Senior Sunday Donations

Donations and Prizes Needed for Senior Sunday!

Please help support our seniors for our Senior Sunday Event, June 6th, 2021, as they kick-off their last week of school! In lieu of Grad Night this year, we are hosting a safe, outdoor event to celebrate our seniors, but still need help from our community for donations.

Please drop off your donations by May 31st to 2803 Montgomery Ave. Davis

*For expensive items, please contact Kathleen Thompson at 530-867-1584 to coordinate a pick-up.

Thank you for donating!!

Created by:   Davis Grad Night
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$10 Gift Cards - Baskin Robbins (20)

All slots filled
Maria Nansen (10)
Mona Siegel (10)

$10 Gift Cards - Cookies and Cones (20)

All slots filled
Tarri Swanson (4)
Paola Franceschi (4)
Alison Kennedy (4)
Where do I go take care of this?
Matt & Marla Dolcini (8)

$10 Gift Cards - Cultive (20)

All slots filled
Brandy Hersch (4)
Tarri Swanson (4)
Deb Folb (4)
Annie Ventresco (3)
Lori Benedict (5)

$10 Gift Cards - Davis Creamery (20)

All slots filled
Michelle Buzbee (10)
Kristen Bond (5)
Kristen Bond
Leanne Rutherford (5)

$10 Gift Cards - Icekrimski Cafe (20)

All slots filled
Tarri Swanson (4)
Annie Ventresco (3)
Uta Russell (4)
Matt & Marla Dolcini (9)

$10 Gift Cards - Jamba Juice (20)

All slots filled
Jennifer Hessl (10)
Elisa White (10)

$10 Gift Cards - Sweet and Shavery (20)

All slots filled
judi chew (5)
Tarri Swanson (4)
John McNerney (11)

$10 Gift Cards - YoloBerry (20)

All slots filled
Marne McGuinness (4)
Kathy Roggenbuck (4)
Tarri Swanson (4)
Maria Rea (4)
Nicole Perez (4)

$20 Gift Cards (20)

Jamba Juice, Starbucks, Chipotle, Dutch Bros, In and Out, etc

All slots filled
Grace DeMasi (5)
Dutch bros
Debbie Chin (2)
Starbucks & Chipotle
malia mccarthy (5)
In and Out
Louise Angermann (5)
Jamba Juice
Leanne Villa (3)
Starbucks and Chipotle

$25 Gift Cards (40)

Amazon, Target, American Eagle, Best Buy, Nike, Urban Outfitters, Uber, etc

39 of 40 slots filled
Samantha Saraniti (2)
Megan Rabin (4)
Debi Breckner
judi chew
Gretchen Schroeder (4)
Tamara Kraus (6)
Tamara Kraus
Valerie Frankel (2)
Carmen Bedke (4)
Bonnie Berman (4)
Valerie Moreno (2)
Weihong Zhang
Jennifer Ermoian (2)
Laurel Fields (4)
Laurel Fields
sandi osterman (2)

$50 Gift Cards (20)

Amazon, Target, American Eagle, Best Buy, Nike, Urban Outfitters, BB&B, ULTA, etc

10 of 20 slots filled
Tara Weston
Laurie Beltrami (2)
Ulta, Best Buy
Michelle Maranta (2)
AE, Urban Outfitters
Sarah Zhu (2)
Target Gift Card
Maria Rea
Best Buy
Lynn Fowler (2)
Nike, Target

$100 Gift Cards (20)

Amazon, Vi/MC, Uber, etc

13 of 20 slots filled
Guerren Solbach
Michelle Buzbee
Kelly Valdepena
Cynthia Castellanos
Amazon gift card
Melissa and Neal Williams
Grace Sachs
Matt & Marla Dolcini
Amazon gift card
Sandy Schilling
Pearl Toy
Marsha Baird
Rosalia Young
Arlene DenDulk (2)
Visa gift card

Keurig/Pod Coffee Makers (3)

(under $50)

All slots filled
Stephany Cavatoni
Angela Schouten
Lynn Fowler

Airpods (5)

All slots filled
Dana Welch
Matt & Marla Dolcini
Maria Marco
Paula McIlraith
Kathy Eastham

$100 Southwest Airlines Gift Cards (4)

All slots filled
Olivia Beck (4)


All slots filled
Jennifer Wu
Suzanne Kimmel

Boxer Briefs-unisex (40)

Fun, crazy boxers-Size Medium


Hydroflask or Yeti Water Bottle (20)

All slots filled
Maile Quick
18oz hydro flask
Valerie Frankel (3)
Susan Thomas
Esterlyn Murray (2)
Susan Chambers (2)
180z hydroflask
Stephanie Szymoniak (3)
Catherine Allday-Davis (3)
Kanmani Ramasami (2)
Karen Yoon (2)
Sylvia Chan

Pieces of Carboard (3-4 FT.) (2)

(From Appliance Boxes, etc)

All slots filled
Kathy Parker (2)

Large Styrofoam Blocks/Pieces (20)


Large Inflatable Holiday Polar Bear

(borrowed or donated)

Kathy Eastham

Thick Sidewalk Chalk (5)

Colorful packs

All slots filled
judi chew (2)
Maile Quick
Angela Schouten (2)

$25 Gift Cards-Costco (10)

To buy drinks for the event

All slots filled
Diana Hirning-Johnson (2)
Diane Layman (2)
judi chew
Louise Angermann (4)
Alice Harrison

$25 Gift Cards- Safeway (5)

To buy drinks for the event

All slots filled
Inez Sanchirico (4)
Lisa Krebs
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