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Eucharistic Adoration

During this difficult time in our community, country and world, we need Jesus more than ever. Prayer before the Blessed Sacrament is vital to the conversion of our world. We're so excited to bring back Eucharistic Adoration, but we need to make sure we cover all the slots. 

Our next session will run May 24 through July 3. If you have some flexibility on what day you can attend, please try to take a day that is almost full so we can have as many full days as possible. If we can't fill enough slots on a particular day, you are still welcome to have a holy hour on that day/time, but we might not be able to have Eucharistic adoration that day. Please consider signing up for one hour a week. God bless you for giving of your time!

Created by:   Carrie Stratman
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Available Slot

Substitute List

Please add me to the substitute list.Just select 1 for the number and comment if you have particular times that work better for you.

19 slots filled - more available
Ron Zimmer
Possibly open any day or evening, depending on family needs
Erika Sindorf
I work Mon-Fri 10:30am-7pm. Outside of these times I'm available!
Lisa Butler
Daytime availability on Tuesdays and Fridays; evening availability depends on kids’ activity schedule
Marilyn Klein
Hans Gilde
Hannah Malan
Available Tuesday, Thursday and some Friday, Saturday and Sunday 12 p.m - 4
Mary Mach
Kaye Scully
Available most times
M-F 5:30pm - 11:00pm; anytime Saturday or Sunday.
Tina Colgan
Lauren Garcia
Laura Parks
Maria Flink
Kim Coffey
9am -3 pm on some Thursdays
Nicole Linton
Emily Adams
I work 7-4 M-F but could be available outside of those times
Ann Kotopka
Becky Volkmer
My work schedule moves around so it is hard to say if I am available except the week before.
Mary Mulligan
Can be very flexible

Sunday's 1-2 PM

Karen Taubenheim

Sunday's 2-3 PM


Sunday's 3-4 PM


Sunday's 4-5 PM

Shannon and Larry Kohmetscher

Sunday's 5-6 PM


Sunday's 6-7 PM

Rose Walsh

Sunday's 7-8 PM

Maggie & Clem Pella

Sunday's 8-9 PM

Theresa Schafers
Theresa Schafers

Monday's 9-10 AM


Monday's 10-11 AM

Dorothy Brandt

Monday's 11-12 AM

Mary Wilson

Monday's 12-1 PM

Amy Johnson

Monday's 1-2 PM

Elizabeth Izquierdo

Monday's 2-3 PM

Joe Hanigan

Monday's 3-4 PM

Phyllis Weisser

Monday's 4-5 PM


Monday's 5-6 PM

Ellen Anderson

Monday's 6-7 PM

Monica Milana

Monday's 7-8 PM

Greg & Patty Lang

Monday's 8-9 PM

Lori Morin

Tuesday's 9-10 AM

Jean Brigham

Tuesday's 10-11 AM

Melissa Brox

Tuesday's 11-12 AM

Stella Sinclair

Tuesday's 12-1 PM

Kay Haffey

Tuesday's 1-2 PM

Bernadette Howie

Tuesday's 2-3 PM

Cheryl Wemhoff
Cheryl Wemhoff

Tuesday's 3-4 PM


Tuesday's 4-5 PM

John Sinclair

Tuesday's 5-6 PM

Theresa Kottwitz

Tuesday's 6-7 PM

Sarah Jaros

Tuesday's 7-8 PM

Lee Hottovy

Tuesday's 8-9 PM

Lee Hottovy

Wednesday's 9-10 AM

Kimberly Wilson

Wednesday's 10-11 AM

Hanh Ngo

Wednesday's 11-12 AM

Rose Walsh
I can only do this for the summer months, but happy to help out!

