TSG March 2019 List

TSG - Case Study: Timberwolves/Lynx Switch to All Digital Ticketing

WHERE: Ordway Center for the Performing Arts - 345 Washington St., St. Paul (**See below for parking & building information**)
WHEN: Monday, March 18th 6:00 PM-8:00 PM

Fast Forward: The Minnesota Timerwolves/Lynx Switch to All-Digital Ticketing

Presented by: Laura Meyer – Vice President of Business Intelligence, Minnesota Timberwolves/Lynx

The digital age has never been more real than what the Minnesota Timberwolves saw in the 2015-16 NBA season. The Timberwolves and their three-time WNBA champion counterparts, the Minnesota Llynx, achieved rapid digital adoption with the help of their ticketing vendor, based on strategic decisions to take control of both their primary and secondary inventory as well as their data. In this case study, hear of the ups (and downs) of making changes, taking chances, and facing the challenges of educating fans head on.

We will discuss
--Making strategic decisions to maximize data
--taking control of primary/secondary inventory
--maximizing fan engagement strategies and education


--Enter and sign in at the Stage Door on 5th Street, at the rear of the theatre - Additional directions will be provided upon arrival
--The Xcel will be having an event Monday night making parking a little trickier. We advise parking at the Science Musem ramp. 

Date: 03/18/2019 (Mon.)

Time: 6:00pm - 8:00pm CDT

Location: ordway center for the performing arts
111-165 W 5th St, St Paul, MN 55102

Created by:   Ticketing Services Group - Upper Midwest

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