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Digging 4 Dinner Fact Sheet 2021

Clam digging classes in the times of a pandemic…

We are optimistically planning classes this year with the hopes that Island County will remain in Phase 3 which allows for an outdoor social gathering size maximum of 50. Should Island County drop back to Phase 2 we will likely not be able to host classes. In any case we will encourage standard and typical face covering/social distancing/hand sanitizing precautions. Please review Health Check Guidelines attached below and everything in blue is a hyperlink you can click. 

How much are the classes?

Suggested donation of $10+ per person

When: June 13, 25, 27 and July 10, 23, 25 limited to 50 participants per class, sign up now!

Where are the classes?

All classes will be at Double Bluff this year.

Directions: Double Bluff Beach - S Double Bluff Rd, Freeland, WA 98249

From the south: From the Mukilteo ferry terminal drive north on Hwy 525 for 8.3 miles. Turn left on Double Bluff Road and follow to the end.

From the north: Take Hwy 20 south through Oak Harbor and continue on Hwy 525
through Freeland. Turn right onto Double Bluff Road and follow to the end.

Park in the public parking area. Busy days at the beach will likely require parking along the road rather than in the small lot adjacent to the beach.

Site with links to most critical info

Safety: WA Dept of Health Shellfish Safety Info. Checking beach status is a convenient, and critical aspect of healthy, safe shellfish

WA Dept. of Health: Shellfish Harvest Planner (includes links to safety, licensing, regulations, identification, harvest, handling/storing/cooking): 

Shellfish ID and Shellfish & Seaweed Rules

Do I need a license for each member of my group?

If you plan to go clamming at times other than the class, you can buy licenses at many retail establishments or online at

If you are only clamming this one-day, we will have a group license for the class.

Always check before you dig! WA Department of Health Shellfish Safety Information map

What should I bring? It can be very hot and sunny!

  • Shovel
  • Bucket
  • Boots
  • Hat
  • Sunscreen
  • Water

Can I bring the kids?

Yes indeed – this is fun for the whole family

How long is the event?

Allow 45 minutes for an orientation and 2 hours digging. You also will be walking across the beach about ¼ mile

What if I don’t have boots?

Shellfish have….shells,…and shovels require you to push with your feet, so its helpful to protect your feet and have a hard soled shoe to work in. If you don’t have boots, improvise with sneakers, or sandals that can stand up to wet, sandy, muddy conditions.

What if the weather is bad?

The clamming is good, even in the rain (clams are used to being wet) so… dress for the weather and dig-in!

What kind of clams will we be digging?

It depends on the place and the season, and your luck – wait and see. You will receive
information about types of clams when you come to the class.

Will we collect any clams ourselves?

Yes you will! The information you receive will include some yummy recipes.

If I would like to make a donation, who benefits from it?

Sound Water Stewards are trained volunteers working in and around Island County for a healthy, sustainable Puget Sound environment through education, community outreach, stewardship, and citizen science.

Your generous gift will help us in our continuing efforts to improve, maintain and protect a thriving Puget Sound ecosystem. We stretch every dollar, thanks to the leveraging power of our dedicated volunteers who over the past 10 years have volunteered an average of 20 thousand hours annually.

If you would like to help sustain this program you can make a donation in advance in Signup Genius when you register for the class, or simply give your cash donation or a check written to Sound Water Stewards to one of the instructors. Your support will help us educate future clammers, visitors and residents alike about quality (delicious) shellfish in Island County, stewardship of our precious natural beach resources, and important things we can each do on the land to assure water quality for swimmable beaches and harvestable seafood.

Learn more here.

Share FaceBook Event here.


Best Clam Digging Tide Chart Chart

NOAA Tide website (Bush Point selected) 

Double Bluff Info:


Please review the available slots below and click on the button to sign up.

LIABILITY AND PHOTO RELEASE FORM is required for participation. Please fill out the day of event, each particpant needs one! Thank you!

Any questionsContact Lead Instructor: Leigh at [email protected] for more information.

Any issues with signing up;

contact Staff Support: Tabitha [email protected]

Thank you!

