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Village of Mamaroneck's Committee for the Environment

Clean & Green Day

Click here to download the May 5th Letter to Volunteers. 

The Village of Mamaroneck's Committee for the Environment (CFTE) is seeking volunteers for Clean & Green Day on Saturday, May 14, 2022. (Please note this new date as Clean & Green Day was originally scheduled for Saturday, May 7.) Volunteers can sign-up to pick up litter at various locations around the Village.

The event will begin at 9:30am at the Marine Education Center in Harbor Island Park. 

  • Opening Remarks
  • Distribution of Supplies
  • Giveway of Native Flower Seeds
  • Free compost giveaway
  • Marine Education Center will be open for all to enjoy viewing animals in the tanks 
  • Raffle Prizes 
  • The Shack HI Food Truck will be open to purchase snacks

Afterwards, volunteer teams will set out (either on foot or by car) to their clean-up locations. Site clean-up should be over by 12:00pm (if not earlier).

See below for clean-up locations and the number of volunteers needed per location. (Click here for a map of the clean-up locations.) While trash bags, gloves, and tools will be provided, volunteers are also welcome to bring their own supplies. In an effort to get an accurate headcount and to prepare each location, we kindly ask volunteers to sign-up by Saturday, April 30

Children with a supervising adult are welcome to volunteer. Supervision of children is the responsibility of their parent(s) or guardian and not the Village of Mamaroneck, the Village's Committee for the Environment, or the Team Captain at the designated clean-up locations.

Please note that photographs and video footage may be taken throughout this event. These will be used by the Village of Mamaroneck in our publications, on our website, and in social media. Please be aware that by participating in this event, you consent to your image being used for these purposes. 

The Village of Mamaroneck thanks all the Clean & Green Day volunteers, the volunteer members of the Committee for the Environment as well as the employees in the Village's Parks & Recreation Department as well as Department of Public Works for their help in making Clean & Green Day possible.

For more information about Clean and Green Day, please visit www.vomenvironment.com.

  • Click here for a short video from LMC Media about last year's 2021 Clean and Green Day.
  • Click here to view photos from last year's 2021 Clean & Green Day.
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Date: 05/14/2022 (Sat.)

Time: 9:30am - 12:00pm EDT

Location: Multiple

Created by:   Robert Ingenito & Ellen Silver

Will you be attending the event?
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1. Harbor Island Park - Reserved for walk-ins
Johana Diaz
2. Columbus Park (15) - Includes Jefferson Avenue Parking lots
  All slots filled
Anthony Bondi
Ines Thieme (6)
Jo Izzo
Judith Dobrof
Tony Gelber
Jean Chung (2)
at least 1 adult and 1 child
Deena Incognoli (2)
Shani Tefera
3. Florence Park (15) - Includes surrounding neighborhood sidewalks
  All slots filled
Maria Racioppo
Yeni Morales-Diaz
Leilani Yizar-Reid
Claudia Kosakowski (3)
For community service requirement
Sebastian Esquiva
Maria Mendoza (3)
Reiko Gubitz
John Sykes (2)
Joseph Jones
Christopher Miceli
4. Phillips Park Place/Spencer/Ward Parks (20)
  7 of 20 slots filled
Ritika Arora (4)
Ritika Arora, Ben Browning and kids
James Kenny
Sandra Del Valle
Heather Capelle
5. Warren Park (10)
  5 of 10 slots filled
Carey Federspiel (2)
Som Roe
Deena Incognoli (2)
6. Washingtonville (40) - To include neighborhood sidewalks, Bub Walker river-way, Annuzio, Community Gardens
  38 of 40 slots filled
Theresa Colyar (10)
Rita O’Connor
Tim O’Connor
Nancy Tumm
Laura Abbate
Let’s make this a true Community Event!
Jen Jacobs Guzman
Leilani Yizar-Reid
Michelle Capparelli (2)
Selene Gonzalez
Elsa Ardeano (8)
Giamileth Borrero (4)
Dora Mejia (5)
Lidia Macedoneo
7. Sidewalks along Mamaroneck Avenue from BPR to I-95 (10)
  1 of 10 slots filled
Daniel Kushnick *
Team Leader
8. Sidewalks along Boston Post Road from Richbell Road to South Barry Avenue (10)
9. Orienta neighborhood - Sidewalks along Rushmore/Bleeker and Orienta Avenues; also along Old Post Road (10)
  All slots filled
Ellen Silver (2)
Tarynn Zenk
Can join from 10-12pm
Dan Margoshes (2)
Francisco Ghiglino (2)
Briana Lopez (2)
Pamela Horn
10. Shore Acres (25) - Meet at intersection of S. Barry Ave. & The Parkway for one of three teams: (1) S. Barry Ave. & The Parkway, (2) Shore Acres Drive & Creek for Guion Creek, (3) Otter Creek Bridge at the end of S. Barry Ave.
  All slots filled
Ksenija Pejcic (2)
Leilani Yizar-Reid
Sinéad Grenouillon
David Freeman *
Team Leader
Genevieve Kenny Boron (5)
We'll be working on Guion Creek.
Allison Stabile
Beverley Sherrid Sherrid (10)
Brooke Toomey (4)
11. Taylor's Lane (10)
  6 of 10 slots filled
Jacob palmer (2)
Lindsay Reitzes *
Team Leader
Ronnie Fine (3)
13. Rockland Pocket (20) - Starting point is intersection of Rockland and Fayette Aves. Will continue along river beds to Fenimore Road
  10 of 20 slots filled
Mandy Sticos * (2)
Team Leader
Inna Meltzer
Stefanie Wheeler (3)
Renee Crabtree (2)
Nancy GARDINER (2)
Responses:     Yes: 67     No: 10     Maybe: 0    

