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Group Class Wait List

Learning Pawsibilities Dog Training School


Please review the available class options below and click on the button to add your name to our Class Wait List. Please write a comment including the days and times you are available for classes. We schedule new classes based on demand and create a new class as soon as we fill up at least 4 spots with the same preferred time. If you're not sure which class type you and your dog should join then contact Lena at [email protected] and include in your email a short description of your dog/dogs and the training goals you have.  This will help determine which class is right for you.  

After you add yourself to a waitlist you will be contacted within 48 hours to ensure the class is a good fit.  You will be required to make a payment for the class to hold your spot once the dates are set.  When course dates are posted you will be notified by email or text at least one week before.  

Created by:   Learning Pawsibilities
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Urban Dog Class

PUPPY KINDERGARTEN CLASS 3-5 months old (or less than 20 pounds) Class Duration 6 weeks $180

Puppies should have a Bordetella vaccine and at least 2 rounds of Distemper/Parvo before participating. This is a basic obedience training class, it's a great start for puppies. After adding your name, please email us at [email protected]!

31 slots filled - more available
Emma Rodgers
Monday-Wednesday, evenings after 5:30 would be best
Lauren Ridenour
Weekends are best
Armando Sanchez
Thursdays or Fridays
Christina Preston
Weekdays work
Georgie Waters
Wednesday & Fridays evenings
Erin Doyle
Evening classes
Jake Duncan
Evening classes
Gina soto
week days before 3pm, if not then weekends
Zoe Tuomisto
Wednesdays and Thursdays work best.
Alexnadra Beuther
evenings after 6pm or weekends
Caylie Gronwold
Sundays and Mondays work best
Meghan Rose
Weekdays at 6 or later
Stephanie Avila
Available all day on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday; after 3pm on Monday and Tuesday. Starting after March 30th.
Jake Allan
Thursday and Friday works best for us
Ryanne Odonnell
Shepherd puppy
Yesenia Huerta
Monday, Wednesday, Fridays 5pm. (some saturday mornings too)
Ashley Teetet
Weekends and evening work best for us. Would be bringing Vinnie the Australian Sheperd Border collie puppy.
Tyler Hansen
afternoons work best for us
Austin Blake
SA (but can do most other options)
Ashley Hecker
3.5 month old husky mix. Free weekdays after 6:15 or weekends.
Lexi Soste
great dane puppy
Zoe Watson
3 month old toy fox terrier. Available anytime
Matthew Zichichi
Weekdays before 1 PM and Weekends
Deryn Winchester
Our Corgi pup will be 5 months on June 10. He is under 20 lbs. I am available any time.
Holly Rose
Bella 4month old Pug
Alyssa Angell
Boston Terrier
Bob Price
Evenings or weekends
Emily Wilson
Can’t wait!
Nicki Liu
David Rowe
Excited to get started with Leo

URBAN DOG CLASS - 6 week duration - $180 - for dogs 5 months and older

Basic obedience for dogs 5 months plus. This class will be held first week at our center and then for 5 weeks out and about in the real world to practice around distractions. After adding your name, please email us at [email protected]

31 slots filled - more available
Christy Altuna
Training for Clarke
Monique Caspillan-Murley
Gambit - Weekend AMs preferred
Robert Mancuso
Bruno 4 year old
Nicole Yost
10 month rat terrier/basenji mix. Looking for afternoons on Fri/Sat
Pat Lowman
For Kirby now 8 months
Mathias Hoelzli
M/T/TH after 5:30pm
Elise Ringler
6 month old mini goldendoodle - needs some basics training for commands such as "come, sit, stay, etc."
LaJuana Mitchell
Ice Cee 6 years old. Friday, Saturday early, and Sun early afternoon are best
Paloma Kwiedacz
Bunny- 1 year old cattle dog, prefer Saturday/sundays any time
Shay Beasley
9 mos Maltipoo, prefer weekends
Nicole Yost
1 year old terrier mix looking for afternoons on Sunday/Mondays
Kayley Siekmann
Tuesdays after 5:30 would work best for us!
Jessa/eric Siekmann
Wyatt- Tuesday evenings
Samuel Humpherys
Kuiper 12 mo Lab evenings and weekends
Mandi Feddersen
Weekday evenings
Julia Case
Newly Adopted
Erinisha Mccoy
Ace 7 months
Deston Hand
Hazel - 7 months. Available Monday-Thursday after 5:30 pm
Tamlyn Hall
Tamlyn for Zola (mixed breed) Weekend AMs best
Kayvon Moghimi
M-F after 5 (except Th) and weekend mornings work for us! 5 mo Aussie
Liz Porras
For Remy
Nicole Yost
Kato- terrier mix. Would love Sunday or Monday afternoons or evenings
Nora Wells
~2 yo min. poodle; Available Saturdays and Sundays; Interested in basic obedience, plus kennel and bark training
Kristie Gallardo
Evenings and weekends are best!
Lauren Carter
5 month Labrador a/o june3rd
Salina Lyon
1 year old pomsky. Not currently working so have a very open schedule, any time works.
Adopted new pup, 8m old.
Hilda Terrazas
5month old German Shepard. Mon-Thur in the mornings.
Karina Covarrubias
M-F After 530pm, Sat & Sun All Day. Almost 3 year old beagle
Maia Jones
Need her to not bark at strangers and outdoor potty training
Andrea Simmons
Saturday or Sunday, mornings are best

