Holiday Giving/Little Wishes

Francis Lauer Holiday Giving & Little Wishes

Francis Lauer YSS 2018 Holiday Giving program!

Once again, we are reaching out to the community to provide gifts to youth participating in our programs. The YSS Holiday Giving Program is put on to support children and youth who participate in one or more YSS programs and his/her siblings or other children within the home during the holidays.  Please note that this program is not intended for adults in the home. 

Those who wish to spread cheer this holiday season to youth and their families may choose a family through Sign Up Genius to shop for. To ensure no one is left out, please note that you must purchase for all members listed in the family you select. It is advised that you chose a family size that you/your group are comfortable purchasing for (the (#) indicates the family size). All gifts are due to Francis Lauer: 50 North Eisenhower Ave., Mason City, Iowa 50401 no later than December 7th.

Each sign up slot is named using an assigned "Family Code", please mark all gifts with the assigned family code to ensure they make it to the correct family.

Thank you for helping make Christmas possible this year for our Youth! If you have questions don't hesitate to call 641-423-7362

Created by:   Francis Lauer YSS
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Available Slot


(1) Youth Female: Gift Card (Target, Starbucks, Walmart)



(1) Youth Male: (Unwrapped) Hunting, Fishing, Football gear. Or Buffalo Wild Wings gift card

Melissa Rodriguez


(3) (Unwrapped) 1. Youth Male: Men's XL Jacket or Kansas City attire. 2. 3YO Male: 4T clothing, Basketball, Tractor and Semi Truck Toys. 3. 4YO Male: 4T Clothing, Basketball, Car Toys



(1) Youth Male: Gamers or WalMart Gift Card ***



Male Youth: WalMart Gift Card



(1) (Wrapped) Youth Male: XL winter coat, dishes, headphones



(5) (Wrapped) 1. 16YO Male: Men's L shirts, 32x30 jeans body spray 2. 11YO Male: sz 16/18 pants & 14/16 shirts, body spray 3. 8YO Male: size 6y shoes, superheros 4. 4 YO Female: sz 6x jeans, barbies/dolls 5. 2MO Female: 6-9 month clothes baby toys

West Fork Girl Scouts
We will have it there on Tuesday


(1) 14YO Female: (Wrapped Gifts) Mp3 Player, Women's Size (S) Dress, Country Music CD's



(2) (Wrapped) 1. Female Youth: adult coloring book, fine tip sharpies/gel pens, laundry detergent, books for journal writing. 2. 8 Month Old Male: age appropriate toys and books

Katie Koehler


(1) (Wrapped) Youth Male: Head phones (not ear buds), size 11 shoes or gift card for shoes

Allen & Jo Macal


(2) (Wrapped) 1. Youth Female: Grocery Gift Card(s). 2. 3 YO Male: Toys (PJ Masks, Baby Boss), Clothing

Christine Foth


(2) (Wrapped) 1. Youth Female: 3x coat, 3x shirts, 3x pants. 2. Newborn Male: diapers, wipes, receiving blankets

Shanda Hansen


(2) (Wrapped) 1. Youth Female: Fareway and Walmart Gift Cards 2. 8 MO Male: size 3 diapers, wipes, toys

Bria Hansen


(2) (Wrapped) 1.8 YO Male: Minecraft, Batman, Tractors, Car toys/fun things 2. 5 YO Female: Frozen (Elsa), Cars/Tractors toys/fun stuff and stuffed animals.

Jen Hansen


(1) Youth Male: (Unwrapped) size 9 1/2 running shoe, blue twin bet set/sheet set

Alyse Hesley


(1) Male Youth: (Wrapped) Size 9 men's sneakers (red/black or green/black), backpack (green/black), Cinema West Movie Passes

Tiffany Hammond


(1) (Wrapped) Youth Female: Pots/pans, teal towels, vacuum, cleaning supplies, socks

Dawn Hansen


(2) (Unwrapped) 1. 12 YO Male: Thomas the Train, Cars, Coloring, Movies. 2. 8 YO Male: Nerf Guns, Cars, Power Rangers, Avengers

