Men's & Women's Doubles Tournament & Social Gathering

Men’s and Women’s Doubles Tournament
March 24th - 25th - 26th

Two levels of play for each gender. You need to identify yourself as a A or B player when you sign-up. All players are guaranteed two matches, one Friday and one Saturday. There could be more depending on the number of sign-ups. Teams will be determined by blind computer draw for each match. A player will have a different partner each match.

All matches will be the best of three sets. A seven-point tie break at six all. The third set will be a ten-point tie break. The players that achieve the highest number of total games won following Saturday’s matches will play in the finals on Sunday. Depending on the number of players, no ad scoring may be used.

There are 24 slots for each gender, total of 48.
Start times to be posted via SignUpGenius.

Sign-ups close on March 19th.

Questions regarding the Tournament:
Doug Shumway   [email protected]    (760)  559-7126

Social Gathering Event following the Men’s & Women’s Doubles Tournament
March 26th  Sunday at 4:00 p.m.

Pull Pork & Chicken Sandwiches – Water & Ice Provided
BYOB and Chairs
Sign-up for Salads and Desserts needed

Review the available slots below by clicking on the sign-up button!

Created by:   Debbie Riddell, Approved by the Tournament and Social Committee
Already signed up? You can change your sign up.
PLEASE NOTE: The sign up period for this event has ended. Contact the creator for more details.

Date (mm/dd/yyyy MST) Available Slot
(Fri. 8:00am)

Men (24)

19 of 24 slots filled
Ron Breuklander
Les Dellow
Carlo Pensyl
Rick Wade
Mike Arnold
Jack Henry
Steven Hirdes
David Winter
Jeff Grass
Mark Steinberg
Edward Harrison
Stephen Lundgren
Donald Callen
Doug Shumway
Ryan Modesto
Jim Eisele
John Epler
Richard Stebbins
Christopher Olson

Women (24)

20 of 24 slots filled
Hilary Wade
Sylvia Arnold
Jean Henry
Gloria Bible
Karen Dellow
Chris Moravchik
Andrea Steinberg
Linda Weissman
Joy Olson
Patsy Koenig
cindy boxenhorn
Cindy Nelson
Jill Eisele
Marlene Meyer
Sandy Hirdes
Jude Liautaud
Jane Bottlinger
Dinah Shumway
Georgia Jaffe
Theresa Lewis
Only Friday morning, Sat & Sunday
(Sun. 4:00pm)

Social Event Sign-Up (60)

40 of 60 slots filled
Pam Pensyl (2)
Rick Wade (2)
Curt Haug (2)
Jack Henry
Jean Henry
Gloria Bible (2)
Jeff Grass
Karen Dellow
Joy Olson (2)
Deb Riddell (2)
Mike Premo
Lynne Johnson (2)
Diane Peters (2)
Cindy Nelson (2)
Donald Callen
Karen Callen
Chris Moravchik (2)
Jill Eisele
Jude Liautaud
Ryan Modesto (2)
Georgia Jaffe (2)
Jim Eisele
Stephen Lundgren
Kelly Lundgren
Richard Stebbins (2)
Richard Stebbins
Christopher Olson
Nancy Larsen
Chris Olson

Salads (8)

7 of 8 slots filled
Pam Pensyl
Jean Henry
Joy Olson
Georgia Jaffe
Cindy Gong
Macaroni salad
Lois Owen
Hilary Wade
Hilary Wade

Desserts (8)

All slots filled
Gloria Bible
Carole Washburn
Diane Peters
Cindy Nelson
Carol Ann Fougere
Jill Eisele
Susan Grass
Susan Grass
Cindy Boxenhorn
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