CCCGS and Concord FHC Holiday Potluck

2018 CCCGS and CFHC Holiday Potluck

For Members, Staff and Family

Bring a potluck dish for 6-8 based on the first initial of your last name: 

  • A-G: Dessert
  • H-N: Salad, Side Dish or Appetizer
  • O-Z: Main Dish

For the benefit of people with food allergies and preferences, please list ingredients on a card and deliver your food by 5:45 p.m.

We will collect gift donations for "Toys for Tots" and dollar (check) donations for the Concord Food Bank

Date: 12/13/2018 (Thu.)

Time: 6:00pm - 9:00pm PST

Location: 3700 Concord Blvd., Concord CA

Created by:   Deborah McNaughton

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Dessert - Surname A - G
  11 slots filled - more available
jean brunk
Jane Crawford
Christmas themed
Jill Brock
Kathy Echols
Jon Fitt
Rob Fowler
Poppy Seed Cake
Anne Costello
Rachel Aaron
Kay Ernst
Tasty treats
Linda Brown
Lisa Gorrell
Salad, Side Dish, Appetizer - Surname H - N
  16 slots filled - more available
Jackie Hein
Karen Hammon
Karla Henderlong
Kathy Nielsen (12)
Pat Howard
Main Dish - Surname O - Z
  15 slots filled - more available
Steve Stierwalt
Madeline Yanov
Robin Welch (8)
Swedish Meatballs & Noodles
Linda Schmidt
Norma Jean Brink Brink (2)
2 x entrees
Karen Try
Adrienne Tomkins
Amish casserole
Responses:     Yes: 26     No: 3     Maybe: 0    

Guest Count:    Confirmed: 44     Maybe: 0

YES (26) -  

Disne Greaves (1 guest)
Dessert: cheese cake

Lisa Gorrell (1 guest)
Lisa Gorrell

Linda Brown (4 guests)

Ty Green (3 guests)

Adrienne Tomkins (1 guest)

Karen Try (1 guest)

Kay Ernst (2 guests)

Rachel Aaron (2 guests)

Anne Costello (3 guests)

Linda Schmidt (2 guests)

Robin Welch (1 guest)

Rob Fowler (1 guest)

Kathy Wells (1 guest)

Pat Howard (1 guest)

Kathy Nielsen (2 guests)

Karla Henderlong (1 guest)

Norma Jean Brink Brink (2 guests)

Jon Fitt (3 guests)

Madeline Yanov (1 guest)

Kathy Echols (2 guests)

Jill Brock (1 guest)

Jane Crawford (1 guest)
Merry Christmas

Karen Hammon (1 guest)

Jackie Hein (2 guests)

jean brunk (2 guests)

Steve Stierwalt (2 guests)

NO (3) +