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Thank you for sharing your generosity in bringing joy to children and families in the Marshfield area! 

Please review the available Deliver Hope tags below and click on the button to sign up for one or more tags. You will receive a printable copy of the gift wishes after you sign up (choose the check box, then select the red button at the bottom of the screen).


  • You may purchase some or all of the items listed on the on the tag and include a message for the child or family, if desired.
  • Wrap the gift(s)
  • Attach the gift number (i.e. W1.3, G5.2) to the gift(s) - be sure it is noticable and secured tightly
  • Return gift(s) to Cornerstone Community Church by Sunday, December 5th.  
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Available Slot

$25 Walmart Gift Card (85)

76 of 85 slots filled
Mary Jo Pikul Pikul (6)
carol Lyn
Shirley Ely
Linda Koopman
L & M Nelson (2)
God's blessings on each one of you!
Vicki Hinson (2)
Midge & Wally Anderson (2)
Mary Berg (16)
16 gift cards
David Naugle (4)
Tom Witzel
Jeff and Kris Bleibaum (2)
Merry Christmas
Connie Jennings (2)
Rick Wallace
Matthew Korth
Katie Ausman (2)
Len & Gail Marcott (2)
Connie Greenwald (2)
Robert Ruckwardt (4)
Marge Turner
Kristin Cutlan (4)
Mindy Gardner (8)
Katie Brand (5)
Robert Reed (4)
From Bob & Doreen, Merry Christmas
Linda Lang (2)


Boy, Age 13 - Legos, Sci-fi adventure books, Drawing supplies, Sweatpants (men's size L), Crew socks (men's size 10), Long sleeve shirt (men's size L)

Sandy Lustig


Boy, Age 11 - Transformers, Legos, Titanic items, Pajamas (size 12/14), Socks (size 6/8), Elastic waist pants (size 14)

Jeff Hamilton


Boy, Age 5 - Cars/trucks, Lego, Books, Jeans, Long sleeve shirt, socks

Elizabeth Olson


Boy, Age 3 - Dinosaurs, Cars, Stuffed Animals, Jeans/Pants, Shirts, Socks

Denise Golden


Boy, Age 3 - Dinosaurs, Cars, Trucks, Jeans/Pants, Shirts, Socks

Joyce Sherman


Girl, Age 6 - Crafts, Unicorns, Toys for playing house, Pants (size 7/8), Shirts (size 7/8), Sweatshirts (size 8)

Kelly Daniels


Boy, Age 12 - Dungeons & Dragons, Anime, Movies, Pants (size 32), Socks (size L), Sweatshirts (size L)

Robyn Mader


Girl, Age 17 - Knitting supplies, Nail polish and manicure set, Books, Shirts (size S or M), sweatshirts (size M), Socks (size L)

Wendy Hiltunen


Girl, Age 7 - Barbies, Painting, Unicorns, Ankle socks (size L), T-shirts (size 16/18), Pants (size 10/12)

Vicki Hinson


Girl, Age 11 - Crafts, magnetic blocks, Jewelry, Sweatshirt (size junior L), Pants (size 14/16 or size 5 for jeans), Shirts (size junior M)

Caleb Hansen


Boy, Age 10 - Sports (soccer/basketball), Games, Legos, Pants (size 10), Sweatshirts (size 10), Shirts (size 10)

Trent Heckel


Girl, Age 6 - Baby dolls, Jewelry (no earrings), Doc McStuffins items, Sweatshirts (size 6), Dresses (size 6), Shirts (size 6)

Kristi Kvernen


Boy, Age 3 - Tractors, Farming, Cars, Sweatpants (size kids 7), Sweatshirts (size kids 7), Shirts (size kids 7)

Kristi Kvernen


Boy, Age 5 - Tractors, Farming, Cars, Sweatpants (size kids 7), Sweatshirt (size kids 7), Shirts (size kids 7)

carol Lyn


Girl, Age 9 - Soccer, Art, Books, Leggings (size XL), Shirts (size M), Sweatshirts (size M)

Jacquie Cummins


Girl, Age 12 - Volleyball, Books, Art Supplies, Shirts (size XL), Sweatshirts (size XL), Jeans (size L)

