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New England Shirdi Sai Temple (NESSP)

Akanda Guru Charitra Parayan Sign up

On the occasion of Dattatreya Jayantii we do Akanda Guru Charitra parayan reading on Saturday 12/14/2019,from morning 9:00 AM until evening followed by Shri Datta Homam inside the temple. Anyone who would like to read a chapter during this auspicious time, please do sign up for a chapter and come read infront of Shri Dattatreya and BABA. (Time Slot is approximate, please arrive 15 minutes before your slot time).

Date: 12/14/2019 (Sat.)

Location: 99 Shirdi way, Groton, MA

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Ch 1 (Describes various deities and prayers for invoking them.


Mukesh Sharma

Ch 2-Explains how universe was born, and how four Yugas were created with their specific trends.


Deepika Nallapu
Deepika Nallapu

Ch 3-Describes Ambarish-Durvas story and how god Vishnu was made to take 10 Avatars.


Deepika Nallapu

Ch 4-The famous story of Atri-Anusuya and Datta-janma is given.


Bhaskar Karpurapu

Ch 5-The story of first Avatar Shri Shripad ShriVallabha at Pithapur (currently known as Pithapuram in state of Andhra Pradesh) is given.


Surya Kodukulla

Ch 6-The birth of Gokarna-Mahabaleshwar is described with Ravana-Ganesh and Shivalinga story.



Ch 7-Then describes bove holy place as told by sage Gautam.


Chaitanya Sreepathi

Ch 8-Shripad Shrivallabha saves the mother and son who try to commit suicide and asks her to do Shanipradosh-vrata.



Ch 9-Shripad ShriVallabha blesses a washerman to become the king in the next birth and eventually ends his Avatar.


Kumar Potula

Ch 10-A Brahmin named Vallabhesh is killed by robbers and revived by Shri Shripad ShriVallabha near Kuravpur (also known as Kurugadda, an island in the Krishna river near Raichur).



Ch 11-The description of life story of Shri Narasimha Saraswati.



Ch 12-He leaves home and goes for Kashi-pilgrimage and takes Sannyaas at Kashi from Shri Krishna Saraswati. The second part of his name comes from this guru, who eventually named him Shri Narasimha Saraswati. Now he is the Guru.


Jayaram Chaturvedula

Ch 13-He comes back to Karanja and cures one Brahmin.



Ch 14-He meets Sayamdev who is Saraswati Gangadhars great-great-Grandfather and saves him from the Muslim king Sayamdev is working for.



Ch 15-Guru asks his disciples to go for pilgrimage and he himself stays near Parali-Vaijanath, also known as Parli - a place in Maharashtra.



Ch 16-He comes to Bhillavadi-Audumbar (current name: Bhilavadi, a railways station on South-Central Railway) and spends some time there giving knowledge to a Brahmin.



Ch17-An illiterate Brahmin is made wise and knowledgeable by his blessing.



Ch 18-Guruji goes to a poor Brahmin"s home and out of compassion decides to remove their poverty. Guruji uproots a plant of Ghevda (a kind of a bean), which is a source of food for the poor Brahmin"s family. The Brahmin later discovers a pot of gold in th



Ch 19-Description of 64 yoginis who were praying the guruji and they were all blessed. Guruji leaves Audumber and came to Shri Kshetra Ganagapur now in Karnataka (closest railway station is Ganagapur Road on Pune-Solapur-Gulbarga line).



Chapter 20 He saves a woman from a ghost and blesses her with two sons. When one of them dies, he condoles her with lot of philosophy.



Chapter 21 The women brings the dead-child to him. He revives the child and blesses the child with long life.



Chapter 22 He makes an old buffalo give milk. After hearing this feat the king of Ganagapur takes him to his palace. One of the renowned yati from Kumasi village, Shri Trivikram Bharati criticizes Guru for this.



Chapter 23 Liberation of Brahma-Rakshas Establishment of a Math at Gangapur.



Chapter 24 Guru meets Trivikram Bharati and the later becomes Guru"s disciple.


Roopa Reddy

Chapter 25 Two Brahmins trouble Trivikram Bharati and ask him to give them a testimony stating that they have won discussions on all four Vedas and philosophy with Trivikram Bharati. The Brahmins are brought to meet Guru.



Chapter 26 Guru explains them the structure of Vedas etc. However, the Brahmins dont listen to him.



Chapter 27 Eventually, the Guru calls a Harijan and applies Bhasma (holy ash) and show him his previous and next 3 births (total of 7 including the current one). In one of the births he is born a Brahmin (named Adhyapaka). The Guru asks the Harijan to dis



Chapter 28 Guruji by removing Bhasma from the Harijan s body, clears the shudra of knowledge and sends him home.



Chapter 29 The greatness of Bhasma is explained to Trivikrambharati with Vamdev story.



Chapter 30 A woman who has lost her husband is condoled and is explained the impermanence of life.



Chapter 31 She is explained the Pativrata-dharma - the code of behavior of a devoted wife.



Chapter 32 Finally, her husband is blessed and is brought back to life.



Chapter 33 The importance of Rudraksha is explained by telling the famous Mahananda (the whore) story.



Chapter 34 The importance of Rudradhyaya is explained.



Chapter 35 Kach-Devayani story is described with Simantini story to stress the importance of Somavar-vrata (to be done on Monday).



Chapter 36 Karma-marga is explained to a Brahmin and his wife who made her husband break the vrata.


Devi Potula

Chapter 37 Guruji continues to explain and elaborate on many more karmas to be performed by a Brahmin.



Chapter 38 Brahmin named Bhaskar who brings food sufficient only for 3 people, feeds more than four thousand people with blessing of Guruji.



Chapter 39 Ganga, wife of a Brahmin named Somnath, who was 60 years old and did not have children is blessed with a daughter and a son.



Chapter 40 Sotry of a Brahmin named Narahari Skin is cured of leprosy.



Chapter 41 Saymdev is told about the Kashi-pilgrimage.



Chapter 42 Guru asks Sayamdev to perform the Ananta-vrata and tells the story of it.



Chapter 43 A weaver named Tantu (one of the disciples) is taken to Shri Parvat (holy mountain Srisailam in Andhra Pradesh) and brought back.



Chapter 44 A Brahmin named Nandi is cured of leprosy



Chapter 45 Shri Guru meets Narahari poet at Kalleshwar-Hipparage village and makes him his disciple.



Chapter 46 During Diwali festival, he visits all his 7 disciples and also stays at the Math at the same time.



Chapter 47 A poor farmer named Parvateshwar is blessed with a huge yield with the blessings of Guruji


Ram Prasad

Chapter 48 Amaraja-sagam importance is told and his own sister"s leprosy is cured.


Prasad Vadlamudi

Chapter 49 Importance of Guru-Geeta and method of recitation is described.


Mahender Singh

Chapter 50 Muslim king (possibly Allauddin-II of Bedar and the previous birth washerman) visits him and he is cured of tumor on his leg.


Akhilesh Pandey

Chapter 51 Shri guru decides to take samadhi and He disappears in Karadali-van.


Devi Potula

Chapter 52 Provides the whole summary of 51 chapters.


Surya Kodukulla
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