Shabbat Across America 2019

Shabbat Across America 2019!

Shabbat Across America

Unifying Jews Across America

Friday, March 1st
6:00PM Service followed by
our Potluck Shabbat Dinner 
Open to the Community, bring a friend!


Please RSVP and sign up to bring a dish. 
(Must be Kosher style. No dairy, no cheese, and no nuts please.)

We will supply drinks, coffee and tea.  Bring wine if you wish!

Date: 03/01/2019 (Fri.)

Time: 6:00pm - 8:00pm EDT

Location: FVJC-ES Social Hall

Created by:   FVJC Admin

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Brisket to serve 8 (6)
  All slots filled
Mona Murphy
Louis Norton (5)
Serves 10
Chicken - cut Rotisserie style (6)
  All slots filled
Ruth Goldblatt
pan of roasted chicken
Judi Cohen (2)
Gloria Levin (2)
Linda Levine
I’ll bring 2
Chicken Nuggets to serve 8 (3)
  2 of 3 slots filled
Joanne Cohen
Anna Cohen
Pasta (no cheese!) to serve 8 (5)
  2 of 5 slots filled
Helen Fabricant
Nancy Weissmann
Vegetable side dish (warm) to serve 8 (6)
  5 of 6 slots filled
Barbara Fichtenholtz
Carrot Souffle
Rebekah Goldman
Butternut squash soup
Tracy Smith
roasted vegetables
Stephanie Leite
smashed chickpeas
Ruth Goldblatt
Salad, green, mixed or other, (no nuts!) to serve 8 (5) - Specify type please, bring dressing if needed.
  All slots filled
Robin Schwartz (2)
Mixed greens. Cucumbers, berries
Robin & Judy Bergman (2)
hummus &veggie platter
Viviann Rubin
Roasted vegetables
Kugel, dairy free (5)
  1 of 5 slots filled
Ellen Lescher
Noodle kugel
Potato or rice side to serve 8 (6) - Specify type please, thank you.
  All slots filled
Alice Seidenberg
Sandra Bourke
Joanne Cohen (2)
Wild Rice dish
Viviann Rubin
Marlo Zall
roasted potatoes
Desserts to serve 12 (8) - Specify type please, thank you.
  All slots filled
Mona Murphy
Helen Fabricant
Sue Lerner
Fruit Tray
Gloria Lebetkin
Iris Spungin
Sarah Kruger
Marcy Cain
Gluten Free dessert selections (2) - Specify type please, thank you.
  All slots filled
Audrey Lampert (2)
Brownies & Lemon Pound Cake (both dairy free)
Sugar Free dessert selections - Specify type please, thank you.
Kenneth Weinstock
$18 per person contribution if you are not able to bring a dish to contribute to the meal. Max $36.00 per family. (20) - Please submit contribution prior to the event, thank you.
  5 of 20 slots filled
Helen Fabricant (2)
Candace Hall
I will send a check for $18
Robert Crumb (2)
will send check for $36 (Family Max)