Food4Thought Weekend Packs Volunteer Project

Thank you for volunteering to help Britepaths (formerly Our Daily Bread) assist our Food4Thought partner schools in the Fairfax County Public School (FCPS) system by donating food and assembling packs for our schools to send home with children in need on the weekend! This Sign Up form is intended to serve as a template for you to customize so that you can invite your organization's members to donate the food items that need to go into the packs, or to serve as a guideline for your organization about what to purchase if your group is planning to provide the food that your volunteers will assemble. Once this template was duplicated and turned over to your Sign Up Genius account, it became yours to customize as you please to fit your needs for your volunteer project.

Some Things to Know Before You Get Started:

  1. You should contact the Partner School you want to help. Click Here for the listing. Please cc Christina Garris ([email protected]) when you email the school contact.
  2. You should plan for each pack you assemble to contain 10 items that will help kids have breakfast, lunch, dinner, a drink and a snack for Saturday and Sunday.
  3. All items that are donated or purchased for this project should be non-perishable, individual-sized food items that have not passed their expiration date. Consider that some of the kids who will receive this food may be on their own during the weekend while their parents work, so it is very important to give them pop-top, ready-to-heat-and-eat containers.
  4. We have included zip-lock bags on the sign up for packaging up the food. Gallon-size zip-top bags are the most popular, but if you can use the XL size zip-top bags, they are so much easier to pack and zip.
  5. The most expensive items that are hardest to get donated are the most vital ones: shelf-stable milk, individual Chef Boy-ardee or Hormel meals with meat, and tuna/chicken & cracker snack packs. These items ensure that the kids get some protein each day, so please plan to include these items in your packs. These meals you are preparing truly may be the only food that the kids have that weekend!

Next Steps:

Customizing this Template: When you're ready to create your sign up, you may either erase this information in General Details, or Duplicate this Sign Up on your Account page and create a new one. Type your own project explanation and information on the General Details page. Use the Theme we provided, or choose a different one as you wish. Update the Dates/Times with the information on your project. Update the Slots page to ensure the correct number of donated items are listed for the number of packs you are trying to assemble. We have calculated the amount that would be needed to assemble 10 Packs. Remember to account for the fact that different items come in different packaging sizes (i.e. individual cups of apple sauce typically come in 6-packs, while individual fruit cups (i.e. fruit cocktail) usually are in 4-packs). We consider a fruit/apple sauce cup to be one of the snack items. We included sign up slots for handing in a donation instead of bringing items, and for volunteering. Customize or delete these as are appropriate to your project. Adjust the Settings to meet your needs. Once you Preview the Sign Up and find it to be satisfactory, click Proceed to Invite/Publish. We like to "Take the Sign Up Live" without inviting people, and just share the web link that is created in an email we sent out ourselves. But you should choose the setting you prefer.

If you have questions about Food4Thought, Contact Christina Garris at [email protected] or 703-273-8829.

This sign up was created by Heather Webb. If you need technical support to customize your group's Sign Up, email Heather at: [email protected].

CLICK HERE to Visit Britepaths' Food4Thought page

Date: 02/28/2019 (Thu.)

Time: 9:30am - 10:00am EST

Location: TBD

Created by:  Britepaths Fairfax

Available Slot

Chef Boyardee Ravioli, Beefaroni, Lasagna or Spaghetti & Meatball (10)

Single-serving cups, approx. 7 oz., with meat (no cans, please!)


Tuna or Chicken Salad Snack Kit with crackers (10)

i.e. Bumblebee. Small "snack" kits -- larger meal kits are too large for our bags.


Shelf-stable Milk Boxes, 10-pack

i.e. Horizon, Hersheys. No Yoo-Hoo, please!


Cereal Variety Pack, 8-count, single-serve boxes

single serve boxes of Rice Krispies, Frosted Flakes, Raisin Bran, etc.


Instant Oatmeal Variety Box, 10 packages per box

any flavor instant oatmeal packets


Mac & Cheese individual cups, 4-pack (3)

i.e. Kraft EasyMac or Velveeta cups -- individual cups, please no boxes!


Ramen Noodles or Cup Noodles, 6-pack (Or substitute with another chef boyardee, mac&cheese or tuna pack) (2)

i.e. Nissin Cup Noodles or Maruchan Ramen Noodles


Cheese & Cracker packs or Granola Bars, 8-pack (2)

Single-serve snack items, such as cheese & crackers, Kraft Handi-Snacks (with cheese dip), granola bars, chewy granola bars, etc.; No Nuts, Please!


Applesauce cups, 6 pack (2)

Single-serve cups, i.e. Mott's, Musselman's, etc.


100% Juice Boxes, 10-pack

i.e. Juicy Juice, Minute Maid, Apple & Eve, etc.


Zip-lock bags, Gallon or XL-size

Box of at least 10; 2-Gallon/XL size preferred


Cash Donation

I will send in a donation to help purchase food



Help assemble Food4Thought Packs


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