Staff Appreciation

Spring Conference Buffet

Conference time is again upon us and the teachers have a loooooong day ahead of them & let's face it-- they don't have time to sit down and chat! 

Burrito Bowl Buffet- Wed Evening

On Wed, 4/17, we will be providing a catered smorgasboard of delicious options so our staff can create their own burrito bowls.  Our budget will provide all the major components, but we need YOU for all the accompanients!

Dine & Dash Smorgasboard- Thursday Morning

Our first go-round last fall was a huge hit!  Let's treat them with another "Dine & Dash Buffet" so they can take what they need to make it through all those meetings. 

The idea here is to have individual-sized items so that our teachers can literally just grab their favorites and head off to their conferences.  If you have a Costco membership - this is the signup for you!  ;) We've listed prices below to be helpful - feel free to purchase your items anywhere that's convenient.

Drop-off- Wed, 4/17

Please bring your donated goodies on Wednesday (4/17).  Non-perishables can be dropped off in the volunteer work room (which is located on the first floor, under the stairs).  Perishables can be tucked into the refrigerators in the staff lounge.  Please LABEL your dishes if you would like them returned to you.

When you sign up, please list in the comments section what you are bringing so we can avoid duplicates.

Finally, if you are making any food at home, please make a tent card identifying your food.  This helps staff who have food restrictions navigate.  (We have several staff members that are gluten, dairy, or nut free, as well as a couple vegetarians.)

We will have all your serving ware cleaned and ready for pick up in the Volunteer Room the following Monday.

Our BSE staff thanks you. Let's make this as easy for them as possible!


Jenna & Hannah

BSCO Staff Appreciation Co-Chairs

The party starts now.

Date: 04/17/2019 (Wed.)

Time: 8:30am PDT

Location: Bonny Slope Volunteer Room or Staff Fridge

Created by:   BSCO Staff Appreciation
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Available Slot

Shredded cheddar/Mexican blend cheese -2 cups (3)

All slots filled
Missy Mlakar (3)

Shredded Monterey Jack cheese- 2 cups (2)

All slots filled
Megan McLaughlin (2)

Jar/container of salsa- mild (3)

All slots filled
Lisa Teuber (2)
Megan McLaughlin

Jar/container of salsa- hot

Stephanie Wilson

Jar/container of salsa verde

Stephanie Wilson

Diced onion- approx. two cups

Missy Mlakar

Diced/chopped olives- 2 cups

Jamie Deurwaarder

Diced fresh tomatoes- 2 cups (3)

1 of 3 slots filled
Nicole Reynolds

Diced jalapeƱos- 1 cup

Nicole Reynolds

Corn- 2 cups (2)

All slots filled
Stefanie Ebenal (2)

Sliced limes- 2 cups

Jamie Deurwaarder

Chopped cilantro- 2 cups (2)

All slots filled
Maria Morera (2)

Avocados (6)

All slots filled
Jessica Canessa (6)

Container spinach- 4 cups (2)

All slots filled
Shannon Bekins (2)

Package of sour cream- 2 cups (2)

All slots filled
Kelly Kinzer (2)

One bag tortilla chips (unflavored) (4)

All slots filled
Kelly Kinzer
Holly VanderPloeg
Annie Freeman (2)

Cans of sparkling water (La Croix, Kirkland, Polar, etc) - 10 pack (5)

All slots filled
melissa manos
2, 6 packs
Melissa Gatchell
Leslie Zagelow
12-Polar Raspberry Lime Seltzer & 12-Polar Cranberry Lime Seltzer
Allison Mark (2)
La Croix C'urate Cherry Lime, Apple Berry, Pineapple Strawberry Curate

Small bottles of Naked juice smoothies (package of 12) (2)

$13.99 @ Costco

All slots filled
Melissa Gatchell
Kari Nordquist

Dark Roast Coffee Keurig Pods (box of 12-18) (5)


Box of Earl Gray Keurig pods


Half & Half (1 quart)

Nicole Reynolds

Vanilla creamer (2)

All slots filled
Kelly Kinzer
Leslie Zagelow
Quart of Darigold French Vanilla creamer

Diet Coke (pack of 10)

Nadia Wald

Unsweetened Tea (pack of 6) (4)

$4.79 @ Target

3 of 4 slots filled
Taylor Kash (3)

Sweetbread loaf (5)

Homemade or from store/bakery- please specify flavor

2 of 5 slots filled
Sara Titus (2)
Chocolate Chip Zucchini (Dairy Free) & Banana Bread (Gluten Free & Dairy Free)

Hard boiled eggs (one dozen) (2)

All slots filled
Barbara Simon-Evrenosoglu (2)

Grapes (2 bunches) (2)

All slots filled
Heather Vonk (2)

Bananas (bunch of 6) (2)

All slots filled
Jessica Gaibler (2)

Fruit tray (3)


Bag of cutie oranges (2)

All slots filled
Katie Kammer (2)

Mini trail mix bags (each package contains 8-10 indiv trail mix bags) (5)

$5.99 @ Target - pack of 8; $6.49-$8.99 @ Trader Joe's - pack of 10

All slots filled
Jessica Gaibler (2)
Debbie Herron (3)
Walmart donation

Kind bars (mini or otherwise) Set of 10 (3)

$18.99 @ Costco - Box of mini's (36 ct); Smaller boxes of minis (10 ct) available @ Target

1 of 3 slots filled
Debbie Herron
Walmart Donation

Bagged popcorn (Skinnypop, etc) 10 ct (4)

$12.99 @ Costco - pack of 28; smaller package (5 ct) @ Target

2 of 4 slots filled
Molly Lampros
Kari Nordquist

String cheese- one dozen (4)

$9.69 @ Costco - pack of 60

All slots filled
Maria Morera (4)

Individual hummus packages

$6.49 @ Costco - pack of 20

Sami Cregger

Individual snack sized packaged baby carrots (5)

Usually sold in sets of four @ Winco & Safeway

All slots filled
Debbie Herron (5)
Walmart donation

Individual yogurts (12)

All slots filled
Sara Durnin (12)
Costco variety pack

Individual bags of chips (box of 20)

Heather Vonk

Lara bar minis or other gluten free snack alternatives (box of 10) (3)

available @ Target

1 of 3 slots filled
Megan McLaughlin

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