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MPTS Eagle Dads

Donuts with Dad

MPTS Eagle Dads presents Donuts with Dad!  Dads or dad-figures plan to bring your student(s) to school on September 24th and join us on the MPTS field at 8:30am for a sweet treat prior to school.  Please make sure that you RSVP by September 22nd so that we can ensure we have enough donuts for all!  In addition, we kindly ask that you park in a designated parking spot so that we don't block carpool and bus traffic/flow. If you have any questions or if you'd like to get involved with Eagle Dads please email us at [email protected]. We look forward to seeing you soon!

**Please note that in the event of rain Donuts with Dad will be cancelled.

Date: 09/24/2021 (Fri.)

Time: 8:30am - 9:00am EDT

Location: MPTS Field

Created by:   Eagle Dads

Will you be attending the event?
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Responses:     Yes: 126     No: 1     Maybe: 0    

Guest Count:    Confirmed: 245     Maybe: 0

YES (126) -  

Wade McDermott (2 guests)

Matt McKenzie (2 guests)

Chris Moore (2 guests)

Chris Young (2 guests)

Matthew Stotesbury (2 guests)

Masood Dabestani (1 guest)

David Bode (2 guests)

Barry Mosley Jr (2 guests)

Matthew Piscatelli (1 guest)

John Knox (3 guests)

Daniel Mitchem (2 guests)

Dino Stambolitis (3 guests)

Kenn Fenderson (2 guests)

Steve Williams (3 guests)

Matt Marcellino (3 guests)

James Hinsley (1 guest)

Tyler Hudson (1 guest)

Bradley Lanier (2 guests)

Jimmy Prassas (2 guests)

David Ward (2 guests)
David & Eliza Ward

William Irwin (2 guests)

Jeff Severcool (1 guest)

Brian Church (3 guests)

John Amon (2 guests)

Josh Thompson (1 guest)

Isaac Crawford (2 guests)
For student Jeremiah Carter

Eric Meddaugh (2 guests)

Chris C (1 guest)

Damon Turner (2 guests)

Kunal Verma (1 guest)

Vikas Kumar (2 guests)

Matt Luksa (2 guests)

Avram Massey (1 guest)

Hank Ward (1 guest)

Taylor Grist (3 guests)

Gourahari Biswal (2 guests)

Craig Leyton (2 guests)

Chris Wentz (1 guest)

Sears Driscoll (2 guests)
Janie, my kindergartner and myself

Michael Oberg (2 guests)

David Regan (1 guest)

Jamie Bingham (1 guest)

Jason Weselovs (1 guest)

Cyril Smith (3 guests)

Nate Fey (1 guest)

Chad Winebarger (2 guests)

Robinson Hogue (1 guest)

Brad Eskridge (2 guests)

Michael Teal (3 guests)

Ryan Leigh (1 guest)

Ryan Hibbler (2 guests)

Kiel Garella (2 guests)

Cristian Rodriguez (1 guest)
Reserving for Sophie & Melanie Rodriguez

Kevin Wortham (2 guests)

Vishal Naik (2 guests)

John Cochran (2 guests)

Patrick Kochan (3 guests)
Dad + 2 students

Ben Whitlock (3 guests)

John Ramey (1 guest)

Chris Taylor (3 guests)

Bart Lundy (2 guests)

Josh Davis (2 guests)

Elliot Hujarski (2 guests)

John Heath (3 guests)
Lillian (3-Leipzig) & Robert (1- Kinslea) Heath

Warren Poe (3 guests)

Jamie Bingham (1 guest)

Jeremy Giles (2 guests)

Russell McCue (2 guests)

Tyler Morgan (3 guests)
Katelyn and Luke

Andrew Schatz (2 guests)

Joe Campisi (1 guest)

Jacob Grove (2 guests)

Nick Maslanka (2 guests)

Stacy Carmichael (1 guest)

Walker Gibson (1 guest)

Brad Keinath (2 guests)

Xavier Boyce (1 guest)

Jason Sparks (2 guests)

David Norris (3 guests)
Dad and 2 students

Greg Boehm (3 guests)

Matthew Rich (2 guests)

Jeremy Merriken (1 guest)

Josh Tarr (3 guests)

Charles Caldwell (2 guests)

Philip Nanney (1 guest)
Thank you

Adrian Mckoy (1 guest)

Hunt Werner (3 guests)
Dad and 2 kids that are at MPTS

Richard Anderson (2 guests)

Jonathan Mardis (2 guests)

Stanford Garnett (2 guests)

Matt McCauley (2 guests)
Ava McCauley

Steven Washington (2 guests)

John Hopkins (2 guests)

Cy Manley (2 guests)

Ryan Baucom (2 guests)

Russell Heydorn (2 guests)

Evan Costanzo (2 guests)

Jarrett McCullough (3 guests)

Michael Morant (2 guests)

Ameer Green (2 guests)

Tim Wales (2 guests)
Arden Wales

Jonathan Crowell (2 guests)

Jonathan Thornton (2 guests)
Nick Thornton’s Dad

Lee Whittemore (1 guest)

Forest Banks (2 guests)

William Clement (2 guests)
Conner Clement

Brooke Hadella (3 guests)
Madison & Emma Hadella

Magnus Amadi (2 guests)

Chris Thrower (2 guests)

Adam Rhew (3 guests)
Harrison Davis, James Davis, and me

Jay Moose (2 guests)

Patrick Cottle (2 guests)
Will be attending with my 1st grader Kayla Cottle

Adam Smith (2 guests)

Mark Eagle (2 guests)

Michael Bolewitz (1 guest)

Andrew Gonedes (2 guests)
Let me know if you need help with set up

Daniel Lyon (2 guests)

Fletcher Barber (2 guests)
Fletcher Barber

Jathomas Williamson (3 guests)
Logan, Zuri and I are excited for this event!!

George Patronis (2 guests)

Heath And Blake Bergman (2 guests)

Shane McDevitt (2 guests)
Annabelle & Hudson

Kyle Schrader (2 guests)

Jamichael Carter (2 guests)

Rony Gamez (3 guests)

michael avery (1 guest)

NO (1) +  

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