St Edward the Confessor Church

CHRISTMAS EVE MASSES- Thursday, December 24, 2020

St. Edward the Confessor Church, New Fairfield is pleased to be able to offer public worship again.  The parish is taking precautions per the CDC and Governor Lamont’s recommendations regarding public gatherings, as well as our own precautions we feel are prudent under the circumstances.   We look forward to welcoming you and your family back to mass, but please understand there are risks involved in attending a public worship in a pandemic despite all of the precautions taken by the parish and the diocese.

We ask your cooperation with all of the directives that have been put in place for your safety and the safety of our clergy and your fellow worshipers.

Please select the Mass you prefer and then click on the button at the bottomto reserve your space. 




Please make sure you put all members attending Mass in the Quantity field so we can keep an accurate count. Thank you!

Date: 12/24/2020 (Thu.)

Created by:   Bridgeport Diocese
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Location Time (EST) Total number of seats available at Mass
CHURCH  4:00pm - 5:00pm  

Seats required in Mass (90)

88 of 90 slots filled
Daniel Gerrity (4)
Julissa Tomaino (2)
susan Rynkiewicz (3)
Elsie Hurley (4)
Noreen Kearney (2)
Joanne Brown (6)
Celia Martin (4)
Robin Moravsky (9)
Kim ward
Steve Maskara (4)
Daniel Palanzo
Rich&Marilyn Hurley (2)
gina larosa (2)
Steven Guzda (5)
Kim Morra (3)
Patricia McKeon
Greg Flanagan (7)
Gregory Porpora
Jody Cohen (3)
Eleanor Porpora
Christine Mejia (2)
Christine lector
Blake Stascavage (2)
Katherine Porpora
Nicholas Porpora
Michele Baske
Nick/Jonathan Godbout (2)
Frances Malizia
Christine Falciglia (2)
George Malizia
Nadine Tuccinardi (5)
Mary Fetzer (3)
HALL  4:00pm - 5:00pm  

Seats required in Mass (90)

81 of 90 slots filled
Michelle Mangan (6)
Kim Abramski (4)
Theresa singer
Eileen Barton (5)
E Barton
Patrick Johnston
Christine Talarico (4)
Elisabeth Schuerger (5)
Elisabeth Schuerger
Maryellen Wiebke (4)
Patrick Hearty (4)
John Gilroy (3)
Eric Huff (4)
Barbara Roper
gregory moore (2)
Greg & Irene Moore
Carolyn Dohan
Jim Clark (7)
Jessica Martini (3)
Mollie Needham (4)
Peter Hearty
Amy Sturdevant (5)
Cathy McCarthy (3)
Lillian Leighton
Pat Brady (2)
Patty Roszko
Helen Tracy
Pat Curran (2)
CHURCH  6:00pm - 7:00pm  

Seats required in Mass (90)

89 of 90 slots filled
Elly Bockley (2)
Susan Almeida (3)
Patrick Hearty (4)
Karen DeTorres (6)
Paul Evans (5)
Matt Brown (5)
Frank Maiorano (4)
Sue Mitchell (4)
Kathryn LaRegina (5)
Ed Denicolais (3)
Theresa Hawk (5)
Irene Castoral (2)
bart ariola (6)
Nancy Bock (5)
Catherine Mirel (2)
Joan Badaracco (2)
Emily Cunningham (4)
Noreen Scaperotti (4)
Tim O'Rourke
Maureen Powers
Gene LaBarbera (2)
Margo Oliva
Albert Hossan
Christopher Nugent (2)
Jennifer Ciliberti
Wayne Skelly
Peggy Van Horson
Jelena Dossena (4)
Catrina Fetzer (2)
peter viola
HALL  6:00pm - 7:00pm  

Seats required in Mass (90)

89 of 90 slots filled
Claire Meyer (5)
Moira Denault (6)
Brian Coughlin (8)
Despina Drougas (3)
Drougas - Carmela, Bianca, Despina, Demo
Andrea Filardo (6)
Danielle Runfola (5)
Amy Hughes (4)
Amy, Brian, Megan and Emma
Maria Dickey (2)
Laurie Gallo (2)
Beverly Fairchild
Marie Pilch (2)
Geoffrey Bloss (5)
Ron Comizio
Anne Cleary
Jane Liner (2)
Rosemary Kasinskas (3)
Ann Azzarito
Roger Kutzy (6)
Al Emanuele (5)
April Imhoff
Gina O'Connell
Andrea Olivera
Stephanie Hill (6)
Deborah George (2)
Pat Hoenninger
Claire Callahan
Karima O'Keefe (3)
Susan Starr (4)
Susan, Michael, Hadley & Paige
CHURCH  10:00pm - 11:00pm  

Seats required in Mass (90)

All slots filled
Heather Ann Flagello (3)
Regine Lambrech
Maria Hilado (6)
Hilado Family
Denise Fucito
Barbara Kozlowski (2)
Ella Palac-Zganiacz (5)
John Iadarola
Bill Rilley (4)
Samantha Mannion (5)
William Mihal (3)
Mary Ann O'Neill
Cathy O'Neill (2)
Katherine Lynch (4)
Jennifer Ciuccoli (3)
Rocio Ferrante (2)
Bob Brough
Lisa Fidaleo (3)
Joseph Galanti
Maria Gorniakova
Alison Morus (4)
Kathleen Nelson (2)
James Kathleen Hedtke
Theresa Buttafuoco (5)
Doris McDermott
Beatrice Rogers (2)
Bill Katzing (5)
Amy Davis (2)
Linda Adams
James McKean
James A McKean
Ann McCarthy
Marianne Vesey (4)
Eileen Herrell (2)
Michael Rivera (3)
Marna Abarientos (3)
Adrienn Clarke (4)
HALL  10:00pm - 11:00pm  

Seats required in Mass (90)

74 of 90 slots filled
Marianne Durkin (4)
daniel griffin (2)
Catherine Swanhart (3)
Eileen Burke (2)
Anna Marsigliano (3)
Jason Cassavechia
Beth Bogues (6)
Joe Coleman (5)
Joe Coleman
Emily Rambadt (6)
Kelly Martin (2)
Daniel Vargas (4)
Peter Connolly (2)
Richard Hossan
Liz Hyatt (4)
Joann Malanga (5)
Nicole Vengalli
Joan Dobransky (6)
If there is an opening for the church please let me know.
Ashley Vasaturo
Andrew Rakowsky (7)
Brian Martucci (4)
Clare Orloff (5)
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