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Drones for Good 2019 Volunteer Assignments

Hi team,

We are recruiting volunteers, both students and adults, our Drones for Good Competitions we're hosting on Saturday, March 9th and 16th. We are also seeking assistance with the setup on March 8th and 15, 2019. Even if you're not on the Drones Team, we're going to need your assistance as a volunteer.  We can't run this event without your help.

Friday Afternoon: March 8 + March 15

We'll need about 20 students for setup on Friday afternoon for a number of tasks like setting up fields, judging rooms, gym, Audio-Visual stuff etc.  Your assistance will be needed from about 3:30 PM to about 7 PM.

Saturday: March 9 + March 16

The remainder of the roles are for Saturday. Many of these are full-day roles; however, a few can be split into shifts if some folks are not available for the entire time. The competitions will be between 8:00 AM and 4:00 PM.

If you have any questions, please contact Charlie Robinson or Amy Petris @ [email protected]

Thank you!

Location: Grady High School 929 Charles Allen Dr NE, ATL, GA 30309

Created by:   G3 Robotics
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Date (mm/dd/yyyy EDT) Available Slot
(Fri. 3:30pm - 7:00pm)

Friday Gym Setup - Event 2 (10)

Anyone: Set up Game pieces and av equiptment sinage in gym

5 of 10 slots filled
Diego Attra
Forest Dynes
Njeri Dukes
Aj Franklin
Gavin Tilley

Friday Cafeteria Setup - Event 2 (10)

Anyone: Hang up signage in hallways, set up pits, place table tents on each table, set up charging stations, flying tent, in cafeteria. Set up flying tent, and registration and drone doctor.

3 of 10 slots filled
Benjamin Borthwick
Bria Brown
Quinyetta Young
(Sat. 8:00am - 4:00pm)

Lead Competition Coordinator - Event 2

Charlie Robinson

Pit Supervisor - Event 2

Student Role/ will watch the flying tent and help manage the teams in the caffiteria

Quinyetta Young

Scoring Lead - Event 2

Student Role

Benjamin Borthwick

Assistant Scorekeeper - Event 2

Student Role

Richard Aytch

Concessions - Event 2 (3)

Student Role

All slots filled
Lawson Crutcher
Cooper Carlson
I'll concession a fool
Forest Dynes

Drone Repair Crew - Event 2 (2)

Jack and Nathan

All slots filled
Jack Labadia
Nathan R

Head Referee Assistant/Safety - Event 2

DFG Student Role

Elise Livius

Field Resetters - Event 2 (2)

Student Role

All slots filled
Evelyn Craven
Owen Hawke

Field Referees - Event 2 (4)

Student Role

All slots filled
Joanna Baker
Crispin Gambill
Swagatam Das
Zoe Franklin

Head Field Queuer - Event 2

DFG Student role

Catherine Opsahl

Flight Queuers - Event 2 (4)

Student Role

All slots filled
Thomas Pierce
Tyler Johnson
Njeri Dukes
Jake Willoughby

Floaters - Event 2 (2)

Student Role

All slots filled
Diego Attra
Brody Dowling

Head Judging Queuer - Event 2

DFG Student Role

Kian O’Rourke

Judging Hall Assistants - Event 2 (3)

Student Role

All slots filled
Rebecca Chapman
Will also be taking photos of kids on the hall (but should still be fine working full time)
Ryan Martin
Aleksander Kline
Referred by Kian O'Rourke

Master Of Ceremonies/ Time keeper - Event 2

Hand Picked Student Role

Jared Holloway
It's your host with the most

Student Photographer - Event 2

Student Role

Elizabeth Boulton

Video Camera Operator - Event 2

Student Role

Cate Crutcher

Concessions Help/Setup (8 AM - 12 PM) - Event 2 (3)

Adult Role

All slots filled
Liz Opsahl
Eric Cheatham
I have to leave at 1pm
Bryson Bien
Leaving at 1pm

Concessions Help (11 AM - 3 PM) - Event 2 (3)

Adult Role

All slots filled
Sharon Pierce
David Johnson
Kelly Crutcher

Head Judge - Event 2

Mr. Chambliss

Gardner Chambliss

Head Referee - Event 2

Amy Petris

zoie nichols

Head Project & Design Judge - Event 2


Vinton Wolfe

Judges - Event 2 (18)

Adult Role

All slots filled
Andrew Nichols
Steve Embry
Bob Silvia
James Jones
Brian Opsahl
Marsheia Smith
Tangela Williams
Lila Vaughn
Valencia Bean
Cametria Alexander
Syndy Buchanan
Paula Larkin
Kimra Brumby
Kathleen Corley
Karen Judd
Catherine Robinson
Viranga Wijeratne
Mario Herrera

Photographer - Event 2

Adult Role

Jeffrey Tillery

Pit Manager - Event 2

Adult Role

Stephen Pellicer
I may need a little guidance, but I'm very willing.

Registration - Event 2 (4)

Adult Role

2 of 4 slots filled
Curtis Whetten
MaLika Hakeem

Traffic Control/Security (8 AM - 10 AM) - Event 2 (4)

Adult role - Help people find parking and give directions

3 of 4 slots filled
Austin Geary
Lawrence Nelson

Net Safety - Event 2

Adult Role


First Aid (Gym) - Event 2

Adult Role/ HOSA Student

tony labadia

Survey Room attendant Student role

You will be in the computer lab and help kids if needed do the post survey

Mackenzie York

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