BASIS Chandler Boosters 2018-2019

BASIS Chandler Parent & Faculty Social

Join the staff & faculty of Basis Chandler for a social hour to kick off the holiday season. All Basis Chandler families (Adults only) are invited and spots are limited.

Cost is $25 single or $45 couple if purchased by November 15th
Price after the 15th $40 single or $75 couple

For donating $150 to the Teacher Holiday Fund/Social, you will receive one ticket to the social. For donating $200, you will receive 2 tickets to the social.

Tax Donation $150 tax donation value is $125 and for $200 tax donation value is $160.

Cost includes 2 drink tickets and heavy appetizers.

Please leave cash/check made payable to Basis Chandler Boosters in the Booster Box located in the school lobby.

Date: 11/30/2018 (Fri.)

Time: 6:00pm - 9:00pm MST

Location: Ocotillo Village Health Club & Spa

Created by:   BASIS Chandler Boosters

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Parents (100)
  29 of 100 slots filled
Tiffany Staten Cruz (2)
Roger Park (2)
Food better be good
Karina Davis (2)
Heather Bonelli (2)
Vi Luan (2)
Rekha Reddy
Looking forward!!
Kiran Bapatla/Vedantam (2)
Tricia Henderson (2)
LaJuana Johnson (2)
Alina Lyons (2)
Amita Rani (2)
Philip Thorpe (2)
Jeff and Susan Ford (2)
Looking forward to it.
Kiri Briones
Andrea An (2)
Gina Xia
BASIS teachers & staff (100)
  70 of 100 slots filled
Tracey Jones (2)
bringing a guest
Matt FritzMiller
Looking forward to it
Nick Brundage (2)
Joshua Tanner (2)
My wife and I
Stacy White (2)
Thank you!
Bradley Reed (2)
Thank You!
Taylor Portaro
Thank you! :)
Zach Propheter (2)
Suzy Soto (2)
Thank you!
Amanda Davies (2)
Amanda Davies & Ty Davies
Collin Hosto
Staff member
Daniel Hodge
I look forward to it.
Matthew Cole Cole (2)
im a teacher
Kylie Mack (2)
Chad Carver (2)
Chad and Amanda Carver
Donna Wallace
Thank you
Jennifer Parchesky
See you there!
Dave Ribbens (2)
PE Teacher and wife
Jim Cook
Theresa Gburek (2)
Guest is Kevy Kev Larsen
Jesse Nims
physics teacher
Shawn Gathas (2)
Thank you!
Brian Bradley
katie donaldson (2)
Thank you Boosters!!!
Suba Rajasekaran
Thanks for hosting.
Cord Ivanyi
Luke Andersen
Jon Hanson
Thank you!
Maureen Sullivan
Thank you!
Jolyn Frazier
Patricia Pearson
1 teacher and 1 spouse
Suresh Rajaram
Food and Relaxation
Chante Trepte (2)
Looking forward to it.
Katie D'Amour (2)
So excited!
Marianne Cook
Fun Fun Fun
Lizzie Fugit (2)
Kyle and Lizzie Fugit
Dakota Templeton (2)
Thank you boosters!
Brian Armstrong (2)
Shelby Kilmer-Webb (2)
Thank you!
Dean Wilkins
Thank you!
Alex Anderl (2)
Thank you!
Andrew Sterbenz
Bob, Cash
Daniel Robb (2)
Ran An (4)
Ran An
Responses:     Yes: 75     No: 7     Maybe: 0     No Response: 1599

Guest Count:    Confirmed: 126     Maybe: 0

YES (75) -  

Angelica Sanchez (1 guest)

Ran An (4 guests)

Daniel Robb (2 guests)

Andrew Sterbenz (1 guest)

Alex Anderl (2 guests)

Dean Wilkins (1 guest)

Shelby Kilmer-Webb (2 guests)

Brian Armstrong (2 guests)

Aditya Pandya (2 guests)

Paul Algoso (2 guests)

Marina Kirk (2 guests)

Cindy Smith (1 guest)
Thank you for everything you do for the school!

Ajeet Koru (2 guests)

Dakota Templeton (2 guests)

Lizzie Fugit (2 guests)
Thank you! :)

Asem Gonzalez (1 guest)

Gina Xia (1 guest)

Marianne Cook (1 guest)
Sounds fun!

Katie D'Amour (2 guests)

Chante Trepte (2 guests)

Suresh Rajaram (1 guest)

Patricia Pearson (2 guests)

Andrea An (2 guests)

Jolyn Frazier (1 guest)

Ian Hunthausen (2 guests)

Kimberley Hunt (1 guest)

Maureen Sullivan (1 guest)

Vidya Ananthnarayan (2 guests)

Jon Hanson (1 guest)

Luke Andersen (1 guest)

Cord Ivanyi (1 guest)

Suba Rajasekaran (1 guest)

katie donaldson (2 guests)

Brian Bradley (1 guest)

Shawn Gathas (1 guest)
Be there.

Tammy Bostaph (2 guests)

Jesse Nims (1 guest)

Theresa Gburek (2 guests)

Jim Cook (1 guest)

Jessica Smith (2 guests)

Dave Ribbens (2 guests)
Thank you for hosting this

Jennifer Parchesky (1 guest)

Donna Wallace (1 guest)

Elizabeth Shaffer (2 guests)

Michael Vetti (1 guest)

Chad Carver (2 guests)

Kylie Mack (2 guests)

Matthew Cole Cole (2 guests)

Daniel Hodge (2 guests)

Collin Hosto (2 guests)
Looking forward to the event - last year was terrific!

Amanda Davies (2 guests)

Suzy Soto (2 guests)

Zach Propheter (2 guests)

Amanda Poppe (2 guests)

Taylor Portaro (2 guests)

Bradley Reed (2 guests)
Thank You!

Stacy White (2 guests)

Joshua Tanner (2 guests)

Bob Cash (2 guests)

Nick Brundage (2 guests)

Matt FritzMiller (1 guest)

Kiri Briones (1 guest)
For Kiri

Jeff and Susan Ford (2 guests)

Philip Thorpe (2 guests)

Alina Lyons (2 guests)

Kiran Bapatla/Vedantam (2 guests)

LaJuana Johnson (2 guests)

Rekha Reddy (1 guest)

Vi Luan (2 guests)

Tracey Jones (1 guest)

Tricia Henderson (2 guests)

Karina Davis (2 guests)

Heather Bonelli (2 guests)

Roger Park (2 guests)

Tiffany Staten Cruz (2 guests)

NO (7) +  

NO RESPONSE (1599) +