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OLC Families

Parish Wide Consecration to St. Joseph

Pope Francis has declared the Year of Saint Joseph from December 8, 2020 - December 8, 2021. During this exciting time, Father Tony is encouraging the parishioners of Our Lady to participate in the Consecration to Saint Joseph by Fr. Donald Calloway. This consecration is an incredible opportunity to grow in devotion to Saint Joseph and know him more deeply. It lasts 33 days, with a special reading and prayers said each day culminating in the consecration on the final day.

When participating in the consecration, you may participate with others in a virtual small group or individually with your family. When signing up, please choose which option. 

We are also in need of leaders for the virtual small groups. Please let us know when signing up if you would like to serve in this role! 

The Consecration to Saint Joseph will be offered at two different times:

February 15 - March 19 - Consecration on the Solemnity of St. Joseph 

March 30 - May 1: Consecration on the Feast of St. Joseph the Worker 

If you have any questions, please contact Josh Hanson at [email protected] 

Saint Joseph, pray for us! 

Created by:   OLC Parish
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Consecration Options

Solemnity of St. Joseph: 2/15-3/19

256 slots filled - more available
Neil Buehler
Patty Burch
We will be on standby to help after the birth of twin grandbabes.
Dianna Hamman
Jim And Alena Gessner (8)
Jim/Alena Gessner, Shaun/Donna Bartz, Chad/Martha Carlisle, Steve/Heather Burke all would like to be a small group together please
Marcey Bowhuis
Will do independently at home. Will plan to come to the group on consecration days.
Jennifer Nowak (9)
This is my family so we would do the prayers together at home, then come for the consecration day.
Diane Kowal
Theresa Sluiter
Brian and Joni Harp (2)
Greg Beasley (2)
Kim Yoskovich
Michelle Weatherhead
Kristina Paliwoda
Krissi Brott (2)
We will do this as a family (2 adults, 2 teens, 1 toddler)
Lynn Taber
I will be doing individual and am able to.pick up the book after January 21. I will plan then to attend the consecration service. Please let me know when I will be able to pick up the book after January 21.
Thom Arends (2)
Sue and Thom doing on own
Jacob Kelley
Amy Kelley
I would like to do it with my OLC Women's group that meets virtuallya
Tonnie Pahl (2)
Kelly Sweezer
Tracy Bonga
Thank you
Jessica Dyer (5)
This is for my family. We do the consecration together.
Abby Petersen
I will be doing this with my family of 5
Maryly Skallos
Nicole Isaak
We will do it as a family of 3.
Mary Ellen Koziol
Sam Lauer
Will probably do at home unless this is a daytime group.
Kathleen Gnanasekharan
Michael Palazzolo (2)
Heather Burns
Mary Callam McRell (5)
Will be doing with my husband and three kids independently at home.
Linda Tanis (2)
Mike and Linda Tanis Family
David Skorupski (2)
I can help with a small group if needed - otherwise my wife & I will participate ourselves
Michael Kelley
I would like to do this with my TMIY small group
Susan Adams (2)
My husband and I will be doing this together
Duane And Maureen Nelson (6)
6 adults, will do a small group with our two daughter’s families
Michael Despres
Christine Lyon
I will be doing this with my family of 4
Julie Woodruff (2)
Rosemary Huffman
Patrick Norton (2)
Julie VanderMeulen
Marcia and Ken Borowka
Janice Kleefisch (2)
Ray and I will complete the study on our own. We will be away and will obtain our own books.
Terri Royce (6)
Will do independently at home and consecration days with group.
Theresa Sluiter (2)
Extra prayer cards for the kids please
Ben and Jody Shine (2)
We are doing this as a family. Please include prayer cards. (6)
Aileen Galang (2)
Galang Family (5)
Nancy Schovey
The LeBlancs
Emily Ziemba
Peggy Manning
Peggy Ludwig
Will use the book @home with family
Kellianne Schumacher
Doing with a small women’s group
Gabriella Rubino
Joshua Donkin is my small group leader
Joshua Donkin (4)
Signing up for a small group of myself, my wife Shannon Donkin, Gabrielle Rubino, and Zach Rubino
Julie & Pete Birkeland (2)
Steven Dater (2)
My wife Mary and I
Thomas Strausbaugh
Kathleen Rahe Rahe
Nicole Doppel
doing with women's bible study small group and already have book
Laura Golub
Kathie Lefere
Rochelle McNally
Paul Wyatt
Amy Moore
Kimberly Gerow (2)
Diana Weirich
Joan Eaton
On my own
Ken Eaton
Pat James
Nan Maczka
Jim Hughes
Megan Parker (2)
Megan and Nick Parker
Amanda Taelman (2)
Tina Shutich
Family of 4
Jamie Holtrop (4)
Ray Case
Laura Norton (11)
Mary Meyer
Megan Kaluzny
Karen Albano
carl erickson
Greg Grytza
Heather DiCosola (5)
David Lefere
Christina Achatz (2)
Achatz Family
Steve Johnson (5)
Johnson Family(5)
Kevin & Janie Chase (2)
Mayda Gunnell (3)
We will participate as a family.
Chris Battle (2)
Nancy Pulte
Cindy Hansen (2)
We will do as family of 3
Bobbie Walsh (2)
my sister and I
Kathy Scudder
Andrea Hoffman (6)
The Hoffman Family: Jeff, Andrea, Ryan, Lauren, Kyle, and Evan
Ted Lewand (2)
Chris Owen
Kateri Schwandt (4)
Renee Scogg (8)
We will do this independently at home as a family
Gerry Brom (2)
Judy Brom
Kyle And Jenna Vanderhyde
Just need one book. Thank you!
Melissa Hudecz
Reading with my small virtual womens group
Joe Beyer (2)
Joe and Lisa Beyer
Andrea Schaub
Bill Cichewicz
Matt and Lisa Schichtel (2)
Mary Manning
Cheryl Moroney
Brian Moroney
LuAnn Cormier
I will be doing this with my virtual Bible Study group
Shawn Marks (2)
Chris Veltkamp
Michael & Melissa Kidd (4)
Zachary Fettes
Brenda Chrisman (2)
Frank Craven (2)
Richard Kuhn (2)
Russ Osbun
Mats Hjelm (2)
Dyan Sanchez (2)
Isabel & Bryan Galloway
Taylor Smith (2)
Jody Russo (2)
Lori watters
Stella Clove
Kris Paliwoda & Brian Scott
Gary & Elizabeth Gillis
Clint Mulder (2)
Lori Phillips
Ron Moore
Danielle Cavanaugh
Marcia James (3)
Bill Gipson (3)

