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Agudas Achim Congregation

MLK Day of Service 2021

On MLK Day of Service January 2020, we packed nearly 20,000 meals for distribution locally to help families in need, while engaging with elected officials on systematic support for food insecure families. It was an extraordinary day!  We were hoping to do it again this year but unfortunately - COVID.

This year for MLK Day of Service 2021 the Social Action Committee is inviting our community to join together to while socially distant and following Covid-19 safety protocols. 

Power Pack Program

Did you know that many elementary school students in our area have very little to eat between their Friday school lunch and Monday school breakfast? The Power Pack Program (P3), spearheaded by Food For Others, provides these children with food to take home and eat over the weekend. Agudas Achim’s Social Action Committee has teamed up with Alfred Street Baptist Church Social Justice Ministry to provide Power Packs to Elementary School students. 

Power Pack Program provides supplemental weekend food to elementary students. These packs of healthy food items are sent home with students on Fridays to help many families who are food insecure get through the weekend.


  1. Sign Up for Number of Power Packs you will assemble and deliver
  2. Purchase Two gallon Ziploc bags and food items listed below.
  3. At home assemble and fill two-gallon bags with 2 breakfast items, 2 lunch items, and 2 dinner items, plus 2 snacks and 2 healthy beverages. 
  4. Drop off packed Power Packs on Monday, January 18th into back of open car trunk.

 Suggested items include: individual-sized containers of mac & cheese, chili, pasta and cereal; oatmeal packets; tuna/chicken/ cheese kits with crackers; healthy snacks like granola or cereal bars, fruit cups (not in syrup), dried fruit; single serving boxed milk and 100% juice.

Please DO NOT include anything with peanut butter,candy, poptarts, Vienna sausages, glass containers, applesauce with foil lids.


Fill the Van on Monday, January 18th at AAC at 10-12 noon or 5:00 - 7:00 pm

We will fill the van and deliver the power packs to Food for Others

The need is greater this year than ever before - thank you so much for your generosity!



Date: 01/18/2021 (Mon.)

Time: 10:00am - 5:00pm EST

Location: Agudas Achim Congregation
2908 Valley Dr, Alexandria, VA 22302

Created by:   Samara Weinstein

Will you be attending the event?
Did you already RSVP? You can Edit your RSVP.

Power Pack Team Volunteer - Please include number of Power Packs
  454 slots filled - more available
Samara Weinstein Weinstein (5)
5 Power Packs
Tamara Gelboin (5)
Esther Miller (10)
At a minimum
sonya livingston (5)
Katherine Allen (4)
Mindi Maline (5)
We will bring at least 5, probably more.
Elizabeth Margosches (6)
Brooke Ringel (10)
Susan Auerhan (10)
Patti Rosenberg (5)
Barbara Elkin (8)
Deborah Siegel (5)
Sherri Kohr (5)
David Yaffe (10)
We may do a few more
Zaiba Hasan (20)
Amy Gura
Jill Buzby (4)
Karen Gurnitz (10)
Deborah Selmonosky (10)
Rachel Goldberg (13)
Rosalie Begun (5)
at least
Barbara Saperstone (10)
Jennifer Munz
Ilana Rothberg
20 bags
Allison Lax (5)
Gayle Weiss (8)
I could not get 2 gallon bags so I will put 2 1 gallon bags together and either tie them or staple them together.
Sarah Goldhirsch (20)
Esther Gyory (10)
Renee Berman (5)
Nancy Ross-Mathews (4)
Tara Henigan (10)
Leah Wilson (10)
Rachael Fried (10)
Debbie Perry (10)
We can assemble 10 packs at home and deliver
Bob Scherr (15)
Jonathan Saiger (8)
power packs
Michael Quint (6)
Joan Hartman Moore (4)
Lois Silberberg (10)
Suzanne Smith (4)
10 Power Packs
Michelle Proser (4)
Anna Simmonds
Hannah Kraushaar (25)
Amy Kaminski (10)
Alison Levy (4)
Aviva Lieberman (10)
Jennifer Romanow (10)
Allison Hirschorn (18)
May be more than 18
Meredith Ludwig (2)
I will drop off during Monday morning period
Kimberly McKenna (5)
Gwen Stokols (10)
Christy King-Gilmore (10)
ten power packs
Arnold Rosenblatt (2)
One person bringing 2 packs
Fran Hamberger (4)
Nancy Hailpern (5)
Rebekah Hersch (10)
Ten Meals
Marjorie Fehrenbach (3)
Lisa Shuman (7)
Nancy Siegal
Sarah Weingast (6)
We will be dropping off 6 Power Packs but unfortunately won't be able to join the organization cadre.
Responses:     Yes: 71     No: 1     Maybe: 4     No Response: 2

