Camp 2019

Camp Nissokone 2019 (Hooray)

We love you.  Seriously.

We are a community, together.  Thanks Evi, Cindy, Ann-Patrice for helping with this.

Can you please sign up for 2 things if you are coming to camp?   I would recommend you read all of the items before you make your choices.   You may even want to look at the schedule on our SFA website: , to help you decide.

Some things count as 2 sign ups because they are bigger jobs.  Anything like that (or discounted positions) are noted in the descriptions.  This is my attempt to be organized :-).

What if you want to do 3 things?  You are invited (and thank you)!

Thank you,

Sandy and crew

Created by:   Sandy Kreger
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Available Slot


What is your passion? Let us know. You may lead a spot in the afternoon.

1 of 4 slots filled
Carmenza Tez Juagibioy Tez Juagibioy
Voices of Mother Earth (Steve Bray will help)

ANNOUNCEMENTS Announcer who announces

Lunch and dinner will have announcements, and you'll get slips of paper with the announcements on it. You will have a mic. The only drawback here is that you do sort of interrupt your meals for a few minutes. Sometimes people come to you as well.


Ballroom leader

This would be an afternoon offering.


BEACH DAY Leader (2)

Generate enthusiasm for the beach, have maps at the ready. Plan and organize the caravan. If there are other days on which there is a gathering, submit an announcement. People can come to you!



Send a blurb to Sandy about this event.

Lyn Austin


Create and print name tags with campers names and place on their specific cabin so everyone knows who is staying in what cabin as they pass by. Bring nametags to camp and put them on cabins day one. You’ll have one other helper with you.

Gretchen Suhre

Cabin Dweller Identification Tags Placer

This can be an active job. Get your fitbit out, because you will go from cabin to cabin, affixing the tags to each of them :-).

Rich Fowler

Camp Show Host

This can be a zany show. You would schmooze in between acts, and set up sign up and set list. Ask Verne or Gretchen for advice if you want (unless you ARE Verne or Gretchen).

Gretchen Suhre

CAMPFIRE Leader (2)

Work with Nissokone staff to set up location and lead the sing alongs.



You will be one of the first people to greet campers as they arrive. You will make sure they are checked in, will give them a packet of info and send them on their way to their cabins and a week of fun.

All slots filled
Barb Iovan
Dependent on ride to be there early!
sherrry dearborn


Help with closing ceremonies. If you can keep it short, sweet, gracious and full of gratitude, that would be great. See Sandy to run it by her :-). It's OK to plan it AT camp with the other two people. :-)



The host for this Friday evening event, is responsible for opening, closing, keeping time and simply holding the space as campers take the opportunity to share their camp experience with the whole community.



Wednesday evening only. This position is for someone who is comfortable in front of others. You'll do the schmoozing (technical term) in between acts, the introductions as well as the sign up prior to the show.

Laura Machida
Happy to MC Laura MAchida

Contra Dancing Leader

Lead a camp dance one evening.

Tim Smith

Contribution Sender (15)

This is just as important as the other jobs. You could be the reason people come to camp. $30 per sign up. If you'd rather be more anonymous, just send Sandy an e mail :-).

1 of 15 slots filled
Nancy Landen


Craig will be doing a relatively simple inclusive ceremony this year. Your role is pretty easy, but will take a little time. Help him, and be in it :-).


GODDESS - Driver to Goodwill

After Goddess, and after camp staff has had a chance to look over clothes, you would drive the clothes over to Goodwill, at the time of your choice.

Bruce Worman


These persons will hoist, tie and nail things so clothes can be hung for goddess exchange. Consider bring ropes (we need a few) please.



You will help the goddess exchange leader to set up and clean up the exchange.

2 of 5 slots filled
Nancy Landen
Chris Carlson

GRACE Leader (3)

Grace happens daily, and you are free to recruit folks to help. This year's grace will have a multi cultural and varied religions of the world (as well as secular gratitude graces). Lunch Grace will be poetry. Dinner grace is oral. Sandy will clarify.

All slots filled
Bruce Bielawa
Sandy Argas
Laura Machida
Laura Machida

HAPPY HOUR Host/Hostess (3)

Sign up performers and M.C.

