The Montessori Academy Families

Lower Elementary - Your Home, Improved

Nifty home hacks, upgraded thermostats, aromatherapy ... we're talking about home improvement from a standpoint of convenience, wellness and health in the home (but of course include the always-useful tools and services). This is a basket any homeowner will get excited about! 

Sometimes participating looks like donating cash, too, and that's just great! We'll buy these home improvement items with the cash you donate. Click here to donate your dolla bills!

Contact Deirdre Quiring, Nichole Lehman, Leah Miars, or Carrie Dunnem with questions regarding this basket.

Created by:   Hannah Couch
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Available Slot

Landscaping Services - Gift Certificate (2)


Power Washing Services - Gift Certificate (2)


Home/Garden Center Services - Gift Certificate (2)


Duct Work Cleaning - Gift Certificate (2)


Gutter Service/Cleaning - Gift Certificate (2)


Painting Service - Gift Certificate (2)


Pest Control Service - Gift Certificate (2)


Home Depot - Gift Certificate (2)


Lowes - Gift Certificate (2)


Sherwin Williams - Gift Certificate (2)


House Cleaning - Gift Certificate (2)


Handiman - Gift Certificate (2)


Nest Thermostat (or other "smart" thermostat)


Smartphone-connected Personal Safe


Amazon Echo Plus


DIY Install Fortress Security System S03 Classic Kit (Wi-Fi, Landline and Alexa enabled)


Ring Doorbell


Electronics docking station


Amazon Echo Dot


Essential oil diffuser and oils

Stephanie Schilling

Light Therapy Lamp


Norwex cleaning supplies


Tabletop size HEPA filter air purifier


Dremel Multitool kit


Ringtool Multitool (from Reductivist)


Windowsill Herb Garden Kit


Magnetic Stud Finder and Level -


Reusable Grocery/Shopping Bags


Aromatherapy Microwavable Heat Pad, Organic Cotton cover

Julia Kadro

Goo Gone


W-D 40




Screw Driver




Tape Measure


Packing Tape


Picture Hanging Kit


Extension Cord/Power Strips




Crazy Glue


Safety Glasses


Work Gloves


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