Sports Physicals

ZCS Sports Physicals

2019 Zeeland Christian Sports Physical Sign-up

These physicals are available to ZCS students and former ZCS students.  6-12 grade students must have a sports physical on file in order to participate in a school sport.   The physical must be dated after April 15, 2019, for the school year 2019-2020.   Please bring your completed physical form (from your school) to the physical.  Forms will be available on site, printing it from the athletic website, or the school office.  After the physical is completed it is important to make your own copy or scan for your records.

Date: 04/20/2019 (Sat.)

Location: City on a Hill

Created by:   Joel Nagelkirk
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Time (EDT) Available Slot
8:00am - 8:30am  

Student (30)

25 of 30 slots filled
Rebecca Meyer
Tessa Van Dyke
Kelli Huisenga
Rylie Huisenga
Kim Lubbers (2)
Austin & Hudson
Sara Holwerda (2)
Carson and Chase Holwerda
Michelle Schrotenboer (2)
Kyla and Brinae Schrotenboer
Tiffany Stob
Erin Wolters (2)
Isaac & Sofia
Sue Gruessing
Melinda VandeWege
Kim Nyland (2)
Kylie and Coby Nyland
Lilah Ambrosi (2)
Luca and Mia Ambrosi
Camryn VandenBosch
Haley Slagh
Addison Slagh
Abby Gruppen
Monica Gravenhof
Ryder Gravenhof
Laura Wilmot
Robin Diepenhorst
Emilee Lubbers
Gavin Lubbers
8:30am - 9:00am  

Student (30)

25 of 30 slots filled
Ann Hertgers (2)
Steve Von Dobschutz (2)
Christa Meeuwsen
Michelle Koop
Brennan and Ellie
Livie Van Appledorn
James Van Appledorn
Sabrina Iverson
Jessica Huizenga
Christian Huizenga
Isabella Dykstra
Gabriella Dykstra
Michelle Koop (2)
Dena Apotheker
Max Apotheker
Linda Hoekwater (2)
Luke & Megan
Laura Hunderman
Stacey Karel
Josiah Karel
Betsy Oosterhouse
Tess Bolt
Sydney Bolt
Kate VanEyk
Betsy Oosterhouse
Dena Apotheker
Lauren Apotheker
Heidi Dozeman
Clayton Dozeman
Levi King
9:00am - 9:30am  

Student (30)

26 of 30 slots filled
Grace Papay
Grace Papay
Rebecca Leep
Lynae Meyers
Christy Berghoef (2)
Henry & Winston Berghoef
Becky Teusink
Anna Teusink
Staci Visser
Chase Hoekstra
Stacy Huffman
Barrett and Quinten Huffman
Ethan Jernigan
Julie Meyaard (5)
Cort, Myla, Rosie, Dez, Cabe
Vince Hutt
Heather De Vries
Joanne VanVliet (3)
Sara Vizithum (2)
Lily Johnson and Will Johnson
Susie Antkoviak (2)
Joel and Madeline
Dave Kiekintveld
Doug Klamer
9:30am - 10:00am  

Student (30)

27 of 30 slots filled
Jennifer Overway (2)
Tristan & Jesse Overway
Susan Downing
Sam Downing
Shelly Lubbers (2)
Cameron and Nick Lubbers
Leah Geenen
Nikki Geenen
Kristine Leegwater (2)
Stephanie VandenBrink (2)
Holly Balder (2)
Mason & Colton
Susan Lamar
Hudson lamar
Kendal Sills
Kendal Sills
Martha DeWitt
Jacob DeWitt
Cara Larsen (2)
Zoe and Zac
Kate Klamer (2)
Josh and Levi
Jacob DeLeeuw
Tara Jipping
Lincoln Jipping
Jen Frego
Mya Frego
Jessica VandenBosch
Charlotte VandenBosch
Michael Chesser
Doreen Vanderveen (2)
Silas and Josie Vanderveen
Wendi Kapenga
Jenna Meyer
10:00am - 10:30am  

Student (30)

28 of 30 slots filled
Kathie Helder
Claire Helder
Amanda Nyhof (2)
Natalie and Adelynn Nyhof
Emily DeBlecourt (2)
Andrew and Lydia
Becky Brinks
Levi Brinks
Leanne Muma
Selena Van Klompenberg (3)
Eva, Isabel, and lucia
Lori Brower (2)
Taylor and Logan
Melissa Topp
Abby Topp
Lisa Karsten (3)
Evan, Caleb, Olivia
Sandra Burgos
Jen Holmes
Will Holmes
Krissy DeKruyter
Susan Miller
Maggie Miller
Courtney Eldersveld (2)
Q and Sky
Shelly Leys (2)
Jonathan & Isabel
Ruth Capestany
Annalise Capestany
Jessica Stuive (2)
Jen Leenstra
10:30am - 11:00am  

Student (30)

All slots filled
Mary DeKievit (2)
Sam and Claire DeKievit
Kendra Laarman (2)
Ashlynn and Elaina
Emily Bruins
Trent Bruins
Julie DeVries
Laken DeVries
Krista Sall (2)
Garrison and Simon Sprick
Ruth Vikstrom
Sara DePoy
Malachi DePoy
Deanne Wilson (2)
Olivia and Tyler
Katie Brower (2)
Julie Meyaard
Sara Walter
Samuel Harris
Sara Walter
Ainsley Harris
Jillyne Wisdom (2)
Spencer and Tyler
Noel Sprick
Lisa Dykgraaf
Jenna Dykgraaf
Selena Van Klompenberg (2)
Isabel and lucia
Jennifer Schafer (2)
McKenna & Brooklin
Vicki Voskuil
Matthew Voskuil
Wendie Freriks
Niki Heil
Isabela Heil

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