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Preschool Level Basket - 1990s

The Preschool Basket theme is the 1990s! This could get reeeaaallly fun, guys. Trapper Keepers? Beanie Babies? Rugrats? Nintendo 64s? Backstreet Boys? Home Alone? Friends? YES YES YES. Have fun while you help us build this exxccceellent basket! 

Sometimes participating looks like donating cash, too, and that's ok! We'll buy the cool items with the cash you donate. Click here to donate your dolla bills

Contact Hannah Couch, Leah Miars, Carrie Dunnem, or Sarah Rowley for questions regarding this basket.

Created by:   Hannah Couch

Available Slot

Trapper Keeper


Lisa Frank items


Home Alone DVD Series


Tamagotchi Pet


New Kids on the Block items


Gel Pens set


Nintendo 64


Nintendo 64 games (3)


Beanie Babies (5)


POGs Set


Mall Madness game


Taboo game


Don't Break the Ice game


"Friends" seasons 1-10


"Seinfeld" seasons 1-9


South Park seasons


The Simpsons seasons


Various 90s CDs (5)


Nike apparel from the 90s


Babysitters Club books (5)


Fear Street books (5)


Goosebumps books (5)




Clueless DVD


Skip It


Bath & Body works assortment


90s Candy assortment


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