, Pens & Pencils Youth 2 (2 yr old male): size 18M, 6T shoe, Size 5 pull ups, pants 18M, trucks, bells, Pokemon (Pikachu)

Taylor Williams
Taylor Williams

MG Wrapped (3) (1 Young Adult)

Young Adult 1 (Female): Size L, Shoe size 9, Spongebob


MG Wrapped 4 (1 Young Adult)

Youth 1 (Female): Size Medium, Pants size 7, shoe size 7, Likes Tie Die

Taylor Williams
Taylor Williams

MG Wrapped 5 (1 Young Adult)

Youth 1 (Male): Size 2x, XL pants, shoes size 12.5


MG Wrapped 6 (1 Young Adult)

Youth 1 (Male): Size L - XL , Pants 36 x 38, Underwear L, Shoe Size 11, video games


MG Wrapped 7 (1 Young Adult)

Youth 1 (Female): Size Large, Underwear size 7, Shoes size 6 womens, plants, hygiene/makeup. coffee, baking, needs jeans, prefers jeggings or skinny jeans

Kristie Christians

MG Wrapped 8 (1 Young Adult)

Young Adult 1 (Male): Size Medium, Pant size 36 x 38, Shoe size 10.5-11, Rings, shoes (nike hightops), books (art of war), (48 laws of power)


MG Wrapped 9 (1 Young Adult)

1 Young Adult (Female): Bras (32B), Jeans - 0-1 (prefer skinny style), underwear xs-s, ankle socks size 6, likes: perfume, bath and body works, cooking pans

Nichole Arthur
Merry Christmas!

MG Warpped (10) (1 Young Adult)

Young Adult 1 (Female): Size S, pants size 3, shoe size 8.5, likes - drawing, make-up, bath and body works

Morgan Lovell

LP Wrapped 1 (1 Young Adult)

Young Adult 1 (Female): Women's S, pants/underwear-size 3, shoe size 8.5, likes - drawing, art supplies, make-up, adult coloring books, Victoria Secret, Bath & Body Works

Sharese James

LP Wrapped 2 (1 Young Adult)

Young Adult 1 (24 yr old female): Womens Juniors Size M, Pants Size 4, Shoe size 8, Likes - make-up nude colors, fluffy throw blankets, adult coloring books and colored pencils, journal, skittles, peanut m & m's, favorite color is forest green, hygiene

Emma Hall Kruger

LP Wrapped 3 (1 Young Adult)

Young Adult 1 (Male): Men's 2XL, Men's 34 x 32, Shoe size 12, likes: collectible cars, paw patrol, titanic, Dale Ernhart, Supernatural, Dukes of Hazard, Snickers and the colors Blue

Andy Carlson
Merry Christmas!

LP Wrapped 4 (1 Young Adult, 1 infant)

Young Adult 1 (Female): Women's Large, Underwear size L, shoe size 8, likes: Bath & Body Works, Victoria Secret Perfumes, fall scented candles, hair scrunchies, Lindor Candy, Favorite color Maroon. Infant-6mo boy clothing, teething toys, bath toys,books

Gabrielle Lage
What gender and sizes for the infant?

LP Wrapped 5 (1 Young Adult)

Young Adult 1 (Female): Women's size 2x shirts, joggers, sweatpants, shoe size 9, likes: Make-up, art supplies, drawing, painting, coffee pot/coffee, beanie hats, fuzzy comfy socks

Traci Muhlenbruch
CENT Credit Union

LP Wrapped 6 (1 Young Adult)

Young Adult 1 (Female): Size Women's Small, Juniors size 9, likes: amazon gift cards, Bath & Body Works, Gift Card for Manicure, Chicken Alfredo, favorite color black

Brigid Christianson

LP Wrapped 7 (1 Young Adult)

Young Adult 1 (Male): Men's M, Jeans Men's 30 x 32, shoe size 8.5, likes: Basketball-Lakers, Football-Raiders, Baseball-Dodgers, Music, Jolly Ranchers, Favorite Color Black

Traci Muhlenbruch
CENT Credit Union

LP Wrapped 8 (1 Young Adult)

Young Adult 1 (Male) Men's XL, Men's L Lounge Pants, shoe size 12, likes: rap music, country music, rock music, smoothies, favorite color blue


LP Wrapped 9 (1 Young Adult)

Young Adult 1 (Male): Men's M, Pant size 30 x 32, shoe size 11, likes: Stephen King books, art supplies, Pokemon Cards, Hot wheels, action figures

Brigid Christianson

LP Wrapped 10 (1 Young Adult, 2 Youth)

Young Adult 1 (Female): Women's M, 3-5 size pants/underwear, shoe 8.5, likes: tall socks, sweaters, art- Youth 1 (4yr old male): 4T shirts, 5T pants, shoe 10T, likes: cars, superheros- Youth 2 (2 yr old female): 3T clothing, 7T shoes, babies, animals

Nikki Poley

AT Wrapped 2 (2 Youth)

Youth 1 (Male): Men's XL sweatpants, shoes size 11, likes: football - Seahawks, video games, legos, cars - Youth 2 (female): Women's L-XL, sweatpants, jeans 14, shoe size 9-9.5, likes: make-up, fingernail polish, hair stuff, unicorns, rabbits

Tiffany Nonnweiler

AT Amazon 3 (2 Youth)


Thrivent Financial
Thrivent Financial

AT Wrapped 4 (3 Youth)

Youth 1 (female): Junior Large, shoe 10, crafts, coloring- Youth 2 (female): Junior Medium, shoe 10, likes: make-up, hair stuff, crafts - Youth 3 (3 yr old female): #T, shoe size 8T, likes: baby dolls, Barbies

Lauren Schuur

AT Wrapped 4 (5 Youth)

Y1 (F): Large, shoe 10, crafts, coloring, Y2 (F): Junior M, shoe 10, make-up, hair accessories Y3 (3 yr F): 3T, Shoe 8T, dolls, Barbies Y4 (5 yr F): Size girl 6, shoe 1, LOL, Barbies Y5 (6 yr F): size girls 10-12, Shoe 2, slime, crafts, dolls, LOL

Tiffany Nonnweiler

AT Amazon 5 (1 Youth)


Joshua Sturges
Enjoy the holidays! Stay safe and healthy!

DN Unwrapped 1 (5 Youth)

Y1 (9 yr F): girls M, crafts, make-up Y2 (7 yr F): girls M, crafts, board games Y3 (3 yr M): 5T, 10T shoe, learning activitiies, action figures, hot wheels Y4 (2 yr female): 3T, 7T shoe, learning toys, dolls Y5 (1 yr male): 24 mon, 6T shoe, baby toys

Tiffany Nonnweiler

AT Wrapped 6 (3 youth)

Y1(15 yr M): Men Medium, pant 28-29, shoe 11, legos/any kind of building sets. Y2(10yrF): girls Medium, pant 10-12, shoe 4, nail polish, hair stuff, bracelet/necklace making kits. Y3(8yrF): girls Medium, pant girls 8-10, shoe 3, Interests: same as sister


DN Wrapped 2 (2 youth)

Y1(13yrF): women's plus size 24 or 3X, shoe 11, BTS, Anime, Stranger Things, makeup (tomboyish). Y2(10yrM): size youth 16 or large, shoe 7Y, Fortnite


LP wrapped 11 (1 young adult)

Shirt-Mens L, shoe/socks-mens 13/Large, pant-36x34mens, stephen king books,hip hop/rap/pop/oldies music, comedy movies, twizzlers, favorite color Red

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