Elizabeth Olson


Girl, Age 9 - Harry Potter items, L.O.L. Surprise! ball, Barbies, Pants (size 8/10), Sweatshirts (size L or 8/10), Shirts (size L or 8/10)

Vicki Hinson


Boy, Age 7 - Pokemon items, Space Jam items, Baby Yoda items, Pants (size 8), Shirts (size 8), Sweatshirts (size 8)

Rachel Jennings


Girl, Age 6 - "Frozen" items, Trolls items, CoComelon items, Pants (size 6), Sweatshirts (size 6), Pajamas (size 6)

Connie Limmex


Boy, Age 8 - Spiderman, Books (Curious George, Spiderman, Toy Story), Football, Basketball, Pants (boys size 10/12), Sweatshirts (boys size 10/12), Socks, T-shirts (boys size 10/12)),

Melanie Carter


Girl, Age 4 - African American Barbies, Books (Moana, Mickey Mouse, dogs), Stuffed Puppy toy, Sweatpants/Joggers (size girls 6X), Long sleeve Shirts/Sweatshirts (size girls 6X), Socks/Shoes (girls size 6X)

Melanie Carter


Girl, Age 7 - L.O.L. Surprise! ball, Poopsie Slime Surprise Unicorn, My Look Gemex Sparkling Crystal Jewelry Craft Kit, Sweatpants (size 7/8)

Roxann Wanta


Boy, Age 11 - Cars, Nerf guns, Motorcycles, Pants (boys size M), Hoodies (boys size M), Long sleeve shirt (boys size M)

Betsy Hilbelink


Boy, Age 8 - Minecraft, Lego, Ryan's World toys, Sweatpants (size 7), Winter gloves (size M), Socks (size 2 shoe), Underwear (size 7)

Betsy Hilbelink


Boy, Age 4 - Cars, Baby Yoda items, Monster Trucks, Sweatshirt (size 5), Sweatpants (size 5), Blue jeans (size 5)

Jacquie Cummins


Boy, Age 12 - Roblox/Fortnite, Remote Control Cars, Drone, Joggers (size 14/16), Shirts (size L or 14/16), Socks (men's size M)

Denise Barg


Girl, Age 11 - Makeup, Hair Stuff, Nails, Leggings (women's size M), Shirts (women's size S/M), Coat (women's size M)

Cheryl Holm


Boy, Age 9 - Video Games for Xbox, Board games, Remote control vehicles, Joggers (size 12), Shirts (size 12/14), Socks and Underwear (men's size S)

Denise Barg


Boy, Age 5 - Paw Patrol, Magnetic Blocks, Nerf guns, Socks (boys' size 5), Pants (size 5/6), Shirts (size 5/6)

Shelly Knoff


Boy, Age 7 - Monster Trucks, Robots, Matchbox Cars, Pants (size 7/8), Shirts/Sweaters (boys size S/M), Pajamas (size 7/8)

Daniel Hilbelink


Boy, Age 8 - Remote control car or truck, Lego car or monster truck, Kinetic sand construction kit, Shirts (size L or 8), Pants (size 8 slim), Pajamas (size 10)

Cindy Griesbach
We will buy gifts


Girl, Age 15 - Incoherent board game, Diamond Art, Farkle dice game, Shirts (women's size L), Sweatshirts (women's size XL), Pajamas (women's size L)

Daniel Hilbelink


Boy, Age 17 - John Deere Tractoropoly game, Screwdriver Set, Socket Set, Shirts (men's size XXL), Realtree Sweatshirt (men's size XXL), Pajama Pants (men's size XL)

Dave Holm


Boy, Age 3 - Learning toys, Building toys, Paw Patrol, Pants (size 4T), Shirts (size 4T), Paw Patrol Pull-Ups



Boy, Age 12 - Junior size football, Tech Deck fingerboards, Slime kits, Sweatshirts (men's size M), Loose fit Sweatpants (boy's size XXL), Slippers (men's size 7)

