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St. Edward the Confessor Church, New Fairfield is pleased to be able to offer public worship again.  The parish is taking precautions per the CDC and Governor Lamont’s recommendations regarding public gatherings, as well as our own precautions we feel are prudent under the circumstances.   We look forward to welcoming you and your family back to mass, but please understand there are risks involved in attending a public worship in a pandemic despite all of the precautions taken by the parish and the diocese.

We ask your cooperation with all of the directives that have been put in place for your safety and the safety of our clergy and your fellow worshipers.

Please select the Mass you prefer and then click on the button at the bottom to reserve your space. 



Please make sure you put all members attending Mass in the Quantity field so we can keep an accurate count. Thank you!


Date: 12/25/2020 (Fri.)

Created by:   Bridgeport Diocese
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Location Time (EST) Total number of seats available at Mass
CHURCH  9:00am - 10:00am  

Seats needed in Mass (90)

89 of 90 slots filled
Doreen Costabile
William Zeh (2)
Eugene McCarthy
Harris Maura
McInerney John
Margaret McCarthy
Peggy McInerney (5)
Harris Todd (2)
James Yandoli (2)
Eileen Duggan (3)
Don & Nancy Mallozzi (2)
Don & Nancy Mallozzi
Eugene McCarthy (6)
Mary Louise Previdi
Thomas Ahern (2)
Mary Lou Scebelo (3)
Michael Maher (2)
Pat Curran (5)
Maria Gorniakova
Kevin Monaghan
Julia Murphy
Pat McElroy
Michael Allen (2)
Dominic DiPalma (2)
Carol Cario (2)
Ellen Shea (2)
patricia Conroy (2)
Jane Generalli
Kathleen Bremer
william beaver
John Brennan
Janice Williams
James McKean
James A McKean
Kathleen Fabiani
Mary Tremarzo (4)
Cesare Florio (2)
Gail DEFEO (2)
William Dudas (4)
Anne Monaco (2)
Anthony Guardi (5)
Paul Peters
Cheryl Rykowski
Blanca Sayers (2)
Lidia Rusyniak (2)
Fred Arlotta (2)
Teresa Carvalho
HALL  9:00am - 10:00am  

Seats needed in Mass (90)

54 of 90 slots filled
Deirdre St. Jacques (2)
Anna Walter (2)
James Breslin
Elizabeth Sousa (6)
Barbara Ramey
Agnes Palmeri (4)
john herter
Christopher Howlett (2)
Judy Wolyniec
Mary O’Donnell (2)
Katie Williams (4)
Williams family
Barbara Crapa (2)
Crapa family
Olga Finnegan
Cathy DiPasquale (2)
Judith Rigoglioso (5)
Francis Dunne
Jane Stagno (2)
Megan Gephart (3)
Veronica McCarthy (2)
Teresa Carvalho
Yolanda Vasquez (2)
John Tenaglia (2)
Patty Lewis (2)
Kristine Rapp (2)
Adam Kolick
CHURCH  11:00am - 12:00pm  

Seats needed in Mass (90)

87 of 90 slots filled
Michael Hanrahan (3)
Brianne Lombardo (2)
William Yantorno (2)
Bill and Jo Ann Gallagher (2)
Ann Hayek
Theresa Fasig (6)
Marion Fuchsenthaler
Joseph Stancek
Elizabeth Stancek
Peggy Hayes
Kathleen Hedtke
William McDermott
Music Ministry
Christine Misuraca
Catherine Imperatrice (4)
Richard & Lorraine DeMarco (2)
Tonia Nunziata
Steven Weldon (4)
Michael Stancek (4)
Shaun McColgan (2)
Kathleen Fedge (2)
Music Ministry
William Telford (2)
Paul Kusen
Anna Meynadasy
Thora Perkins
Bob Pietrzkiewicz Pietrzkiewicz (4)
Gerri Vaughn
Susan Carbone
Stephanie Goodhart’s
Padric Kelly (5)
Lisa Regan (2)
Kim Lubus (2)
Maria DeAmaral
Marge Biasetti (2)
Jackie Transue (4)
Olga Sullivan (2)
Amy Johnson (3)
Amy and 2 kids
Rose Marie Bouclier (2)
Mother & Daughter and Sign up as is me, Rose Marie
Pat Coppolecchia (5)
Philomena Forese
Oronzi Forese
david colucci
HALL  11:00am - 12:00pm  

Seats needed in Mass (90)

71 of 90 slots filled
Christine Mejia (2)
Christine lector
Lauren Courtney (6)
Lauren Courtney
Allison Perillo (3)
Jo Ann Naumann (5)
Susan Olivo
Keith Olivo
Maria Altieri
Carolyn DeMasi (2)
Kathy Gannon
Maria Tamburri
Ana Scanlon (4)
Berny Mullappally (7)
Diane Giardina (2)
Teresa Fiamengo (3)
Janet DaSilva (6)
Add two members to my original sign up.
Eileen Gruse (4)
Fallon Peggy (5)
Anthony Latassa (4)
Barbara Durniak (3)
Florence Jurek (3)
Anna Walter (2)
Telitha Liss Abraham (2)
Mary LaBarbera (3)
CHURCH  12:30pm - 1:30pm  

Seats needed in Mass (90)

All slots filled
Kathleen Neth (3)
Oriana Flagello (2)
Joanne Justiniano (4)
Joanne/ Gary/ Nicole/ Jenny
Joel Creston (4)
Louise Duplessis (2)
Pasqualina Visconti
Monica Martinez (5)
Julie Cyran (4)
Stephanie Iovieno (5)
Diana Cox (6)
Dana Daly (4)
Bobby Knudsen
Greg Pin (7)
I will be the Reader.
J Crocitto (2)
Ann Ricciardi (2)
Ann Peters (4)
Michelle Santoro (3)
Michelle, Arabella, Dan Santoro
Mary Durso (5)
Bob Carlsen (3)
Janine Coppolecchia (5)
Theresa Nash (3)
Anna Berardo
Julia Berardo
Julia and Anna Berardo can sit together.
Kevin Ahern (4)
Christopher Rusyniak (4)
Tierani Craft (2)
Alyssa Gallucci (2)
Rachel Petrillo
HALL  12:30pm - 1:30pm  

Seats needed in Mass (90)

87 of 90 slots filled
Barbara Davis (10)
Kate Dzubak (4)
Scarlett Family
Elizabeth Mosiej (4)
Maureen Kenny (4)
Gina Edwards (7)
Theresa Ledda (17)
Daria Bowteck (6)
Christian Kutzy
Marguerite A. Weiss
Jennifer Flynn (4)
Jennifer, Mike, Michael and Katie Flynn
Matthew Chmielowiec
Janet Jankowski
Margaret Wusik (4)
Stephanie Kersting (4)
Veronica Gosling (6)
Place Holder (Nash)
Moved T Nash to church at 1230. Saving spot in Hall if better
Amy Desmond (2)
Amy and Rick
Emily Molisani (7)
Emily Aaron Joe Rita Luke Gemma and lucia
Marianne Durkin (4)
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