Haverhill High School Supper Club

Haverhill High School Supper Night

We would love for you to join us for Haverhill High School's supper club.  Please RSVP to tell us how many members of your family will be joining us, children are welcome.  If you would like to share a favorite appetizer, main dish or dessert with other parents, students and staff, please sign up on the sign-up sheet.   Please don't feel obligated to bring an item, we would just love to see you!  

Date: 10/17/2018 (Wed.)

Time: 6:00pm - 8:00pm EST

Created by:   Sylvia Harrison
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  37 slots filled - more available
Beth Tilden (12)
*vegan fall soup
Gregory Elliott
Shrimp Ring
Natalie Willwerth
Birds Nests
Tom Jordan
Zachary Simmons
Tom Morris
Bianna Robles (2)
Cara Kaczor
It's bacon wrapped crackers, about a few dozen of them.
Andrea Mitchell
Jason Burns
Deviled Eggs prepared by AIM/REACH students
Nancy Koorapaty (12)
spinach pie
amy labb
Becky Schiller
Dawnmarie Paradis
Bread & Butter
Main Dish
  107 slots filled - more available
Kelly Baldwin
Sue Beaudoin
Karen Szarek
Vegetarian Entree
Judy Hinkle
Pulled pork and buns
Judy Call
sausages, peppers and onions with rolls
John Murphy
Patrick Quigley
Mississippi Pot Roast and Mashed Potatoes
Matt Scanlon (25)
Chicken Soup
Katherine Macone
Vegetarian chili, cornbread
Antonietta Diskin (8)
Gluten free Chili and tortilla chips
James Sebastian
Pasta dish of some sorts
Larry Trevette
Baked Ham and Potato Salad
Laureen Laffey (12)
Chicken Broccoli Zitti Alfredo
Deb Ibanez (22)
Homemade Macaroni and Cheese
donna howland
Rosanna Antonelli
Baked Ziti
Sophia Holcomb
1 casserole dish, 10 servings
Rachel Mckeon (20)
Jamae Lindsay
Catering size Chicken Connection chicken fingers and sauce
Colleen Toung (2)
Jacob McKeon (4)
  42 slots filled - more available
Grace McIntyre (2)
cupcakes - 2 dozen
Casey DiFelice (18)
Mary Johnston
Apple pie
Erica Sullivan (12)
Rose Keefe
Yolanda Feliciano
Lisa Brady
Sugar cookies
Nicole Craven
Lisa Quinnan
Lemon squares
Philip Rosa
Helen Zbitnoff (2)
Colby Candage
Soft Drinks (20)
  16 of 20 slots filled
Judy Call (4)
4-2 liter bottlea
Cheryl Luongo (4)
Samantha Aiello
John Craven (4)
Olga Giordano (3)
Bottled Water (20)
  13 of 20 slots filled
Thomas David (2)
Sarah Emilio
Zachary Eldridge
Haj Okuda (2)
Connor Hayden
Rene Gaudet
Lisa Brady
Will bring a case
Heather Popoloski
Matthew Stevens
case of 24 dottles
Responses:     Yes: 64     No: 2     Maybe: 2     No Response: 1

Guest Count:    Confirmed: 117     Maybe: 4

YES (64) -  

Matthew Stevens (3 guests)

Dawnmarie Paradis (1 guest)

Christina Bamford (4 guests)

Jacob McKeon (4 guests)

Tyler George (1 guest)

Colleen Toung (2 guests)
My son wants to go so I hope it’s ok

Heather Popoloski (1 guest)

Jamae Lindsay (3 guests)

Jillian Samaha (2 guests)

Colby Candage (2 guests)

Rachel Mckeon (5 guests)

Helen Zbitnoff (4 guests)
Let me know if there’s anything else you need.

Philip Rosa (2 guests)

Olga Giordano (1 guest)

Michele Bove (2 guests)
Looking forward to it.

Anthony Clark (2 guests)

Sophia Holcomb (5 guests)

Becky Schiller (3 guests)

Lisa Quinnan (2 guests)


Rosanna Antonelli (4 guests)

amy labb (1 guest)

donna howland (2 guests)

Nancy Koorapaty (1 guest)
will be there early for set up

Jason Burns (1 guest)

John Craven (1 guest)

Deb Ibanez (1 guest)

Nicole Craven (2 guests)

Laureen Laffey (1 guest)

Lisa Brady (4 guests)

Larry Trevette (3 guests)
Great Idea.

James Sebastian (4 guests)
Rowan Sebastians family.

Ryan McKeon (1 guest)
Ryan McKeon may have a unified basketball game this day

Yolanda Feliciano (1 guest)

Antonietta Diskin (1 guest)

Mirna AlBanaa (2 guests)

Andrea Mitchell (1 guest)

Katherine Macone (1 guest)
What time should staff report to set up? I will need access to an outlet. Am bringing the dish in a crockpot. Can bring my own extension cord.

Rene Gaudet (2 guests)

Matt Scanlon (1 guest)
Learning Cafe table needs a table w/ an outlet. I am bringing a soup warmer.

Cara Kaczor (4 guests)

Bianna Robles (3 guests)

Connor Hayden (1 guest)

Samantha Aiello (1 guest)

Haj Okuda (1 guest)

Rose Keefe (1 guest)

Tom Morris (1 guest)

Zachary Eldridge (1 guest)

Gregory Elliott (1 guest)

Erica Sullivan (1 guest)

Patrick Quigley (1 guest)

John Murphy (1 guest)

Zachary Simmons (1 guest)

Tom Jordan (1 guest)

Sarah Emilio (1 guest)

Olivia Bene (1 guest)

Cheryl Luongo (1 guest)

Natalie Willwerth (1 guest)

Beth Tilden (1 guest)

Casey DiFelice (1 guest)

Karen Szarek (1 guest)

Grace McIntyre (1 guest)

Sylvia Harrison (1 guest)

Kelly Baldwin (2 guests)

NO (2) +  

MAYBE (2) +