Alanna Davison


(1) (Wrapped) 14 YO Female: hair and make up accessories, shoes 7.5 or 8, age appropriate gift cards

Abby McLean


(2) (Wrapped) 1. 13 YO Male: size 10 Slim pants, size 14-16 shirts, stocking hat and gloves 2. 8 YO Female: size 8 slim jeans, size 10-12 shirts

Traci Hansen


(3) 1. 9 YO Male: size 10/12 shirts/pants, 6y shoes, bike helmet 2. 12 YO Male: 13/14 shirts/pants, 10y shoe, bike helmet, Vikings 3. Infant Male: 9-12 month

Gail Dierks


(1) (Wrapped) 14YO Female: snow boots size 7, shirts adult (S), 16 youth skinny jeans

Jana Erickson


(3) (Wrapped) 1. Youth Female: beauty products, Sz11 Women's Shoes, XL Women's tops, 16 Women's Bottoms 2. Youth Female: cabbage patch doll, size 12 girls pants, size 2 shoes, sz (L) girls tops 3. Youth Female: Moana toy, size 4 girls pants, size xs girls

Edith Blanchard
Will be donated by Bits and Spurs 4h


(1) Youth Male: (Wrapped) XL Shirts, 34/36 pants, M or L underwear, Size 12 shoes, tools

Jana Erickson


(3) (Unwrapped) 1. 16 YO Male: Pokemon, Camera, Games, Red Yarn, Art items 2. 13 YO Female: Camera, Gift Cards, Trapper Keeper, Slime Kit 3. 12 YO Female: Art/DIY Kits, camera, gift cards, adult coloring books/pencils. All three need twin sheet sets

Edith Blanchard
This wil be filled by Bits and Spurs 4h


(1) (Wrapped) Youth Male: Socks, nice pillows, backpack, essential oils, Burt's Bees chapstick

Shannon and Courtney Wooge
From FCIS Insurance Services


(2) 1. Female Youth: (Unwrapped) Red or Black cooking pans/pots. 2. NEWBORN Male: Clothing, Toys, Baby Gear, Wipes/Diapers

Monica VerHelst


(1) Male Youth: (Unwrapped) Red or black pans/pots, spatulas and spoons

Shannon and Courtney Wooge
From FCIS Insurance Services


(1) Female Youth: (Unwrapped) Size (M) fluffy slippers, Bath & Body Works

Tina Francis


(5)(Wrapped)1. 9YO Female: Size small juniors 2. 8YO Female: size 14-16 3. 4YO Female: size 6x 4. 3 YO Female: size 4t-5t 5. 1YO Female: size 12 months (Arts/Crafts, Toys, Games, Socks, Pajamas)

Studio7 Salon And Spa


(1) Male Youth: (Unwrapped) XL Shirt/Pants/Underwear, Size 11 Shoes, XL hooded sweatshirt, XBOX 1 headset

Margaret Rodgers


(1) Male Youth: Casey's Gas Card

Abby McLean


(3) (Wrapped) 1. 11 YO Male: Legos, drawing set, size 10/12 Pants, Marvel Avengers. 2. 12 YO Female: Make up, craft kit, size 14/16 pants, bath robe. 3. 14 YO Boy: Roller City passes, boy twin size sheet set, drawing supplies, size 16/18 blackdresspants

Edith Blanchard
Will be donated by Bits and Spurs 4h


(1) Youth Female: (Unwrapped) Bath and Body works: lotion/spray, Wallflower scents, Car Air Scents

Dawn Hansen


(1) 9 YO Male:M (Unwrapped) Pokemon, Superheros, Size 10/12 pants, socks/underwear

Tina Francis


(1) Female Young Adult: (Wrapped) Books

Abigail Lee


(1) Female Youth: (Wrapped) make-up, size 15 jeans

Tonia Weaver
Tonia Weaver


(2) (Wrapped) 1. 16 YO Female: Anime, likes to read and draw, size 16 pants and XL shirts (boyish style, comfy) 2. 15 YO Male: size L shirts and L lounge pants, dart guns, gamer, shirts with funny sayings

Shanda Hansen


(1) Female Youth: Bath and Body Works, Target or Walmart Gift Card

Dawn Hansen

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