Break Fast 5779

Break Fast 5779

Join members of our Community as we come together to Break our Fast!  We are asking that everyone bring contributions to share!  See the sign-up to RSVP and let us know what you are bringing.  L'Shanah Tovah! 

Date: 09/19/2018 (Wed.)

Time: 6:30pm - 8:30pm EDT

Location: Farmington Valley Jewish Congreation-ES

Created by:   FVJC Admin

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Cookie Tray (3) - Serving 8-10, please share what you are bringing.
  All slots filled
Lani Cathcart (2)
I will bring a batch of brownies and a batch of chocolate chip cookies
Dessert (Cake or Pie) selection (8) - Please bring servings for 10
  7 of 8 slots filled
Sue Lerner
Joanne Cohen
Gloria Lebetkin
Marlo Zall (2)
patti cornell
honey apple cake
Sarah Kruger
Fruit selection (6) - Please bring servings for 10
  2 of 6 slots filled
Viviann Rubin
Stephanie Leite
I will also try to make a challah. Let me know if you need anything else.
Gluten Free Dessert selection (3) - Please bring servings for 10 - Note as GF!
  2 of 3 slots filled
Susan Levine
Ruth Goldblatt
pumpkin or banana bread
Green Salad (no nuts) (5) - Serving 10 - please note what type
  All slots filled
Suzanne Schloss
Diane Honig
Linda Levine
Cucumber salad
Bob Belitz
Lisa Cooperman
Hummas and Veggies (2) - Please bring servings for 10
  All slots filled
Silverstein and Lowry''s
Robin Bergman
Kugel (Dairy only) Potato or Noodle (5) - Serving 8 -10 Please share what you will be bringing!
  All slots filled
Paula Schwartz
Noodle kugel
Barbara Fichtenholtz
Noodle kugel
Adrienne Hopfer
Applesauce noodle kugel (Parve)
Rabbi Bekah
Robyn Kessler
Cherry noodle kugel
Donation toward the cost of the event (15) - $18.00 - please send check to the office.
  13 of 15 slots filled
Robin Bergman
Marianne Feifer (3)
Scott Vaverchak (2)
Lydia and Alan Klatsky (2)
Audrey Rosenfeld (2)
Jean And Bob Giunta
Sandy Guillette
Brandon Podos
Responses:     Yes: 34     No: 1     Maybe: 0    

Adult Guests:    Confirmed: 76     Maybe: 0

Child Guests:    Confirmed: 15     Maybe: 0

YES (34) -  

Brandon Podos (1 adult)

Sarah Kruger (2 adults, 2 children)

Sandy Guillette (2 adults)

Lisa Cooperman (2 adults, 2 children)

Bob Belitz (2 adults)

Stephanie Leite (4 adults, 3 children)

Robyn Kessler (2 adults, 2 children)

patti cornell (2 adults)

Jean And Bob Giunta (2 adults)

Marlo Zall (5 adults)

Adrian Durlester (1 adult)

Lisa Jane Lipkin (2 adults)

Gloria Lebetkin (1 adult)

Rabbi Bekah (4 adults, 1 child)

Linda Levine (2 adults)

Lani Cathcart (1 adult)

Audrey Rosenfeld (2 adults)
Audrey and Danny Rosenfeld

Joanne Cohen (1 adult)
I can help with set up or clean up or whatever I can assist with!

Lydia and Alan Klatsky (2 adults)
Hopefully, new members Audrey and Dan Rosenfeild will come also. we recruited them and they sad they would like to come but wouldn't know anyone and if we go they will.

Viviann Rubin (2 adults, 2 children)

Ruth Goldblatt (2 adults)
will also bring 5 gluten free bagels

Adrienne Hopfer (4 adults)
Jeremy and Kat will join us

Sue Lerner (2 adults, 2 children)

Scott Vaverchak (2 adults, 1 child)

Diane Honig (3 adults)
Diane Paul and Harry

Barbara Fichtenholtz (2 adults)


Suzanne Schloss (2 adults)

Marianne Feifer (3 adults)

Robin Bergman (2 adults)

Susan Levine (2 adults)

Paula Schwartz (2 adults)

Silverstein and Lowry's (4 adults)
Lowry and Silversteins

sandra and bob bourke (2 adults)

NO (1) +