1 of 3 slots filled
Mark Denney

HIKING Director (2)

Plan two afternoon hikes for the array of kinds of hikers at SFA. Do a little research ahead of time, if possible. Lead the way! This can count for 2 jobs.

1 of 2 slots filled
Kevin Melchert


You'll take your direction from the hospitality/happy hour host/hostess. This position may include, chopping, filling, cleaning and sometimes moving things around.

3 of 8 slots filled
Chris Carlson
Steve Bray
Carmenza Tez Juagibioy Tez Juagibioy


This person is the big cheese (get it?) of Happy Hour! This counts for both sign ups. Discount with this position, TBD



This is a pre-camp job. Gathering specific (to be determined by Sandy) information from the website, make copies, collate and create packets to give to campers as they arrive on the first day. Sandy will help you with specifics. Have a packet party!

Barb Iovan
As per our discussion some time ago Sandy


Your future is bright. This job takes care of both of your choices. Will you please check schedule and bop around to make sure performances are taken care of, as far as hosts, sound, etc? Offer your help as consultant. Look on this for list host names.

Verne McArthur


Will help the Mailbag leader hang the bags, as well as take down mailbags. It would be nice to help take down anything else around as well :-).

Barb Iovan


This takes some organization ahead of camp week. You will obtain photos of campers and will attach them to the mailbags. You have a budget of $50. You will have one helper.

Ann-Patrice Foley


Coordinate with Nissokone staff to have 7ish tables out at Little Italy at designated day/time. Will coordinate artisans and what they need to set up. Chat with artisans about their wares and write a blurb for Sandy to put it in the Newsletter.



This is a post camp job. This can be worth both sign up credits. You'll create and mail memory books. Thank you thank you!!

Jane Thickston


This happens once during the week and it requires gathering and holding the space for male members of the community to come share.



Help the host/hostess whatever is needed. From getting pots ready the night before to showing up for the 7am shift to help. Early risers encouraged.

1 of 2 slots filled
Bruce Bielawa


This is an early morning job. Responsible for having coffee ready and available by 6:30 a.m. for campers. This will be located in Crow's nest. You will have a budget for coffee. You'll have 2 helpers. Discount with this position, TBD

Gretchen Suhre


Hold the space throughout the week for morning group leaders to come and share their morning group experiences with each other. Open, close and keep time of the meeting. Includes creating a safe space for the leaders to land.


MORNING GROUP Leaders (12)

Responsible for preparing/presenting a topic/idea, holding space for the group for five mornings. Write a small paragraph about your group & send to Sandy ASAP if haven't. Joan will contact re: your space needs. Discount TBD. Counts as 2 sign ups :-).

8 of 12 slots filled
Bruce Bielawa
Sandy Finkel
Ann-Patrice Foley
Evi Pappas
Lyn Austin
Don Spencer
Gretchen Suhre
Amy Sarafian


Places campers in morning groups. Counts as 2 sign ups

Joan Lager

MOVING IN Helpers (4)

At the start of camp, people need help hauling things, hanging curtains etc.. Show up to camp 1 hour early and you can also help latecomers. Feel free to bring extra swag.

3 of 4 slots filled
Bob Dearborn
Steve Bray
Carmenza Tez Juagibioy Tez Juagibioy

NAME TAGS person

Print and create name tags ahead of time (with emergency info on back if camper doesn't opt out.)

Gretchen Suhre


Run new camper orientation and hang/check in with new campers, at least for the first couple of days.

1 of 2 slots filled
Bob Dearborn

Nissokone offerings sign up contact (2)

You will put up a sign up for things like archery, speed boating, sailing, etc. There will be one or two sign ups per day. Please fill out an announcement sheet for that as well :-). Be in touch with Nissokone staff :-).


OMBUDSMAN Empath (2)

Position requires being a good listener and the ability to hold the space in a non judgmental way to let folks vent if they need to. Your job is to listen. It’s not to “fix” or “give advice”. It’s simply a place for campers to come if they have an issue.

All slots filled
Denny Balcolm
Evi Pappas

OMBUDSMAN Logistical

You will be the liaison with the designated Nissokone staff. You would help campers with questions related to camp space/physical needs, (beyond what the Nissokone staff are unable to help with. This will be clarified prior to taking this position.



