Uintah Elementary PTA

Yearbook captions

The yearbook is just about put together, but we would love some input from Uintah students and familes! We're looking for volunteers to give us just 2-3 lines describing any topic in the following list. We'd love to hear from as many voices as possible!

You can enter your blurbs in the comment line when you sign up, or email them to [email protected] 

Thank you!!

Created by:   Uintah Elementary PTA

Available Slot

Fall Festival (3)


Fun Run (3)


Halloween parties/parade (3)


Tanner Dance (3)


Art at Uintah (6)


Science class/Science Fest (3)


The Lion King - 3rd Grade Musical (3)


Being a good leader - how Uintah has stepped up (3)


Being a good friend (3)


The importance of imagination (3)


School is Fun (3)


Uintah loves its teachers (5)


Ms. Adams - 25 years of teaching (3)


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