URBAN DOG INTERMEDIATE - Class Duration 6 Weeks - $180

The next step after urban dog. For dogs that know the basics and are ready for the 3 Ds (Distance, Duration, Distractions). After Adding your name, please email us at [email protected]

6 slots filled - more available
Ashley Manoff
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday mornings work for us. I will be bringing tucker.
Felix Gower
Any day is good with us as long as it’s earlier in the day. Bringing my 2 year old Siberian Husky, Sasha.
Amy Davitt
Snickers wants to continue to learn. I'm open to any day and any time - even during the week
Christine Marcinkowski
Madison King
3 y/o lab that needs help on leash being protective. weekdays are best in the afternoon
Emily Atkins
Morning preferred - 2 yr old Husky/Shepherd needs to evade distractions at the park and off leash

PUPPY SOCIAL HOUR - 1 Hour free for dogs 3-5 months old

We host this once a month if we have at least 4 puppies signed up so puppies get a chance to socialize with other puppies as well as humans. Vaccine records required, at least 2 rounds of Distemper/Parvo and 1 Bordetella. Email [email protected]

31 slots filled - more available
Donna Mischner
Kaboodle just turned 3 months.
Jules Hakalmazian
Flexible schedule
Kristie Gallardo
3 mo old mini schnauzer pup
Mandi Feddersen
evenings or weekend
Moira Hogan
4 month old Catahoula
Jessa Siekmann
Evenings any day
Felicia Escolin
Anytime after 5pm on weekdays or anytime Saturday
Lauren Ridenour
3.5 month old mini golden doodle
Jodie Oates
any days of the week after 5
Selynn Anni
Evenings & weekends
Phil Avila
3 month old mini Australian shepherd
Georgie Waters
Evenings & Weekends
Garrett Hatcher
Garrett Hatcher 1st choice - anytime on Saturdays, 2nd choice - weekdays after 5:30pm
Zoe Tuomisto
Rylis is 3 months old
Alexandra Beuther
Saturdays or weekdays after 6pm
Stephanie Avila
Available all day on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday; after 3pm on Monday and Tuesday. Starting after March 30th.
Christina Hansen
Evenings and Weekends work best - 3month old Bernese Mtn Dog
Jillian Ingram
3 month Maltipoo - open availability - anytime works for our family! :)
Ashley Teetet
Weekends and evenings work best for us. Would be bringing Vinnie the Australian Sheperd Border collie puppy.
Lauren Carter
Please let me know the date! Excited to Bring Sunny in!
Cayman Martin
3 month old shepherd/doberman mix
Claire Piper
Weekends or nights work best
Holly Ratner
Would be brining our 4 month old golden retriever. Anytime after 5 or weekends work.
Cortney Shriver
3 mo Shih tzu, open availability
Cayman Martin
3 month old shepherd/dobie mix
Lauren Carter
4 month lab
13wk old female anytime
Ashley Hecker
3.5 month old husky mix
Shawna Giddings
4 month old pit/lab mix
Daniel Clark
Looking to socialize our male lab mix
Bob Price
Evenings or weekends

HIKE AND TRAIN - 1.5 hour hike - $30 - For intermediate trained dogs

Scheduled when there is enough interest, we take the class out onto one of the local trails to practice loose leash walking, good manners, eye contact, stimulus control around distractions. Email us at [email protected] with any questions

4 slots filled - more available
Cindy May
Any day that’s not too hot
Amy Davitt
1 year old Labradoodle. Beginner hiker. Still pulls on leash and easily distracted. Available anytime including weekdays
Liz Baird
Natasha or Marvel would like to attend. Weekends is best
Amanda Golestani
Hank (5 mo old Goldendoodle) just completed Kindergarten and would like to work on hiking when ready

Urban Dog Class 11/23/19 (5)

All slots filled
Patricia Sullivan (2)
Saturday after 9 and Sunday mornings are best. Bringing 6 month and 10 year old
Dayna Schaaf (2)
Pax & Piper - Weekends are really our best option with work, but could also do Thursday after 6pm
Allison Bowen
5.5 month old Border Collie mix named Archie. Saturday or Sunday mornings work best.

