Weekend Masses (9/19-20)

Welcome to the sign-up for Masses for Saturday, September 19th and Sunday, September 20th.  As always, we are so excited to be able to celebrate Mass in the presence of the faithful!


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Please know we will make every effort to fulfill your seating requests, however, that may not always be possible.


Holy Hour with Benediction at 3:00PM Saturdays (prior to 4:00PM Mass) has resumed. If you are planning to come to Holy Hour ONLY, please register and put HOLY HOUR ONLY in comments section. If you are coming to Holy Hour and staying for Mass, please put HOLY HOUR & MASS in comments section. This will assist us in planning social distancing seating.

This link will be available until Friday, September 11th until 12pm.  If you need any changes made after that time please e-mail us at [email protected]

Location: St. Patrick Church

Created by:   Cori Fiore
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Date (mm/dd/yyyy) Time (CDT) Available Slot
09/19/2020 (Sat.) 4:00pm - 5:00pm  

4pm Mass (69)

All slots filled
Rudy Horist (2)
Michael Schneck (8)
Rick Jager (2)
Althea Schwartz (2)
Jacque Swider (2)
Michelle Gahgan (2)
Available to lector if needed
william and marena fox (2)
Anthony Rainosek (2)
Carmel Thiesen (2)
David Carrington
Jay & Judi Giamalva (2)
Chapel preferred
Patti Preston (3)
Violet Kuczwara
Jennifer Sykora (4)
Debbie Sedlacek
I will usher. I’ll be there at 3:30
Bruce DeBruyne
Judy Pritzen
Sam Baldino
Holy Hour and Mass
Paul Whittenhall
Mass Only
Judy Welter (2)
back Mary side
Deanne Olson
Hour Hour/Mass chapel
Joan Freund
Kathy Terrill
Mark DiPrima
Mike Unterfenger
George Highland
Arthur Eschman (2)
Karen Uhlhorn (3)
Dorothy Sweetwater
Mass only
Micki Noble (2)
Please seat us in the church, no longer in the chapel
Ron & Joan Olen (2)
Mass only
Jim Salazar (2)
please seat close to front
Jean Brown (2)
Jennifer Eschenbacher (2)
Annette & Mike Coughlin (2)
Kathleen Stockwell (3)
Prefer to sit in the back
09/20/2020 (Sun.) 7:00am - 8:00am  

7am Mass (73)

All slots filled
Grazyna Donevski (3)
Linda Van Every (2)
How & Terri Wagner (2)
Brenda Steck
Ambrose & Mary Kittl (2)
Linda Bykowski (2)
Ron and LInda Bykowski
Jim and Barb Miller (2)
St. Joseph side - 3rd row from back, please
Judy Kazy-Garey (3)
paula zavala (3)
Stephen Doherty (2)
Alan and Ann Latz (2)
Alan needs to use the elevator
Bobbie Girard
Dan Roycroft (2)
Karen Weideman
I can lector if needed.
Donna Griffith
Larry Huck
Gary Heinis
Patrick Kane
Jim Harding (2)
Richard & Lynn Bartlett (2)
Kenneth Weber (2)
Chapel if possible
Sally Harwood
back of chapel
Jim Perdue (2)
Gary Hackney (2)
Curt Thomas
last pew aisle side
Nancy Schwarz (2)
Dennis Conway
Rear please
Ellen Mahan (3)
Mary Mattoon (2)
6:30AM Rosary
David Granger
John Wenstrom
John Simon
Jim Michalak
St. Joseph side row 8
Dan Lindgren
Joe Vallez
Sit up front please
Larry Fleming
Pat & Dave Dickef (2)
Carole Jablonski
Taylor Anderson (2)
Kathryn Nickolas (2)
Renee & Manny Santelllo (2)
John Pitzen (2)
Joe DiPerna
Joel Schmidt (2)
9:00am - 10:00am  

9am Mass (100)

All slots filled
Vince Sossong (6)
Candace Marsh
Low gluten host
Carol Smith (2)
Annamarie Clark (2)
Wayne Beyer (5)
Beyer Family
Kevin Schwall (4)
Lisa Johnson (3)
please seat at back
Teresa Reiche (6)
Alan Brankline
I lead the Rosary
Vincent Jefferson (3)
Gary Schaefer (5)
Christine Carrington
I can lector if needed
Peggy Mocogni
Sue Hansen (2)
Mary Crow (3)
prefer right side of church or if on left then in back of church, concerned the AC blows on me when on left side
Judy Reinboldt
Cristine Bunting (5)
Can we sit a little closer to the front?
Caroline Diedrich (4)
Jane Lindgren (4)
Patti Hartmann (3)
Ronald Wagner (2)
Alice Arnet (2)
Lucien Szczepanik (4)
Karen Buenzli (2)
Wendy Shelton (2)
Tad DePorter (5)
George Pritzen
Joyce Schwanke (2)
Judy Huff
Clarice Miller
Mike Drake
Terry Rubino
Kristie Waters (6)
Trish Golden
Diane Fellinger (2)
Kathy Schaefer
front-handicap pew
fred Farenzena (2)
Dylan Fischler (2)
11:00am - 12:00pm  

11am Mass (75)

All slots filled
Kathy Brady-Murfin
Angela Aleman (4)
Mac DeLozier (5)
Can lector if needed
Cecilia Adams (3)
Lucas and Keith can usher
Marie Galan
Kathy Schultz (2)
Don & Billie Crotty (2)
Leading the Rosary
Gail Cooper
Donna Schneider (2)
Gale Gilbert
Matthew Kirchner (7)
Valerie Kwasigroch (5)
Scott Tompkins (3)
3 for 11am Mass
Irene Kolbaska
Lisa Godzicki
Back of church Mary side please-thanks!
Tina/Obot Omeke (2)
Cori Fiore
Eileen Mauer
Lisa Kociecki (2)
Please seat us on Joseph side in the middle of possible. Thank you
Krista Michalik (4)
Sue Bye (2)
Jessica Cyboran (6)
Carrie Sabatka (2)
Beth Mattson (2)
Nicole Schlotfeldt (6)
Betty Waytula
Rosa Reiche
Susan Rother
Joel Lacson (3)
Amy Abalone (2)
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