Guest Count:    Confirmed: 138     Maybe: 4

YES (71) -  

Haley Crittenden Gordon (1 guest)
4-8 power packs, we will drop off

Babara & Andy Effron (2 guests)
Four power packs

Sarah Weingast (1 guest)
We will be dropping off 6 Power Packs but unfortunately won't be able to join the organization cadre.

Nancy Siegal (1 guest)

Lisa Shuman (2 guests)

Marjorie Fehrenbach (1 guest)

Rebekah Hersch (1 guest)

Nancy Hailpern (1 guest)

Karen Maline (1 guest)

Fran Hamberger (1 guest)

Arnold Rosenblatt (1 guest)

Dana Justus (2 guests)
Will bring at least 10 packs

Christy King-Gilmore (1 guest)

Deb Gilman (2 guests)
We will drop off the packs. 10 packs

Megan Denault (1 guest)

Gwen Stokols (1 guest)

Kimberly McKenna (1 guest)
may bring more if I have

Allison Hirschorn (2 guests)

Jennifer Romanow (4 guests)

Aviva Lieberman (2 guests)

Hattie Gore (1 guest)

Alison Levy (1 guest)

Amy Kaminski (1 guest)

Hannah Kraushaar (1 guest)

Sara Kirschner (1 guest)
4 power packs

Anna Simmonds (1 guest)

Sarah Hewson (1 guest)

Michelle Proser (2 guests)

Suzanne Smith (4 guests)
10 Power Packs

Lois Silberberg (2 guests)

Joan Hartman Moore (1 guest)
No guests; four packs.

Michael Quint (1 guest)

Jonathan Saiger (2 guests)
Isaac will also work 9 - 12 supporting the activity.

Bob Scherr (2 guests)

Samantha Seigman (1 guest)

Leah Wilson (1 guest)

Tara Henigan (2 guests)

Nancy Ross-Mathews (1 guest)

Erica Barron (4 guests)

Renee Berman (1 guest)
Renee Berman

Esther Gyory (1 guest)

Sarah Goldhirsch (4 guests)

Lori S (2 guests)
18 power packs

Gayle Weiss (1 guest)

Allison Lax (1 guest)

Ilana Rothberg (4 guests)

Jennifer Munz (1 guest)
20 packs approximately

Rosalie Begun (2 guests)

Bev Weaver (1 guest)

Erin McConnell (10 guests)

Deborah Selmonosky (1 guest)

Karen Gurnitz (1 guest)

Jill Buzby (1 guest)

Amy Gura (1 guest)
This is just to drop off food packs, yes?

Susan DuBois (16 guests)
16 power packs

Zaiba Hasan (6 guests)

Sharon Montanez (4 guests)
The Ramos-Montanez Family

David Yaffe (2 guests)
I assume "attendance" is drop-off?

Sherri Kohr (1 guest)

Deborah Siegel (1 guest)

Barbara Elkin (1 guest)

Patti Rosenberg (1 guest)

Susan Auerhan (1 guest)

Brooke Ringel (1 guest)
Ringel Family

Elizabeth Margosches (2 guests)

Mindi Maline (1 guest)
The Maline Family

Katherine Allen (4 guests)

sonya livingston (1 guest)

Esther Miller (2 guests)
Let’s do this B’yachad - together!

Tamara Gelboin (1 guest)

Samara Weinstein Weinstein (2 guests)

NO (1) +  

MAYBE (4) +  


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