Woodson PTSO

Valentine's Milk & Cookies - February 14th

Please help us with a fan favorite with our Woodson students...Milk & Cookies! 

We are in need of 300+ dozen cookies to have enough for all students, so please donate generously!  We have run out in the past resulting in disappointed kids so we are trying to reach our goal this time.  The milk is donated by the PTSO. 

TYPE: Cookies can be any type of homemade, semi-homemade, or like-homemade cookies purchased from a store.  The most popular are chocolate chip cookies & sugar cookies.

SPECIAL DIETARY: We will be setting up a separate table of cookies for students with dietary restrictions.  Please consider donating cookies that they can eat such as gluten free and label them accordingly so we can place them on the correct table.  

ALLERGIES:  To ensure safety for students with nut allergies, please DO NOT send any cookies containing peanut butter or nuts. 

PACKAGE: Please package the cookies (two at a time) in individual Ziploc bags.  This is critical since we have a very short window to setup for this event.  

DROP-OFF:  You can drop the cookies off in the Front Office anytime on Wednesday, 2/13 or Thursday 2/14 by 12noon

VOLUNTEERS: We need volunteers to help organize cookies into bins and pass out the cookies on Thursday, 2/14 from 2:30-3:15.  Please sign-up if you can join us. 

For questions, please email [email protected]


Date: 02/14/2019 (Thu.)

Time: 2:30pm - 3:15pm EST

Location: Cafeteria A and B

Created by:   WTW MilknCookies
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Available Slot

Regular Cookies (packaged 2 cookies per ziplock bag) (300)

Per dozen. You are signing up for the # of dozen you will bring. We are trying to reach 300 dozen in donations

288 of 300 slots filled
Melissa Smith (2)
chocolate chip
Ann Hoffman (2)
Mark Epley (2)
Elissa Kon (2)
Alexandra Hall (4)
Chocolate Chip
Erika Barnes (4)
Kathryn Cook (5)
Meg Rogers (5)
Chocolate Chip
Xiaoyan Zou (2)
Katherine Gilbert (3)
Heather Allison (2)
Kelly Loomis (2)
Karen Oswalt (3)
Chocolate chip
Alison Wright (3)
Laura Herz (4)
Kristy Rumbaugh (2)
Peggi Phelps (8)
Meredith Brimblecom (8)
chocolate chip (4); sugar (2); peanut butter (2)
Lulu Yen (2)
Karen Cronin (3)
Dianne Danielson (4)
Mocha Chunk Cookies
Van Ta Doan
1 dozen will drop in front office 2/13
Suyoung Iversen (2)
norwegian cookies
Shawn Silverman (2)
Chocolate Chip
Susan Job (3)
Kate Zander
Sue Moore (2)
Karen Heyda Jackson (2)
Theresa Holmes (5)
Chocolate chip oatmeal coolies
Tracey Benson (6)
Choc chip & Sugar
Martha Moore (2)
Raspberry thimble cookies
Patti Keppler (3)
Thu Pham
Leah Depriest (2)
Elizabeth Brigham
Elizabeth Brigham
Lisa Muras (2)
Aparicia Martinez
Trish Ramirez (3)
Mary Cortina (2)
Martha Murray (2)
Anne Reed (2)
chocolate chip
Joanne Choe (2)
Rachel Rothberg (4)
Susie Nguyen (2)
Julie Avera (3)
Margaret Falardeau (2)
Andrea Mains (2)
Chocolate Chip
Sara Mastro
Kim Waxman (2)
Killian Kelly
Bonnie James (4)
Oatmeal choc chip
Chris Camillo (6)
Amanda Fan (2)
Dawn Dempster (2)
Joan Bristol (2)
Emily Eskelsen (2)
Cynthia Gaytan (4)
Amy Arnett (2)
Jessica Friedman (4)
Susan Gledhill (10)
Lynn Welch (2)
Julie Stewart (2)
Amy Snyder (2)
Barbara Campbell (2)
Jill Levi
Dian Jacobson (3)
Sugar cookies
Linda Zack (3)
Chris Camillo (4)
Adrianne Gonzales (4)
Sugar cookies
Holly Vesilind (3)
Leah Depriest
Bringing total of 3 dozen
Jenny Sullivan (2)
Josie Dristy (2)
Joan Sitrin (3)
Aijun Wang (2)
Jennifer Peterson (4)
Erin Evans (3)
Mary Cortina (2)
Upping my total to 4
Sharon Morris (3)
Lesley Kowalski (2)
Chocolate chip
Zoda Khamrokulova (10)
Christine Conner Conner (3)
Beth Gallagher
Kelly Funaro (2)
sgr/choc ch/oatml rsn
Carol Harrity-Tun (4)
Cole Leffler (Grade 9) (20)
42 dozen (500 cookies)
Cole Leffler (Grade 9) (20)
...42 doz (500 cookies) con’t
Cole Leffler (Freshmen Class Council Member) (2)
total 42 doz (500 cookies) M&M choco chip + sugar ...Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

Special Dietary Cookies (packaged 2 cookies per ziplock bag and labeled) (20)

Per dozen

13 of 20 slots filled
Annemarie Stewart (2)
Gluten Free
Karen Cronin (3)
Susan Betts (2)
Killian Kelly
Lisa Griffin
Mar Dombrowski (2)
Gluten Free Chocolate Chip
Josie Dristy (2)
Gluten & Egg free

Volunteers to organize cookies into bins and distribute milk and cookies (20)

2:30pm - 3:15pm

15 of 20 slots filled
Melissa Smith
Meredith Brimblecom
Mary M
Shawn Silverman
Kate Zander
Andi Ferrari (2)
Sue Moore
Mary Cortina
Margaret Falardeau
Erika Barnes
Emily Eskelsen
Jennifer Peterson
Christine Conner Conner
Shawn Guth

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