Daniel Hilbelink


Boy, Age 8 - Books about the Titanic, Legoo, Roblox, Shirts with characters (men's size M), Zip-Up Hoodie (men's size L), Shoes (men's size 8)

Rachel Jennings


Girl, Age 6 - Barbies, Pete the Cat books by James Dean, Unicorns, Leggings and Pajama Pants (size 7/8), Sweatshirts (girl's size 7/8), Socks (girl's size 13)

Valorie Brecht


Boy, Age 8 - Lego, Roblox, Star Wars items (storybooks, etc.), Sweatshirts (boy's size 7/8), Pajamas (boy's size 7/8), Socks (size 2), Jeans (boy's size 7/8)

Amanda Franseen


Girl, Age 1 - Baby dolls, Toys that make noise, Books, Winter jacket (size 18 months), Snow Pants (size 18 months), Shoes (size 5)

Carly Brickley

L 17.2

Girl, Age 9 - Basketball, Board games, Crafts, Winter Coat (size 14), Shirts (size XS or 14), Leggings (size 14)

Daniel Hilbelink


Boy, Age 7 - Football, Video games, Cars, Sweatpants (size 10/12), Shirts (size 10/12), Tennis shoes (size 4)

Matthew Korth


Girl, Age 8 - Gymnastics mat, Crafts, Dance items, Tennis shoes (size 4), Sweatshirts (size 10/12), Winter coat (size 12/14)

Youth Group


Girl, Age 3 - Barbies and doll house, Gymnastics, Dress-up Clothes, Tennis Shoes (size 11), Long sleeve Shirts (size 6), Boots (size 11)

Marilee Critelli


Boy, Age 10 - Geocaching, Swimming, Nerf toys, Pants (adult size S or children's size 18), Athletic Pants (adult size S), Pajamas (adult size S or children's XL)

Youth Group


Boy, Age 13 - Nerf toys, Lego, Country music, Jeans (30 waist, 32 long), Cartoon shirts (size men's L), Boxers (size 30)

Youth Group


Boy, Age 10 - Remote control drift car or truck, Hot wheels, Legos, Cartoon shirts (men's size M), Pants (men's size M), Boxers (men's size M)

Connie Limmex


Girl, Age 15 - Make up, Nail polish, Hair stuff, scrunchies, hair brushes, Shirts (women's size M), Leggings (size S), Hoodie Pull-over (size L)

Wendy Hiltunen


Girl, Age 2 - Dolls, Duplos, Toys, Leggings (size 3T), Shirts (size 3T), Pajamas (size 3T)

Shelly Knoff


Boy, Age 18 months - Baby Toys, Duplos, Cars and Trucks, Pajamas (size 3T), Shirts (size 2T), Pants (size 2T)



Boy, Age 13 - Lego or Science Supplies, Headphones, Rock Waterfall, Underwear, Socks, T-shirts

Scott/Deb Fischer


Girl, Age 10 - Doll house, Littlest Pet Shop, Stuffed Animals, Socks, T-shirts, Pajamas

Scott/Deb Fischer


Boy, Age 9 - Figurines, Stuffed Animals, Gaming, T-shirts, Sweater, Shorts

Scott/Deb Fischer


Girl, Age 6 - Anything JoJo Siwa, Art supplies, Disney movies, Shirts/Sweatshirts (size 7/8), Underwear (size 10), Socks (size L), Jeans/leggings (size 7/8)

Katie Olszewski


Girl, Age 12 - Anything Mario Kart, Anything Nike, Anything Champion, Shirts/Sweatshirts (women's size M), Pants/Sweatpants (women's size M), Underwear (ladies size 8), Socks (size L)

Michelle Bellendorf


Girl, Age 13 - Art, music, gift cards, Shirts/Sweatshirts (men's size 3X), Pants/Leggings (size 3X), Underwear (men's 3X boxers), Socks (size L), Shoes (size 11) *Note - This looks unusual, but has been verified.

