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LME Volunteers 2019

Spring 2020 After School Enrichment Clubs

After much planning and excitement we are proud to offer clubs again for Spring 2020 February 13 through March 26. Clubs will meet Thursdays for 1 hour. Students will go to the Multi-Purpose Room and be picked up by their club mentor at 2:15. Dismissal will be at 3:15 in the car line and must be picked up by 3:25. Students can also be walked by a teacher to their after school provider (only Lake Magdalene Academy, Just for Kids, Mission Hill Baptist, Roy Haynes, and HOST/YMCA). Bus Riders will need to secure another way home in order to participate as well as students in other after school programs. The cost for the 6-week session is $20 TOTAL! Sign-ups will be on a first come first served basis and only 1 club per student is allowed. Club registration will be done SOLELY online starting on 2/3/2020. A link to club signup will be posted on the LkMagPTA.org webpage and on LME PTA Facebook page at 7:00pm on 2/3/2020. In the past, we have had the most popular clubs fill completely within minutes of opening and all clubs typically fill within the week. If you have any questions, you can contact us at [email protected]

Note:  Under "Display Name" when signing up, please check the box to input your student's name.

Flag Football (2nd-5th, with some football experience) – Coach More’       
Play Flag Football head-to-head with teams changing weekly. Do you have what it takes to celebrate in the endzone? Bring appropriate clothing, sneakers, and a refillable water bottle. (12 spaces available/12 minimum)

Dance (2nd-5th) – Ms. Price
Do you want to learn some new dance moves and a dance routine to show them off? Learn the art of movement through dance and technique. Come bust a move with a former Chamberlain Chiefette! Jazz/Hip Hop style. (14 spaces available/12 minimum)

Mmm Mmm Milk & Cookies (2nd & 3rd) - Ms. Liotine
We will be discussing the science behind cookies, learning basic cooking techniques, and sharing recipes...all while snacking on different cookies each week! Yum! Each student will leave with a collection of cookies recipes and a smile! Allergen Alert: nuts, gluten, eggs, milk (14 spaces available/12 minimum)

Conservation Kids (3rd-5th) - Ms. Nieves
Learn ways to make a difference in our community. We will be creating art with recycled items, making a plan to raise money, and designing advertisements to promote our product. All proceeds will be donated to Lowry Park Hospital. (20 spaces available/12 minimum)

Puzzle Makers (1st-3rd) - Ms. More'
Puzzling helps kids develop problem solving and cognitive skills, self esteem, and social skills. Students will work in small groups to complete a variety of 100-piece puzzles while building friendships. (12 spaces available/12 minimum)

Board Gamers (3rd-5th) - Ms. Cuervo
Do you love to play board games but have a hard time finding people to join the fun? This club is perfect for you. Join other students in learning and playing various board games. (12 spaces available/12 minimum)

Healthy Heart (K-2nd) - Ms. Sprott
Future leaders need to develop a strong character that can identify and overcome problems, manage emotions, and establish healthy relationships. Strengthen these essential skills of the heart through stories, games, discussion, and activities. (14 spaces available/12 minimum)

Walking & Beautification (1st-5th) - Ms. Knowlton & Ms. Broughton 
Running not your speed? Get exercise and beautify Lake Mag at the same time! Students will receive pedometer to wear as we walk around and tidy up the campus. Steps will be logged and the student with the most steps will be awarded a prize on the last club day! (25 spaces available/12 minimum)

Fine Artists  (K-2nd) - Ms. Richards
Students will create a painting, drawing, clay project, and a cartoon that will be featured in the LME Art Show on May 18. These art projects will be different than what is learned in school. Get some extra art time and create your masterpiece in this club. Bring an extrashirt that can get messy! (18 spaces available/12 minimum)

Lake Magdalene Soccer United (3rd-5th) – Mr. Bukowski & Coach Gabriel
Students will learn important skills and techniques for playing the game in a positive environment. Students who want to learn and love to play are welcome. (24 spaces available/12 minimum)

Lego Creators (3rd-5th) – Ms. Bodi & Ms. Martes
Everything is Awesome! Come create your masterpiece with Legos. Students will have some directed projects and free play. Do you have what it takes to be a Master Builder? (24 spaces available/12 minimum)

Each club needs a minimum of 12 registered participants, or it may be canceled, and money refunded.