Feast of St. Joseph the Worker: 3/30-5/1

64 slots filled - more available
Rose Bartlett
Tammy Gill
Debby McGee
Debby McGee
Michelle Weatherhead
Aaron Sweeney
I’ll be available to meet via zoom and I have a book already
Amy Hallock (3)
Marie Anderson
I would also like two prayer cards with litany to St Joseph
Dianna Robach
Eleanore Patterson
Amy Hartman (2)
Joyce Allswede
Theresa Cole (4)
There are four of us who will be preparing for the consecration together.
Pat Durkee
Kathleen Rahe Rahe
Bonnie Coleman (2)
Denise Tanski
Mary McDermott
Fred Braun (2)
Pilar Rice (2)
Karen Trudell
Chantel Hopping
Luis lugo
Sande Clement
with Pat Durkee
Patty Fase (2)
Jennifer Lillie (3)
Robin Macqueen
Patrick Norton
Shannon Armock
Stephanie Vyn (2)
Will be doing as a family.
Irene Petersen (2)
Kay Kesteloot
Teresa Border
Kate Grutter (2)
Me and my husband will be doing this together!
Nancy Haskell (3)
Lauri Lindsay
Lisa Allen
Jim Thorndill
Diane Thorndill (2)
Gina Polkowski
Sue Devarenne
Sue Jensen
With Dianna Robach’s group
MaryAnne Smith
June Sobie
Amy Sobie
Dana Trierweiler (2)
My wife and I will complete together
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