Youth Group


Boy, Age 11 - Minecraft, Fortnite, Shirts (men's size M), Pants (men's size 30)

Youth Group


Girl, Age 5 - Baby dolls, Kitchen sets, Coloring, Shirts (girl's size 10), Pants (girl's size 8)

Jess Zarnke


Boy, Age 6 - Soccer ball, Super Mario Characters, Decorative light for bedroom, Sweatshirt (size S or 7), Pants (size 7), Shoes (size 1)

Kate Vavra


Girl, Age 3 - Paw Patrol toys, Play doctor kit, Spidey and his Amazing Friends, Sweatshirt (size 3T), Dress (size 3T), Shoes (size 8)

Sandy Lustig


Girl, Age 3 - Play kitchen accessories, Baby Shark toys, PJ Masks toys, Sweatshirt (size 3T), Dress (size 3T), Shoes (size 8)



Girl, Age 13 - Unicorns, LOL dolls, Make-up, Pants/Leggings (size S in young adults), Bras (kid's size XL or young adult size S), Shirts (young adult size S)

Youth Group


Girl, Age 11 - Barbies, Dolls, Baby doll items, Pants (kid's size XL), shirts (kid's size XL), Dresses (kid's size XL)

Amanda Franseen


Boy, Age 10 - Star Wars, Spiderman, Stuffed Animals, Pants (size L), Underwear (size L), Shoes (size 3)

Mark Wigginton


Boy, Age 9 - Pokemon, Cars, Paw Patrol, Shirts (size M), Pants (size M), Underwear (size M)

Youth Group


Boy, Age 8 - Fortnite, Roblox, Lego, Pants (size 8 slim), Shirts (size 8), Black short socks

Youth Group


Girl, Age 4 - Barbies, JoJo Siwa, Unicorns, Pants (girl's size 6/7), Shirts (girl's size 6/7), Dresses (girl's size 6/7)

Joyce Sherman


Boy, Age 2 - Toy balls, Dinosaurs, Paw Patrol, Pants (size 3T), Shirts (size 3T), Long sleeve (size 3T)

Marilee Critelli


Boy, Age 11 - Lego, Minecraft, Power Rangers, Shirt (boy's size 14/16), Pants (size 12), Socks (shoe size 4)

Youth Group


Boy, Age 8 - Lego, Batman, Fortnite, Shirts (size M), Sweatpants (size 8), Socks

Nancy Versecki


Boy, Age 11 - Video Games, Roblox, Raiders football, Sweatshirt (size L, 10/12), Pants (size L, 10/12), Underwear (size L, 10/12)

Youth Group


Girl, Age 9 - Llamas, Kittens, Soccer, Shirts (size M, 8/9), Sweatpants (size M, 7/8), Socks

Connie Limmex


Boy, Age 8 - Roblox, Games, Drawing/Art, Sweatshirts (size M, 9/10), Sweatpants (size M, 9/10), Underwear (size 9/10)

Laurie Reek


Boy, Age 5 - Hunting, Daniel Tiger, Board Games, Sweatshirts (size M, 7/8), Sweatpants (size M, 7/8), Underwear (size M, 8)

Mark Reigel


Girl, Age 9 - LOL Dolls, Headphones, Bratz Dolls, Sweatshirt (size M), Sweatpants (size M), Winter Coat (size L)

Liz Kracht


Girl, Age 17 - Headphones, Makeup, Perfume, Sweatshirt (size L), Sweatpants (size L), Hat and Mittens

Cheryl Holm


Girl, Age 14 - Bad Kitty books, Pokemon cards, Baking supplies, Elastic pants (size 3X - not sweatpants, please), Long sleeved shirt (size 3X - loves owls and pandas)

Kristene Schulte


Boy, Age 13 - Harry Potter Book Set, Minecraft, Drawing, Relaxed Fit Jeans (boy's size 16), Long sleeve shirt (boy's size 16)

Tom Witzel


Girl, Age 11 - Dog Man books; Baby Doll clothes; Doll High Chair, Bed, or Play Pen; Socks (women's size S); pants (women's size S petite);

Kristene Schulte


Girl, Age 16 - Art, Painting, Photography, Jogger Pants (women's size M); Hoodie Sweatshirt (size adult L), socks (women's size 9-12)