Created by:   LME PTA
Already signed up? You can change your sign up.

Club Name

Flag Football (2nd-5th) (12)

($20.00 each)

Coach More'

All slots filled
Jace Boyd
Karen Provost
Sunny Cruz Cole Cruz (2)
Nicki Cruz
Ayden Talamantez
Melissa Schuman
Zachary Russo
Angela Russo
Triston Brownrigg
Jamie Brownrigg
Jaden Williams
Lori Kessel
Evan Saroza Kaden Collado (2)
Joseph Saroza
kaleb legette
Tonezia Legette
Lucas Vidal
Sara Vidal
Leighton Mencher
Miranda Mencher

MMM MMM Milk & Cookies (2nd & 3rd) (14)

($20.00 each)

Ms. Liotine

All slots filled
Lyla Tennyson
Tracy Tennyson
Jacob Baumann
Amanda Baumann
Michael Clay
Sarah Dodson
Annabelle Brattain
Rachel Penabade
Jackson Mathews
Andrea Mathews
Romeo Gardiner
Crystal Gardiner
Savannah Harris
Taura High
Hong Le
Hong Le
Zorie Banks
Jasmyn Richards
Jack Duren
Chelsea Polk
Carlos Rosenada
Karina Batista
Azariah Richards
Rachel Perrea
Kristyl Moyano
Kristyl Anne Moyano
Rylee Shafer
Jordan Castillo

Conservation Kids(3rd-5th) (20)

($20.00 each)

Ms. Nieves

11 of 20 slots filled
Ellie Santoro
Carrie Santoro
Rylee Dinicola
Bonnie Dinicola
Addison Patterson
Mikka Patterson
Madison Loveless
Amanda Loveless
Ziaire Atkins
Jasmyn Richards
Anabelle Simpkins
Riannon Simpkins
Hazelle Pulizzano
Kimberly Pulizzano
Juiliana Miller
Jillian Harber
Sarah DeAngelo
Anastasia DeAngelo
Lilly sloop
brandy sloop
Melissa Curtis
Melissa Curtis

Puzzle Makers (1st-3rd) (13)

($20.00 each)

Ms. More'

All slots filled
Brian R. Garza-Pickard
Sylvia M. Garza
Henry Georgino
Trisha Georgino
Jack Georgino
Trisha Georgino
Emilio Cervantes
Alejandra Triminio
Liam Davis
Susan Yost
Maximiliano Vargas
Miriam Ramirez
Jackson Scarbrough
Melissa Scarbrough
Grayson Pilcher
Tiffany Pilcher
Michael Gardiner
Crystal Gardiner
Julian Rhea
Edie Rhea
Luca Lopez
Gaby Davis
Ryker Randich
Anton and Guliana Randich
Oliver Hannah
Sarah Hannah

Board Gamers (3rd-5th) (12)

($20.00 each)

Ms. Cuervo

9 of 12 slots filled
Oliver Edgeworth
Brianna Edgeworth
Alana Laird
Adrian Laird
Dominic Trevelino
Becky Barber
Josie Hackley
Kelly hackley
Jada Legette
Tonezia Legette
Anthony Oliveira
Sarah Dodson
Rhys Scargill
Ilya Scargill
Isabella Tamayo
Yahyma Tamayo
Alex Cortes
Teresa Winn

Healthy Heart (K-2nd) (14)

($20.00 each)

Ms. Sprott

All slots filled
Marco Alers
Jacqueline Alvarez
Armando Sierra
Mandy Sierra
Bodey Jackson
Julie Jackson
Luca Harmon
Meagan Pilawski
Jackson Howard
Carmen Howard
Max Howard
Melissa Howard
Riley Jennings
Millie Jennings
Noah Fritts
Danielle King
Naomi Maldonado
Glenda Reyes
Annalia Haughton
Crystal Reyes
Michayla Harris
Taura High
Shemaiah Bautista
Tiffany Bautista
Juana Puentes
Rob Davila
Zarah Banks
Jasmyn Richards