Urban Dog 12/08/19 9:00am (6)

5 of 6 slots filled
Sala Webb
Almost 3 year old small dog. Saturday or Sunday Times preferred. Thanks.
Vanessa Pfleger
Weekdays are best - my puppy, Duke, is 6 months old.
Jill Diamond
I can do Sunday mornings or afternoons, Monday evenings or Thursday evenings.
Sara Lofland
Weekends, any time for blizzard 10 months old
Casey Ludwig
Saturday and Sunday Times Work Best - Avenir, 1 y.o.

Puppy Kindergarten Class Wednesday 01/08/2020 7PM (6)

Wed. 01/08/2020 7PM

All slots filled
Jamie Guthrie
I would like to sign up. What days and times?
Jessa Siekmann
Wednesday evenings after 530 Wyatt
Kelli O'Toole
Evenings are best. Any day but Tuesday
Nicole Harraway
I'm interested in a puppy class starting in January. Thanks!
Elizabeth Arant
Birdie is a 5 mo old doxie
Molly Patterson

Urban Dog Class Saturday 1/4/2020 (7)

6 of 7 slots filled
Christine MarcinkowskiMarcinkowski
Amy Davitt
1 year old Labradoodle. Available weekdays anytime and on weekends prefer mornings.
Molly Patterson
Looking for January classes
Katie Krejci
Bandit, Huskie mix 8 months old. I am available weekends anytime and weekday evenings.
For Bubba
Martha Ramsey
Maggie - 1 year

Puppy Kindergarten Class Saturday 01/25/2020 9:30AM (6)

All slots filled
Jennifer Plumb
Saturday mornings are best
Mandi Feddersen
evenings after 5:30 M-Th
Destiny England
Saturday morning/noon works best; otherwise, I’m available Monday and Friday evenings, or all day Saturday and Sunday
Felicia Escolin
Anytime after 5pm on weekdays or anytime Saturday
Nicole Lemon
Monday-Tuesday after 5 or Saturday Mornings
Mandi Feddersen
Signing Coug up for Saturday puppy class

Urban Dog Class Sunday 1/26/2020 11AM (7)

6 of 7 slots filled
Cydney Lundahl
George - 6 month old golden - M,T,W evenings are best
Christina Sansom
Training for Mickey
Jennifer Plumb
2 year old Ridgeback
Amanda Golestani
Hank (goldendoodle) completed puppy kindergarten and wants to continue education
Heather Stratz
Novi and I would love to join the next class. She is a GSD/dachshund mix and is about 1.5 years old. This will be her first formal training.
Kellie Barbiea
Bella - 2 year old golden and border collie mix. Weekends - mornings work great.

Puppy Kindergarten Class Saturday March 7th (6)

Saturday March 7th,14th,21st,28th,April 4th,11th

2 of 6 slots filled
Garrett Hatcher
Signing up Archie for March 7th at 9am.
Logan Huff
I have a 4 month old Australian Shepard mix puppy that NEEDS training and socialization. We are very excited.

Urban Dog Class Saturday March 7th

Saturday March 7th,14th,21st,28th,April 4th and 11th

8 slots filled - more available
Erik Long
Luc - 1 y/o Doberman
Jose Cardona
Kira barks at other dogs on walks
Sarah McNally
Weekends or evenings
Nick Ramos
Pancho: Shepard/Terrier Mix
Hank Pearson
Samuel Humpherys
Elizabeth Baird
Marvel needs it
Chris Holmes
Lab 1 y/o

Saturday May 16th 10am Puppy Kindergarten Class (6)

All slots filled
Jillian Ingram
Open availability - any time works for our family! :)
Holly Ratner
Golden retriever puppy. Evenings and weekends work best for us.
Rishi Patel
Evenings work best. Preferably not mon-Thursday.
Cortney Shriver
Weeknights and weekends
Claire Piper
My puppy is Izzo and he has all of his shots
13 week goldendoodle
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