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UCSB Choir

UCSB Choir Auditions

Please review the available slots below and click on the button to sign up. Thank you!


Auditions will be 3 minutes long and will be held on Thursday, September 26, 2019 at Music Building 1145 from 5-8pm.


Please bring a one minute excerpt of a song, preferably classical or musical theatre, and be prepared to sing some scales. You may be asked to sight read. If you feel like you don’t know any classical songs, please bring a popular tune like, “Twinkle twinkle little star”, “Somewhere over the rainbow” or “Amazing Grace”. Please arrive warmed up and ready to shine. :)

Please arrive early to your audition, and before your audition you must complete this questionnaire: https://forms.gle/qBniW7ZjvYfJsrkN6



Date: 09/26/2019 (Thu.)

Created by:   Kelly Newberry
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Available Slot Date (mm/dd/yyyy) Location Time (PDT)



09/26/2019 (Thu) MUS 1145 
5:00pm - 5:03pm   
Sharif Schulze Allen
5:03pm - 5:06pm   
Emily Jimenez
5:06pm - 5:09pm   
Claire Lappinga
5:09pm - 5:12pm   
Raquel Sampaio
5:12pm - 5:15pm   
Amanda Cheung
5:15pm - 5:18pm   
Natalie LeBaron
5:18pm - 5:21pm   
William McCance
5:21pm - 5:24pm   
Wenjie Xing
5:24pm - 5:27pm   
Chia-Shin Yu
5:27pm - 5:30pm   
Andrew Rowberg
5:30pm - 5:33pm   
Elexa Yee
5:33pm - 5:36pm   
Ellen Burrell
5:36pm - 5:39pm   
Josephine Joergensen
5:39pm - 5:42pm   
Alexa Lopez
5:42pm - 5:45pm   
Sophia Mireille Lecuona
5:45pm - 5:48pm   
Sara Messina
5:48pm - 5:51pm   
Xiyue He
5:51pm - 5:54pm   
Angelina Picazo
5:54pm - 5:57pm   
Tatyana Grishanina
5:57pm - 6:00pm   
Jacqui Decareau
6:00pm - 6:03pm   
Piper Cooke
6:03pm - 6:06pm   
Kiana Soeung
6:06pm - 6:09pm   
Eva Tsai
I-Fang Tsai
6:09pm - 6:12pm   
Daniela Sanchez
6:12pm - 6:15pm   
Casidy Chen
6:15pm - 6:18pm   
Kala Barron
6:18pm - 6:21pm   
Jack Pearson
6:21pm - 6:24pm   
Kiana Hernandez
6:24pm - 6:27pm   
Megan Ashley
6:27pm - 6:30pm   
Olivia Iacono
6:30pm - 6:33pm   
Lilly Blackburn
6:33pm - 6:36pm   
I-Fang Tsai
6:36pm - 6:39pm   
Kartik Sundaram
6:39pm - 6:42pm   
Alison Colchado
6:42pm - 6:45pm   
Violet Hansen
Violet Joy Hansen
6:45pm - 6:48pm   
Rebecca Embar
6:48pm - 6:51pm   
Summer Scott
Chamber choir audition
6:51pm - 6:54pm   
Sage Avalon
6:54pm - 6:57pm   
Rina Ko
6:57pm - 7:00pm   
Lynn Tung
7:00pm - 7:03pm   
Tingting Yang
7:03pm - 7:06pm   
Jinwenrui Ma
7:06pm - 7:09pm   
Jude Lammers
7:09pm - 7:12pm   
Ingrid Elias-Lopez
7:12pm - 7:15pm   
CJ Young
7:15pm - 7:18pm   
Lex Navarra
7:18pm - 7:21pm   
Soohyun Ryu
7:21pm - 7:24pm   
Kristen BARTOW
7:24pm - 7:27pm   
Andalyn Honselaar
7:27pm - 7:30pm   
Kayce Hobson
7:30pm - 7:33pm   
Becky Kosovsky
7:33pm - 7:36pm   
Wenjie Xing
7:36pm - 7:39pm   
Cassandra Chow
7:39pm - 7:42pm   
Sarina Abrishamcar
7:42pm - 7:45pm   
Becca Thorne
7:45pm - 7:48pm   
Gina Pletschet
7:48pm - 7:51pm   
Priyanka Chary
7:51pm - 7:54pm   
Evan Wong
7:54pm - 7:57pm   
Seryne Aryeh
7:57pm - 8:00pm   
Olivia Clark
I will come as quickly as possible. I have a class that ends at 6:50PM and will come directly to audition.
8:00pm - 8:03pm   
Lindsay Ray
8:03pm - 8:06pm   
Alexa Lopez
8:06pm - 8:09pm   
Ben Scudero
8:09pm - 8:12pm   
Aldo Alan Navarrete
8:12pm - 8:15pm   
Daniela Sanchez
already signed up for 6:09 pm but I need to crash a math section at 6pm
8:15pm - 8:18pm   
Helen Tsui
8:18pm - 8:21pm   
8:21pm - 8:24pm   
8:24pm - 8:27pm   
8:27pm - 8:30pm   
8:30pm - 8:33pm   
8:33pm - 8:36pm   
8:36pm - 8:39pm   
8:39pm - 8:42pm   
8:42pm - 8:45pm   
8:45pm - 8:48pm   
8:48pm - 8:51pm   
8:51pm - 8:54pm   
8:54pm - 8:57pm   
8:57pm - 9:00pm   
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