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Professional Women's Group

"Her Blueprint" Annual Vision Board Party

Date: Thursday, March 2

“Her Blueprint” – Annual Vision Board Party

Please join Dress for Success Columbus for a night of vision and inspiration where women can gather, network, and design their path to success. This is a party with a purpose you won’t want to miss.

Time: 6-8 PM

Location: Stonewall Columbus, 1160 N. High St., Columbus Ohio 43201

Date: 03/02/2023 (Thu.)

Time: 6:00pm - 8:00pm EDT

Location: TBD

Created by:   Bridgett McKinnon

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Attending (50)
  45 of 50 slots filled
April Griffith Taylor
Melissa Reeves
Tracy Kane (2)
Celeste Taylor
Gina Mancuso (3)
Jennifer Jordan
Natalie Butler
Mimi Asefa
Roughiatou Ngaide
Windy Carson
Tonee Holland
Terri Gigi Lynn
Jerri Alexander (2)
Lori Davis (2)
Tierrah Ojeda
Davina Reynolds
Demetria Thomas
Amina Mdingi (2)
Monet Quarles
Jessica Henderson
Alonya Morris
Nasro Weliyo (5)
Thank you for the invite
Eleanor Kamke (2)
Pamela Aaron
Valerie Schrader
Denise Flowers
Constance McQueen
Ophelia Arnold
Yvette Broady
Carol Rollins
Danielle Starks
Teana Curtis
Responses:     Yes: 56     No: 3     Maybe: 3    

Guest Count:    Confirmed: 70     Maybe: 4

YES (56) -  

Chrishon Wilson (1 guest)

Teana Curtis (2 guests)

Tyiesha Radford Shorts (1 guest)

Chantal ONeal (1 guest)


Isabelle Jimenez (1 guest)

Niyah Walters (1 guest)

Danielle Starks (1 guest)

Carol Rollins (1 guest)

Kathy Hayes (1 guest)

Yvette Broady (1 guest)

Ophelia Arnold (1 guest)

Constance McQueen (1 guest)

Denise Flowers (1 guest)

Kris Booth (1 guest)

M Sylla (1 guest)

Vanessa Butler (1 guest)

Valerie Schrader (1 guest)

Pamela Aaron (1 guest)

Tomica Livingston (1 guest)

Becky Leech (1 guest)

Kat Laclede (1 guest)
I'm comin back for you, baby!

Zara Durham (1 guest)

Eleanor Kamke (2 guests)
Looking forward to it!

Nasro Weliyo (4 guests)
Immigrant ladies from neighborhood athletic s invited by Rugy

Darshini Robinson (1 guest)

Alonya Morris (1 guest)
Tonya referred me

Jessica Henderson (2 guests)

Monet Quarles (1 guest)

Amina Mdingi (2 guests)

Demetria Thomas (1 guest)

Megan Uzomba (1 guest)

Harmony H. (1 guest)

Teresa Hannah (1 guest)

Lori Davis (2 guests)

Jerri Alexander (2 guests)

Victoria Bryant (1 guest)

Kimberly Frazier (1 guest)

Terri Gigi Lynn (1 guest)

Valeda Smith (1 guest)

Tonee Holland (1 guest)

Windy Carson (1 guest)

Roughiatou Ngaide (1 guest)
No pork please

Mimi Asefa (1 guest)

Renee Fields (2 guests)

Jacqueline Harrison (1 guest)

Charmaine Kimble (1 guest)

Natalie Butler (1 guest)

Jennifer Jordan (1 guest)

Gina Mancuso (3 guests)

Celeste Taylor (1 guest)
Gluten free please I have celiac disease

Leah Lewis (2 guests)

Tracy Kane (2 guests)

Monique Moore (1 guest)

Melissa Reeves (1 guest)

April Griffith Taylor (1 guest)

NO (3) +  

MAYBE (3) +  

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