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PTC Welcome Picnic

Annual Welcome Picnic 2022

Join us for food, games, and festivities!

Parents - we would LOVE to see your smiling faces! Meet other theatre parents and find out about our exciting year ahead! Did someone say new PTP t-shirts? Siblings and other family members are more than welcome, too!

Students - meet new friends and hang out with your potential bigs/littles! Thespian wrestling, anyone??

Ponderosa Theatre Parents will provide the main course of sub sandwiches, along with meat and cheese trays with lettuce for those with gluten allergies.

PLEASE RSVP by Monday, August 22nd with how many people you'll be bringing as we'll have to order the sub sandwiches, PLUS sign up to bring a picnic item or two.

See you on the Friday, August 26th!!!!

Date: 08/26/2022 (Fri.)

Time: 5:00pm - 8:00pm MDT

Location: Bayou Gulch Park
4815 fox sparrow, parker, 80134 80134

Created by:   Ponderosa Theatre

Will you be attending the event?
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Side salad for 6-8 people, i.e. pasta salad, potato salad, veggie salad (4)
  All slots filled
Nikki Brundige
Kaitlyn Lakes
Jenna Benjamin
Oakley Westfall
Green salad ***WITH dressing *** for 6-8 people (3)
  All slots filled
Tracy Elbert
Addison Quint
Jenny Rischling
ranch & balsamic dressings
Fruit/veggie tray for 6-8 people (4)
  All slots filled
Jenny Yeager
Katy Brand
Traci Ward
Ava Gervasoni
Veggie tray
Gluten free sides - your choice - for 6-8 people (2)
  All slots filled
Vee Voss
Katie Vallet
LARGE bag of chips - your choice (15)
  All slots filled
Cambria Lieberman (2)
Lisa Coleman (4)
Brookelynn/Eden Brittain (4)
Allie Cook (2)
Kelley Durrant
Quinn Buckner
Kristin Grayner
Desserts - 1 dozen - hand held, like brownies, cookies, cupcakes (10)
  All slots filled
Lisa Coleman
Marie Guerrie (2)
Chris Wyatt (2)
Samantha Rykbos (2)
cream puffs and eclairs
Jordan Gavlak (2)
Kristin Grayner
Gluten Free desserts - 1 dozen - your choice (2)
  All slots filled
Cambria Lieberman
Hannah Stalls Stalls
Bottled Water - multi-pack (4)
  All slots filled
Lisa Long (4)
Plates - 50-100 pack (3)
  All slots filled
Deana Aberkalns
Amanda Salazar
Christopher Peralta
Napkins - 100 pack (2)
  All slots filled
Keegan Pagano
Kelly Dunn
Plastic forks, spoon, knives multi-pack - for 25-50 (3)
  All slots filled
Allie Cook (2)
James Murphy
Paper towels (2)
  All slots filled
Nathan Movizzo (2)
Responses:     Yes: 70     No: 3     Maybe: 3     No Response: 83

Guest Count:    Confirmed: 128     Maybe: 4

YES (70) -  

Chander Souther (2 guests)

Shiloh Roberts (1 guest)

Landon Sterling (1 guest)

Sophia Smith (1 guest)

Mars Eggett (2 guests)

Jordan Gavlak (1 guest)

Kelley Durrant (5 guests)

Elena Crow (1 guest)

Patricia Elmer (4 guests)

Katie Vallet (4 guests)

KJ Kang (1 guest)

Cordelia Steen (1 guest)

Caroline Toops (4 guests)

Heidi Scharpen (3 guests)

Vee Voss (1 guest)

Quinn Buckner (1 guest)

Sarah Brummel (1 guest)

Rhiannon Navarro (1 guest)

Kaylee Prestia (1 guest)

Cohen Ingham (1 guest)

Jenny Rischling (1 guest)

Oakley Westfall (2 guests)

Ben Fendley (1 guest)

Evelina Grigoryeva (1 guest)

Brookelynn/Eden Brittain (1 guest)

Jenna Benjamin (1 guest)

Lauren Elbert (2 guests)

Kate Diaz (2 guests)

Kotomi Picott (1 guest)

Addison Quint (2 guests)

Tracy Elbert (2 guests)

Ava Gervasoni (1 guest)

Christopher Peralta (1 guest)

Rielly Blewer (1 guest)

Gavin Elbert (1 guest)

Cohen Ingham (2 guests)

Zayden German (1 guest)

Kaitlyn Lakes (1 guest)

Belle Shand (1 guest)

Pearl Eaton (1 guest)

Gianna Nortillo (3 guests)

Amanda Salazar (3 guests)

Hannah Stalls Stalls (5 guests)

Jackson Coleman (1 guest)

Nathan Albright (1 guest)

Cassie Konley (1 guest)

Traci Ward (3 guests)

Nathan Movizzo (1 guest)

Katy Brand (1 guest)

Redd Moye (3 guests)
My sister and her boyfriend

Mackenzie Schaffer (2 guests)

Kate Colleran (1 guest)

James Murphy (3 guests)

Samantha Rykbos (4 guests)

Jenny Yeager (2 guests)

Keegan Pagano (1 guest)

CJ DeRoeck (1 guest)

Bradie Chedid (1 guest)

Chris Wyatt (3 guests)

Kristin Grayner (1 guest)

Marie Guerrie (2 guests)
Bella and Marie

Nikki Brundige (2 guests)

Lisa Long (3 guests)

Jennifer Codon (2 guests)
Jennifer & Jill

Allie Cook (1 guest)

Lisa Coleman (3 guests)

Deana Aberkalns (3 guests)

Cambria Lieberman (6 guests)

Wyatt Roberts (1 guest)

Shannon Dunn (1 guest)

NO (3) +  

MAYBE (3) +  

NO RESPONSE (83) +  

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