Kristin Cutlan


Boy, Age 14 - Working out, Watching Anime, Playing games, T-shirts (men's size M), Athletic Pants (boy's 14/16 or men's S), Hat

Youth Group
Youth shopping


Girl, Age 11 - Art, Fortnite, Spongebob, Jogger Pants (women's size M), Hoodie Sweatshirt (women's size L), Hat

Youth Group


Boy, Age 8 - Hot Wheels Tracks, Nerf stuff, Creative Stuff, Pants (size 10/12), Pajamas (boy's size 10/12), Sweatshirt (boy's size 10/12)

Laurie Reek


Boy, Age 4 months - Toys, Books, Bath toys, Snowpants (size 6 or 9 months), Winter coat (size 6 or 9 months), Winter clothing (size 6 or 9 months)



Boy, Age 9 - Star Wars, Batman, BBA Star Wars, Pants (size 10/12), Snow boots (boy's size 5), Shoes (boy's size 5)

Sam Stauber


Boy, Age 5 - Remote Controls, Monster Trucks, Cars, Snow boots (size 13), Pants (size 4/5), Shoes (size 13)

Katie Olszewski

MSR 1.1

Girl, Age 17 - Perfume, Makeup, Art/Craft Supplies, Shirts (size M), Leggings (size S), Boots (size 7)

Patti Jennings

MSR 2.1

Girl, Age 13 - Drawing/Art supplies, Makeup, Hair supplies, Sweatshirts (size L), Pants/Leggings (size S/M), Socks


MSR 2.2

Boy, Age 17 - Technology, Music, Lego, Pants (size S/M), Sweatshirt (size L), Shirt (size L)

Kristin Cutlan


Boy, Age 2 - Hot Wheels Racetrack, Kids Tool Set, Remote Control Car (toddler style), Pants (size 2T), Shirts (size 2T), Socks (size 2T)

Elizabeth Jennings


Girl, Age 6 - Horses, Makeup Kit, Little Critters Playset, Leggings (girl's size 7), Shirts (girl's size 7), gym shoes (size 12)

Jenny Panic


Girl, Age 7 - Barbie Color Reveal Dolls, Fur Real Pig, Lego Friends, Leggings (girl's size 7), Long sleeve shirt (girl's size 7), gym shoes (size 3)

Mary Taylor


Girl, Age 9 - Chocolate Fountain, LOL Dolls, OMG Dolls, Leggings (girl's size 10), long sleeved shirt (girl's size 10/12), gym shoes (size 3)

Valorie Brecht


Girl, Age 11 - Art Supplies, Cave Club Doll Set, Hatchimals, Leggings (girl's size 14), Sweater (girl's size 14/16), gym shoes (size 5)

deb cattanach


Boy, Age 13 - Drone, Nerf guns, Gravitrax, Adidas joggers (size men's L), Adidas Hoodie (size men's L), Winter boots (size men's 10)

Patti Jennings


Boy, Age 15 - Dragonball Xenoverse for Xbox One, Weighted Blanket, Adidas Joggers (size men's M), Adidas Hoodie (size men's M), Winter boots (size men's 10)



Girl, Age 16 - Night light projector, Weighted blanket, Board games, Adidas Joggers (women's size M), Adidas Hoodie (women's size M), Winter boots (size women's 7.5)

Kristin Cutlan


Girl, Age 17 - Kwik Trip gas cards, Bath and Body Works, Hydroflax, Fleece Jacket (size women's 2XL), Adidas Joggers (size women's XL), Hey Dude Shoes (size women's 9)

Linda Vayda


Girl, Age 11 - Books, Sports, Toys, Snow Pants (size M), Pants (size M), Mittens (size M)

Liz Kracht


Girl, Age 17 - Makeup and hair straightener, Rogers Cinema gift card, other gift cards, Pants (size junior 11), Hoodies (size L or XL), Shirts (size L or XL)

Vicki Hinson


Girl, Age 15 - Hair Straightener, Rogers Cinema gift card, other gift card, Shirts (size L), Pants (size junior 5 or 7), Hoodies (size L)

Daniel Hilbelink


Girl, Age 14 - Music, Hair styling items, Gift cards, Shirts (size L), Pants (size junior 7 or 9), Hoodie (size L)

