It's parade time at the Howard County Fair

The HCRC and HCRW clubs will be marching in the Parade of Floats parade on

Saturday, August 10th at the Howard County Fair

Wear your Republican Red & Trump gear and join us. 

The HCRC VP Shawn Conley will be driving a tractor and pulling a trailer for those who

would like to ride the parade route. 

Also friends of HCRW President Vas Vidi have graciously offered the use of their replica

Old Glory 1812 flag that was flown over Fort McHenry

We will need at least 20 volunteers just to proudly & safely carry Old Glory.

Bring your family & friends!  All are welcome! 

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Date: 08/10/2019 (Sat.)

Time: 4:15pm - 6:30pm EDT

Location: Howard County Fair Grounds

Created by:   Roxanne McMichael

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Julia Ju (2 guests)

Flora Yang (2 guests)

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Frank Mirabile (1 guest)

jeff maddock (1 guest)

Judy Ross (1 guest)

Connor Wright (1 guest)

Larry Pretlow (1 guest)

Jim Walsh (1 guest)

Shawn Conley (1 guest)

Michael Eisenberg (1 guest)

George Beaver (1 guest)

Holly Phelps (1 guest)

Loretta Shields (1 guest)

Saif Rehman (1 guest)

Reid Novotny (1 guest)

Chris Kohler (1 guest)

John Liao (1 guest)

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Melissa Gruner (2 guests)
I am inviting others but not sure of the count

Vasilia Vidi (2 guests)
Join the GOP and old glory. Come out and show your patriotism.

Laura Walsh (1 guest)

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