Wednesday's 12-1 PM

Christine Blake

Wednesday's 1-2 PM

Helen Witt

Wednesday's 2-3 PM

Betsy Switzer

Wednesday's 3-4 PM

Laura Parks

Wednesday's 4-5 PM

Carrie Stratman

Wednesday's 5-6 PM

Peter Timmerman

Wednesday's 6-7 PM

Margy Stoley

Wednesday's 7-8 PM

Jordan Donohoue

Wednesday's 8-9 PM

Tricia Butler

Thursday's 9-10 AM

Sarah Peetz

Thursday's 10-11 AM

Kristina Fitzpatrick
& Kevin Fitzpatrick

Thursday's 11-12 AM

Mary Pat Mcbride

Thursday's 12-1 PM

Lori Vasa

Thursday's 1-2 PM

Aubrey Potter

Thursday's 2-3 PM

Joe Hanigan
Agnes Hanigan

Thursday's 3-4 PM


Thursday's 4-5 PM

Laura Parks

Thursday's 5-6 PM

Jeanne Schinstock

Thursday's 6-7 PM

Katie Pecha

Thursday's 7-8 PM

Jake + Maggie Allen

Thursday's 8-9 PM

Hans Gilde

Friday's 9-10 AM

Jean Timmerman

Friday's 10-11 AM

Lisa Koperski

Friday's 11-12 AM


Friday's 12-1 PM

Christy Naumann

Friday's 1-2 PM

Staci Cunningham

Friday's 2-3 PM

Mary Pynes

Friday's 3-4 PM

Laura Parks

Friday's 4-5 PM


Friday's 5-6 PM

Howard Blake

Friday's 6-7 PM

Lauren Garcia

Friday's 7-8 PM

Andre Aman

Friday's 8-9 PM

Nathaniel Cunningham

Saturday's 9-10 AM

Margy Stoley

Saturday's 10-11 AM

Judy Moser

Saturday's 11-12 AM

Hannah Malan

Saturday's 12-1 PM

Sherri Cunningham
Andrew Cunningham

Saturday's 1-2 PM

Sherri Cunningham

Saturday's 2-3 PM

Vicki Duey

Saturday's 3-4 PM

Laura Parks

Sundays 9-10 PM

Jackie Varicek

Sundays 10-11 PM

Tim Andreasen

Sundays 11-12 PM


Mondays 12-1 AM


Mondays 1-2 AM


Mondays 2-3 AM


Mondays 3-4 AM


Mondays 4-5 AM


Mondays 5-6 AM


Mondays 6-7 AM


Mondays 7-8 AM


Mondays 9-10 PM

Marion Miner

Mondays 10-11 PM

Betsy Switzer

Mondays 11-12 PM


Tuesdays 12-1 AM

Maria Flink

Tuesdays 1-2 AM

Paul Vidmar

Tuesdays 2-3 AM


Tuesdays 3-4 AM


Tuesdays 4-5 AM


Tuesdays 5-6 AM


Tuesdays 6-7 AM


Tuesdays 7-8 AM


Tuesdays 9-10 PM

John and Patty Kopetzky

Tuesdays 10-11 PM


Tuesdays 11-12 PM

Zach Sposato

Wednesdays 12-1 AM


Wednesdays 1-2 AM


Wednesdays 2-3 AM


Wednesdays 3-4 AM


Wednesdays 4-5 AM


Wednesdays 5-6 AM

Mary J Volkmer
Mary J Volkmer

Wednesdays 6-7 AM


Wednesdays 7-8 AM


Wednesdays 9-10 PM

Sharon Svoboda

Wednesdays 10-11 PM

Don Kalcik

Wednesdays 11-12 PM


Thursdays 12-1 AM

Susanna Egge

Thursdays 1-2 AM


Thursdays 2-3 AM


Thursdays 3-4 AM


Thursdays 4-5 AM


Thursdays 5-6 AM


Thursdays 6-7 AM


Thursdays 7-8 AM


Thursdays 9-10 PM

Ann Suyker

Thursdays 10-11 PM


Thursdays 11-12 PM


Fridays 12-1 AM


Fridays 1-2 AM


Fridays 2-3 AM


Fridays 3-4 AM


Fridays 4-5 AM


Fridays 5-6 AM

Don Kalcik

Fridays 6-7 AM

Don Kalcik

Fridays 7-8 AM


Fridays 9-10 PM

Stella Sinclair

Fridays 10-11 PM


Fridays 11-12 PM


Saturdays 12-1 AM


Saturdays 1-2 AM


Saturdays 2-3 AM


Saturdays 3-4 AM


Saturdays 4-5 AM


Saturdays 5-6 AM


Saturdays 6-7 AM


Saturdays 7-8 AM


Saturdays 5-6 PM


Saturdays 6-7 PM


Saturdays 7-8 PM


Saturdays 8-9 PM


Saturdays 9-10 PM

Veronica Beauclair

Saturdays 10-11 PM

Garett Malan

Saturdays 11-12 PM

Howard Blake

Sundays 12-1 AM


Sundays 1-2 AM


Sundays 2-3 AM


Sundays 3-4 AM


Sundays 4-5 AM

Margy Stoley

Sundays 5-6 AM


Sundays 6-7 AM


Sundays 7-8 AM

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