Walking & Beautification (1st-5th) (25)

($20.00 each)

Ms. Knowlton & Ms. Broughton

10 of 25 slots filled
Zooey McDonald
Veronica McDonald
Annabella Croft
Diana Croft
Libby Jackson
Julie Jackson
Daisy Fritts
Danielle King
Ryan Soler
Sabrina Winn
Zahara Euhus-Pal
Marianna Pal
Charlotte Riley
Bailee Kwilinski
Camila Valdez
Antonia Valdez
Daniela Febles
Leslie M Febles
Madelyn Paul
Susan Brockey

Fine Artists (K-2nd) (18)

($20.00 each)

Ms. Richards

All slots filled
Locke Benoit Alexandra Benoit (2)
Jacqueline Benoit
Mila Martin
Shanna Martin
Londyn Talamantez
Melissa Schuman
Keza Muhire
Ashley Muhire
Adilyn Levine
Lindsay Levine
Tala Senson
Cassandra Nienhaus.
Lexii Kay
Candy Horsley
Sara Biggs
Liesel Biggs
Violet Neugaard
Arno Neugaard
Ava Berube
Erica Gonzalez
Kingston Caicedo-Won
Soo won
Tatiana Ramos Williams
Tatiana Ramos
Caden Alexander
Carly Willcox
Diogo Zuniga
Julissa Zuniga
Izayah Tobias
Karen Trucios
Alaiah Wright
Jasmin Trump
Matthew Mendez

Lake Magdalene Soccer United (3rd-5th) (26)

($20.00 each)

Mr. Bukowski & Coach Gabriel

25 of 26 slots filled
Ainsley McDonald
Veronica McDonald
Addison Sicks
Stephanie Sicks
Kennedy Spehr
Shelly Spehr
Miles Sanders
Jessica Sanders
Julian Sanchez
Isabel Collazo
Caroline Smith
Melanie Smith
Zephera Gooding
Marinio Gooding
Connor Kruse
Florence Kruse
Landon Price
Lauren Price
Xianna Santiago
Rachel Santiago
Paige Nicholson
Jason Blick
Dominick Gullo
Giovanni Gullo
Jorge Dominguez
Mariana Bermudez
Domininck Assante
Antoinette marren
Alex E Febles
leslie m febles
Harley Dworkowitz
Ashley White
Eliana Lucien
Renae or Reginald Lucien
Sebastian Concepcion
Samuel Concepcion
Angel Andujar
Dashira Silvestre
Khloi Anderson
Christine Anderson
Samson & Jordan Tillman (2)
Kevin tillman
Emelyn Marier
Ashlee Huff
Valery Denis-Zapata
Jorge Koc

Lego Creators (3rd-5th) (24)

($20.00 each)

Ms. Bodi & Ms. Martes

13 of 24 slots filled
Megan Basiaga
Emily Basiaga
Secilia Mas
Giovanna Mas
Jonael Cuestra
Karen Trucios
Jaxton Stodghill
Aly sutton
Maximus Mendez
Aryan Kurdson
Daro kurdson
Connor Callahan
Sara Callahan
Jonathan Hicks
Jerrica Fawbush
Jeynier Echevestre
Maite Torres
Ariela Randich
Anton and Guliana Randich
Kaesen Weiss
Kara Weiss
Caleb Cortes
Teresa Winn
Remy Staples
Deanna sells

Dance (2nd-5th) (14)

($20.00 each)

Ms. Price

All slots filled
Ashton Boyd
Karen Provost
Valeria Cervantes
Alejandra Triminio
Natalie Urbizu
Kelly Urbizu
Janelle Charles
Jasmin Charles
Penelope Dinicola
Bonnie Dinicola
Alexa Neugaard
Arno Neugaard
Khalea Conwell
Lisa Conwell
miyah berube
Erica Gonzalez
Vanessa Hanratty
Alicia Viera (Garrett)
Mikaylah Hayes
Kaysie Hayes
Jayanna Miller
Jeremy Miller
Elizabeth Cooper
Emily cooper
Sarah Brown
Heather L Brown
Jade Santana
Karen Sanchez
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