St. Isidore / St. Joan CYO Track

Year-end Party and Awards Celebration

Come join the celebration of a great season. Start time is 6:30 PM, and we will have pizza, ice cream, will acknowledge all athletes, special recognition awards, and a slideshow to highlight our season.  Athletes and their families are invited.

Please include the names of your athletes and their grade in the comments field. 

In consideration of time, only the athletes that have responded by May 17th will have their name called during the award ceremony. 

Date: 05/19/2019 (Sun.)

Time: 6:30pm - 9:00pm PDT

Location: St. Isidore Campus - Cardelli Center (Big Gym)

Created by:   Richard Gregory
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Available Slot

Attending year-end party

Please enter the total number of people attending from your family. Please include the names of your athletes and their grade in the comments field. In consideration of time, only the athletes that RSVP by May 17 will have a certificate ready.

318 slots filled - more available
caroline Reed (3)
Richard Gregory (2)
Gillmore Family (3)
Ryan Gillmore, 8th grade
Laura Gilbert (2)
Nathaniel Gilbert 6th Grade
Kim Velasquez (4)
Nola Velasquez grade 6, Marlo velasquez grade 5
Sophia Carbone 6th Grade (4)
Roshan Susamma (4)
Joel Philip (6th grade), Chris Philip (3rd grade)
Neeloo Brown (4)
Darius Brown - 4th grade
Vanessa Kayari (3)
Kayari Family, Amanda-6th, 3 attending
Jennifer Lampe (4)
Amelia Lampe 6th grade
Andrea Fernandes (3)
Kimberly Fernandes-6th Grade
Gary Moriyama (6)
Brandon Moriyama (5th) and Isabella Moriyama (6th)
Erica Hobby (4)
Lucy Hobby
Christy Peters (4)
Cate (8th) and Owen (6th) Peters
Kim Macdonald (4)
Madison Macdonald 3rd grade
Sally Swarts Daly (3)
Kira Daly 4th
Jody Siy (4)
Janika Reese Caranto 5th grade
chris coats (4)
Asher - Logan
Ana Zaldua (3)
Anthony Zaldua - 8th Grade
Marc Dube (3)
Aidan Dube 6th
Lauren Vandersloot (4)
Claire-3rd grade, Lauren, Pete, and Caroline
Kelly Porter Home Porter (4)
Lauren and Liam porter with parents
arianna conti (3)
James Finkel, 4th grade, and parents
S Fomin (3)
Sam Fomin - 8th Grade
Marisa Looney (3)
Ella - 6th
Jennifer & Mark Michel (4)
Mackenzie Michel (8th) & Kaileigh Michel (6th)
Kim Bertolero (3)
Karissa Bertolero, 6th Grade
Brent Mustin (4)
Mustin Family - Ila (10), Olivia (6), Brent (Dad) and Cori (Mom)
Will Pringle (3)
Alex Pringle- 4th grade, and parents
Heather Teerlink (5)
Ruth Teerlink 7th grade. Karoline Teerlink 4th grade
Marcin Wojnakowski (4)
Natalie Wojnakowski, 6th greade and Mark Wojnakowski, 6th grade
Heidi Hill (3)
Ryan Hill 7th Grade
John Deal
Tasha Dellinger (6)
Ashlan Dellinger 6th
Abby Boston (5)
Spence Boston 5th grade
Sara Olsen (4)
Luke Olsen - 6th Grade
Shay Salmon
Shay Salmon
Colleen McClure (4)
Todd McClure (4th)
Vickie Mossler (3)
Irene Mossler Grade 4
Nichole Hsu (4)
Hsu, Lauren 4th, Olivia 6th, 4 total
Christina Jue (4)
Jue Family: Donovan 6th, Zachary 3rd. #4 attending.
Melissa Bailey (5)
Bailey Family, Taylor (5th), Duncan (3rd)
Megan Gery (3)
Gavin Gery 3rd Grade
Andrea Chang (4)
Chang Family, Michael-5th, Charles-8th. #4 attending
Ashley Day (5)
Homayounfar family, Ella -6th, #5 attending
Teresa MacDonald (4)
MacDonald family; Liam - 4th & Lyla - 5th
Erin kILEY (3)
Gretchen Treffiletti
Treffiletti Family, Mason - 4th, #4 attending
Annie Puska (4)
Madison Puska-2nd, Haley Puska-4th, #4 attending
Melissa Lind (2)
Lind Family, Harrison 5th, 2 total
Michelle Tesalona (3)
Grio - Makena 4th, Malaya 2nd, #3 attending
Donna Nocco
Nocco family, Joe-4th - 2 attending
Rebecca Perrin (4)
Perrin Family, Camille-8th, #4 attending
Jeanne Nultemeier (4)
Eli Nultemeier 5th
Jerry Chang (2)
Eleanor Chang (8th)
Traci McMullen
McMullen, Chase-6; Riley-4 4 People
Erin Knapp (4)
Kennedy (3rd) Maya (4th) Avery (7th)
Mike Lee (5)
Furukawa-Lee Family (Yuna-4th, #5 in attendance)
Jennifer Robinson (2)
Robinson, Megan 8th grade
Beth Cutrer (2)
Amanda Cutrer - 8th
Tim Gunderson (4)
Hailey Gunderson - 6th Grade
Ron Harvey (5)
Harvey/Barrett Family, India -5th. #5
Jennifer Accardo (3)
Danny (5)
Pallavi Purohit (4)
Ananya Shaligram, 8th grade
Allyson Garcia (5)
Joey Garcia - 2nd, Ava Garcia - 5th, James Garcia - 7th
Lee Family (3)
Andersen Lee - 6th
Karen Ho (4)
Isabella (8th) & Zachary (7th) Mathers
Traci Beasley (3)
William Beasley - 7th Grade
Anthony Ko
Ko, Tobey, 4th grade (2)
Kara Busselen (4)
Natalie, Katherine, Michael, Kara
Dana Thompson-Davis (3)
Sebastian Davis
Makiah Davis
Niesha Drummer (4)
ELAN-5th grade and ASIA-3rd grade
Monica Inocencio (4)
Ben Inocencio, 8th grade; Ty Inocencio, 8th grade
Melissa Economos (4)
Economos family: Ella (8th) & Trevor (5th)
Danielle McKay (4)
Tiffany Andrade (2)
Amelia Andrade 5th
Adria Ibarra (3)
Mateo Cafaro 5th
Gia Gray (4)
Ariel Gray, 5th grade
Hailey Thurmond
Hailey Thurmond (1)
Janet Hui (2)
Jessica Hui 8th
Noah Henderson (4)
Jason Sherwood (3)
Julia Sherwood - 7th Grade
Neev Vipul (4)
Neev Vipul
Mila Mazzetti (5)
Christopher Mazzetti
Jennifer Lampe (4)
Amelia Lampe - 6th grade
Gaurab Hazarika (5)
Vikram Hazarika 4th Grade
Taylor Piehler (3)
Makiah Davis 7th grade
Mary Rhoades (3)
Alexis Rhoades 5th grade
Bonnie Labarthe (2)
Judd Labarthe - 5th grade
Cris Gilmore (4)
Sienna Gilmore -4th grade
Colleen Tullus (2)
Taisen Tullus 6th grade
Shelley Whyte (3)
Kennedy Whyte and family
Terranessa Lewis (4)
Tyler Lewis
Carrie Nevis (2)
Peyton Nevis (7th Grade Girls)
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