This can count as both of your sign ups. Make sure your team is taking photos of each camper for the Camp Book. Book can be compiled after camp. You will have a budget and will have 5 helpers. Discount for this position, $100


PHOTO TEAM Helpers (5)

Help photo team leader.



Tuesday will be our outdoor Happy Hour Porch Concerts along with Market Day in Little Italy. The director coordinates who is on what porch, when they will start/end and who goes next. *Entertainers don't have to be Little Italy residents.

Ed Saunders


Help with the collection of recycling for the week. Great news!! Nissokone will weigh it an haul it to Alpena at the end of the week!



Help people (including Nissokone counselors) with sailing basics. You can create this job any way you want. Just go out and have fun!


Schedule Writer/Updater (2)

Write schedule in big bold letters, and check to see that the day's places and times are current.



Only once through the week, you will be responsible for getting the shopping list from the Shopping Team Leader picking up the supplies for that particular day from the grocery store in town. We will call you the “Little Cheese” of the Shopping Team.

5 of 8 slots filled
Mark Denney
Nancy Landen
Bruce Worman
Mary Beth Howell
Connie Cronenwett Cronenwett

SHOPPING TEAM Leader/Hospitality #1 assistant

In charge of supporting and supplying hospitality with the foods they request each day. Includes helping to plan the snacks, divvying up the money, overseeing/scheduling the shopper helpers. Don't have to shop, just assist Polly in whatever she needs.



Prepare composite slideshow prior to camp from previous camps, to be shown on closing night at the share. This is a big job. Discount for this position, $100


SOUND Helpers (2)

This job requires hauling, schlepping, and receiving info from the sound tech folks. If you want to learn about sound, or just be helpful, sign up here.

1 of 2 slots filled
Ike Iacobelli

SOUND Tech (2)

Provide all audio requirements for performances and events. Essential to have prior experience. Being able to bring personal sound gear to camp is a plus. This is a big job. *Discounted.

All slots filled
Ed Saunders
Rick Green

Sunset cruise helper with Pam (3)

Help out the party planner in whatever way they need you to help. This might be brainstorming garb, guiding campers on the boat, or whatever Pam needs.

All slots filled
Kari Gunderson
Mary Beth Howell
sandy argas


Tuesday evening. Responsible for planning the Riverboat party. You’ll have a budget of $100 to spend on whatever you like for the party. Send SK a blurb about your ideas, what you want to have happen, and what campers might bring. Counts as 2 sign ups.

Pam Moore

TASTE BUD Leaders During Camp (2)

You will chat with the pre camp bud about menu and special diets. Then be ready to field food questions/concerns during camp. We will encourage very few of these, because we are proactive. This job counts as both your choices.

1 of 2 slots filled
Gail Gebhart

TASTE BUD Leader Pre-Camp (2)

The job includes creating a menu with Nissokone staff, and attending to the people with specific dietary needs, in order to figure out solutions ahead of time. This job counts as both your choices.

All slots filled
Denny Balcolm
Sandy Finkel

Tour de Cabins Leader

This is a job in which you just get some fitbit steps. Lead a group in and out of cabins (approved by campers) so everyone can see different kinds of cabins.

Joan Lager


Look at the database of needs, and match people who need with people who offer. Sandy will get that list to you.


TYE DYE Helpers (3)

Help Tye Dye Leader.

2 of 3 slots filled
Kari Gunderson
sherrry dearborn


Lead vespers, with the topic of your choice.



Video most events through the week. Discount for this position, $100.00


WEB Designer (2)

Steve L. and Lesli S. put in countless hours on this. Isn't it pretty?



This happens once during the week and it requires gathering and holding the space for female members of the community to come share. This is NOT the Goddess Exchange nor will it be held at the same time.

Laura Machida
Laura Machida Love this


This entails offering your body work specialty two times for the week. Pick 1-2 afternoons. We'll chat with you about this before making the schedule. You may want to coordinate with the morning body person.



This entails offering your body work specialty two times for the week (before morning group). Pick two mornings. We'll chat with you about this before making the schedule. You may want to coordinate with the afternoon body person.

Connie Cronenwett Cronenwett

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