Daniel Hilbelink


Girl, Age 12 - Crafts, Makeup, Hair styling items, Pants (size junior 5), Shirts (size S or 3/5), Hoodies (size M/L)

Giftcard (KA)


Boy, Age 10 - Remote control truck, Big NERF gun, Handheld games, Shirts (men's size L), Sweatpants (men's size L), Zip-up Hoodies (men's size XL)

Karen Blaeser


Girl, Age 9 - My Look Glitter Make-up Studio, My Look 5-in-1 Ultimate Nail and Hand Spa Kit, My Look Twist & Color Tie Dye Kit, Shirts (size XL), Pants (size junior 3/5), Hoodies (size junior S/M)

Kristene Schulte


Girl, Age 8 - Crayola Ultimate Light Board, Razor Kick Scooter, FAO Schwarz Giant Dance-on Piano Mat, Shirts (size 12/14), Pants (size XL), Hoodies (kids size XL)

Giftcard (KA)


Girl, Age 5 - Toy dolls, remote control cars, Pants (size 6/7), Shirts (size 7/8), Boots (size 13)

Mark Reigel


Girl, Age 18 - Fuzzy blanket, Dove Shower Supplies, Fuzzy Pajamas (size M), Sweatshirts (size M), Sweatpants (size M), Fuzzy socks

Lexi Freese


Boy, Age 10 - Pokemon Cards, Beyblade toys, Camping gear, Sweatshirt (men's size M), Sweatpants (men's size S), Shoes (size 5.5)



Girl, Age 6 - Makeup, Scrapbook and Art Supplies, Rainbow Fuzzy Blanket, Sweatshirt (girl's size 8/10), Sweatpants (girl's size 8/10), Fuzzy socks (girl's size L)

Stephanie Leonard


Girl, Age 12 - Fantasy books, Makeup, My Hero Academia Manga Series, Shirts/Sweatshirts (women's size XL), Pajama bottoms (women's size XL), Colorful leggings (women's size XL)

Robyn Mader


Girl, Age 4 - Pretend Makeup Set, Baby Doll, Princess Stuff (doll, dress up, etc.), Sweatshirt/Shirt (size 5T), Leggings (size 5T), Pajamas (size 5T)

Connie Jennings


Boy, Age 11 - Model building, Tools, Puzzles, Sweatshirts (youth size L), Straight leg jeans (size 8 slim with elastic waist), Shirts (youth size L)

Jon Vayda


Girl, Age 7 - Puzzles, Barbies, Horses, Shirts/Sweatshirts (size 7), Leggings/Jeggings (size 7)

Kristi Ely


Girl, Age 9 - Roblox, Board games, Rainbow High Dolls, Pants (size 14), Shirts (size 14), Sweaters (size L or 14)

Katie Ausman


Girl, Age 6 - Rainbow High Dolls, Barbies, Unicorns, Pants (size 7/8), Shirts (size 7/8), Sweaters (size M or 7/8)

Katie Ausman


Boy, Age 4 - Cars, Dinosaurs, Spiderman, Shirts (size 7), Pants (size 7), Sweaters (size 7)

Katie Ausman


Girl, Age 3 - My Little Pony, Frozen, Minnie Mouse, Shirts (size 5T), Pants (size 5T), Sweaters (size 5T)

Nancy Versecki


Girl, Age 11 - Bra (size 34A), Jeans (Junior size 14/16), Long or Short-Sleeved Shirt (Junior size Large)

Julie Swan
Hope you have a wonderful Christmas!


Girl, Age 14 - Bra (Size 34B), Leggings (Junior Size 14/16 or Large), Sweatshirt (Junior size Large)

Julie Swan
Have a very special Christmas!


Boy, Age 9 - Pants (size 8), Sweatshirt (size 8), Underwear (size 8)

Julie Swan
Enjoy a wonderful Christmas!


Boy, Age 16 - T-Shirt (Men's XL), Polo Shirts (Men's XL), Sweatpants (Men's XL)

Julie Swan
Merry Christmas to you!
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