Location: Double Bluff Beach and Off Leash Area
6378 S Double Bluff Rd, Freeland, WA 98249

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Created by:   Tabitha Jacobs-Mangiafico
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Date (mm/dd/yyyy PDT) Available Slot
(Sun. 12:30pm)

Reservation(s) (50)

($ Donation)

Suggested Donation of $10+ per person

49 of 50 slots filled
Robbin Boyatt (2)
Craig Lemley
Doug Morell
Vincent Mack (2)
Tina Ding (3)
Three people group
Jane Spalding (2)
Diana Craig
Christa Baltsch
Jenny Roman (3)
Stacey Cornelson (3)
2 adults, 1 child, 1 baby
Lisa Morgenroth
Lori Sterley
So appreciative of your group putting on this class. Is each class have the same content, material itq
Barbara Sitter (3)
Elaine Christensen (2)
Sara Kelly (4)
Jill A Lipoti
Jennifer Antis
Ray McFarland (2)
Denise Perkins (2)
Josh Clifford (4)
Shannon Ware
shannon hiegler
wendy apfel
Catherine Burke (2)
Jennifer Abermanis (2)
Judy Hucka (2)

Pod Project (2)

VET pod project

All slots filled
Lynda Jonas (2)
(Fri. 11:00am)

Reservation(s) (50)

($ Donation)

Suggested Donation of $10+ per person

All slots filled
patrice lunn
Stephen Finkelson (2)
Mya Jonker-Chambers (4)
Kim Novotny (2)
Robin Torquati
Eric Arnold (2)
Sharon Chambers-Corkrum
Gloria Nemechek (2)
Nancy Cannon (2)
Zack Hawkins (2)
Stephanie Kim (8)
Kate Dussault (5)
Thank you for all of your efforts!
Ginny Isler (3)
Kathrine Liedike (2)
Teresa Jorgenson (2)
Tracy Heff
Lynn Reinecke
Shannon Westerman (4)
Molly Hunter (3)
Michelle Moratti
Jennifer Helmer
(Sun. 12:30pm)

Boy Scout Troop ( 20 total) (2)


All slots filled
Boy Scott Group
Tim Bierbach

Reservation(s) (30)

($ Donation)

Suggested Donation of $10+ per person

All slots filled
Kathy Kundert (2)
Daniel Hirschstein Hirschstein (2)
Bruce Wynn (2)
Sharon Chambers-Corkrum (4)
Jamie Badger (3)
Myself, my husband and my son can’t wait to go! :)
Jordan Belcher (2)
kim kelzer
Mary Stewart (2)
added by Tabitha
Megan Kroh (3)
Robert Atkins (2)
Lisa Gebert (5)
Paula Tarantino (2)

Waiting list (2)

(inquire via email to [email protected])

All slots filled
Ray Cowen (2)
(Sat. 11:00am)

Reservation(s) (50)

($ Donation)

Suggested Donation of $10+ per person

All slots filled
Tina Ding (2)
Maybe two people for now
Patti Gradert (2)
John Welsch (6)
3 Adults - 3 Children
Heather McCoy (2)
Polly Widen (3)
Melanie Simmons (3)
Clarice OBrien (5)
2 adults, 1 teen, 2 kids
Karen Womick (8)
5 adults, 3 kids
C Cullen (4)
Megan Durham (2)
Frances FOSTER
Patty O'Hara (2)
Jen Pennington
Signing up for two people
Karen Bryan (2)
Annette Andrews-Lux (5)
William Ware (2)
My wife and I will be attending, thanks!

Waiting list (2)

(inquire via email to [email protected])

All slots filled
Susan Aragaki (2)
(Fri. 10:00am)

Reservation(s) (50)

($ Donation)

Suggested Donation of $10+ per person

37 of 50 slots filled
Ginny Isler (2)
Susan Aragaki (2)
Will pay with cash at class
Beth Wyatt (2)
Lisa Bradkin (2)
Fred Stapleton
Lee Huntzberger
Chuck Hammer
Julie Monica (2)
Hope Wiljanen
Brooklyn Sleeper (4)
Shelly Ayers (4)
Ray Cowen (2)
Lara Schmidt (3)
Two adults and one 3 year old
Anna McEnery (2)
Patricia Guthrie
Judy Hucka (2)
Diane Robbins (3)
What size shovel?
Linda Lentz (2)
(Sun. 11:30am)

Reservation(s) (50)

($ Donation)

Suggested Donation of $10+ per person

47 of 50 slots filled
Phillip Belenky (4)
2 of the 4 are kids, ages 6 and 8
charles sanders (2)
Sharon Chambers-Corkrum (4)
Sharon Chambers-Corkrum
Tina Dawson (3)
Kat Johnson
Five people
Nirvani Bissessar (2)
Katherine Ericson (2)
Ashley Carter (2)
Kathy Myers (3)
Brooklyn Sleeper (4)
Anna McEnery (2)
Claudia Kiyama (3)
Memo Gonzalez
Robert Johnson (2)
Christine Esparolini (2)
C & B Soto
Jennifer Levin (3)
Sarah Sluis (2)
2 adults, a 3 year old and an infant (did not count kids in total
Kathleen Handran (2)
For Kathleen H. and Deborah Jones
Myong Johnson (2)
Christine George
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