Saint Paul the Apostle

Pentecost Reception

Please join us for a Pentecost Reception next Saturday, May 27th at 6:00pm! We'll gather in the Parish Center (JCPC) and enjoy some time together as we pray the Holy Spirit prayer; receive updates on the Synod process; see pictures of the life of our community in this past year; and, review the upcoming Called to Renew projects.

Date: 05/27/2023 (Sat.)

Time: 6:00pm - 8:00pm PDT

Location: Parish Center (JCPC)

Created by:   Saint Paul The Apostle Catholic Church
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YES (24) -  

Bj Pike (2 guests)

Amanda Olague (1 guest)

Pat Osman (1 guest)

Joseph Nagy (1 guest)
Thank you for hosting!

Carolyn Volmert-Underbrink (1 guest)

Shirley Bianco (2 guests)
Shirley and Dan

Patricia Gandara (2 guests)
Gary Orfield & Patricia Gandara

Maria Murtagh-Hopkins (1 guest)

Rosalie Roth (2 guests)

Nora Masterson (1 guest)

Charlotte De Vera (1 guest)

Chuck McCreary (2 guests)

Theresa Kiene (2 guests)
Theresa & Matt

Joe Traboulsi (2 guests)

Marilyn Griffin (2 guests)
Marilyn & John

Linda Perez (1 guest)
I’m new to Los Angeles and St. Paul’s. Looking forward to meeting you all.

Eddy Karyadi (2 guests)

Jennifer Kozakowski (1 guest)

Jay & Jennifer Ornellas (2 guests)

Eloise Metcalfe (1 guest)

Lisa and Greg Hendey (2 guests)

Mayora Hiney (2 guests)

Christopher Malano (7 guests)
Chris, plus the names of people who called in: Pat Olson, Ted Vierra, Anne Paulter, Barbara Burns, Marissa Cavanaugh, Maria Garcia

Lisa Wellik (1 guest)

MAYBE (1) +