Guest Count:    Confirmed: 164     Maybe: 0

YES (67) -  

Shani Tefera (2 guests)

Rachel Kasper Fitzsimons (1 guest)

Brooke Toomey (4 guests)

Deena Incognoli (2 guests)

Som Roe (1 guest)

Jean Chung (2 guests)

Tony Gelber (1 guest)

Nadia Valla (2 guests)

Milo Delvecchio (1 guest)
Florence Park

Pamela Horn (2 guests)

Carey Federspiel (2 guests)
Cary Sleeper working here as well

Judith Dobrof (1 guest)

Anne Serewicz (1 guest)

Beverley Sherrid Sherrid (10 guests)
estimated number from Shore Acres who may skip HiP

Jo Izzo (1 guest)

Christopher Miceli (1 guest)

Allison Stabile (1 guest)
I will work where needed. Guion Creek, Shore Acres Drive, The Parkway, South Barry Ave.

Marianna Donis (2 guests)

Joseph Jones (1 guest)

Heather Capelle (3 guests)

John Sykes (2 guests)

Genevieve Kenny Boron (5 guests)
We'll be working on Guion Creek.

Brenda Perez (2 guests)

Nancy GARDINER (2 guests)

David Freeman * (1 guest)

Dayana Delcid (3 guests)

Ines Thieme (6 guests)

James Kenny (1 guest)

Briana Lopez (2 guests)

Ritika Arora (4 guests)

Ronnie Fine (3 guests)

Mary Feighery (1 guest)

Reiko Gubitz (4 guests)

Daniel Kushnick * (1 guest)

Renee Crabtree (2 guests)

Sarah Moscoso (2 guests)
My kids will join their teacher Mary Feighery from hommocks middle school.

Marc Taxiera (3 guests)
Augustine’s Salumeria is so happy to be participating this year !!

Francisco Ghiglino (2 guests)

Sebastian Esquiva (1 guest)

Lidia Macedoneo (4 guests)
Community Resource Center

Dora Mejia (5 guests)
Community Resource Center

Giamileth Borrero (4 guests)
Community Resource Center

Elsa Ardeano (8 guests)
Community Resource Center

Selene Gonzalez (1 guest)
Community Resource Center present!!

Sinéad Grenouillon (1 guest)

Michelle Capparelli (2 guests)

Claudia Kosakowski (3 guests)

Leilani Yizar-Reid (2 guests)

Lindsay Reitzes * (1 guest)

Susan Orand (1 guest)

Jen Jacobs Guzman (2 guests)
Washingtonville Housing Alliance in the house!

Ksenija Pejcic (2 guests)

Helder De Freitas (2 guests)

Laura Abbate (1 guest)
Let's show everyone what the heartbeat of The Flats, Washingtonville Area "TOGETHER".

Nancy Tumm (1 guest)

Tim O’Connor (1 guest)

Jacob palmer (2 guests)

Hillary Short (1 guest)

Yeni Morales-Diaz (2 guests)

Stefanie Wheeler (3 guests)

Inna Meltzer (3 guests)

Ellen Silver (2 guests)

Johana Diaz (5 guests)

Ashley Tiseo (4 guests)

Maria Racioppo (1 guest)

Mandy Sticos * (2 guests)
Let's make Rockland Ave beautiful this Spring!

Theresa Colyar (10 guests)

NO (10) +  

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