Meals on Wheels San Antonio

Thanksgiving with Meals on Wheels SA

Date: 11/22/2018 (Thu.)

Time: 5:00am - 11:30am CST

Location: MoW Headquarters
4306 Northwest Loop 410, San Antonio, TX 78229

Created by:   Jeanne Gillis
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Available Slot

Deliver Meals -Pickup route at 10:00 am (100)

All ages; Please use the QTY field to tell us how many cars are in your signup.

All slots filled
Laurie Olson
We are a family of 4 delivering together.
Karen Risley
Rachel Halvaksz
Linda Bousson
Maria Garcia-Andrade
Pick at Babcock location and deliver in same area
Janet Gonzalez
Glad to help out.
LeWayne Ballard
Alice Logan 2
Billie Allen
Family of four will be delivering
Coni Hall
There’ll be two of us.
kirk Bellinger
Thomas Hoopes
Cathy Budzinski
2 vehicles
Carla Sizer
Evonne Perez
Jeanette Honermann
Brittnee Ware
Georgette Goacher
Craig Heesemann
Christina Lechuga
Me and my family will deliver the meals
Shelly Aldrich
Conschetta Moore
Larrayshia Berry
Karen Hardy-UpShaw
Lorna Martinez
Will have my mom and dad with me to deliver.
Cindy Reidinger
We are a family of 3 with MOW experience
Roger Alba
Julia Lindow
There will be 2 of us. I currently do Colonial Hills 1 route, so if I could have any of my people that would be great!
Debbe Bernstein
Bianca Valenzuela
Family of five
Kolbassa Family
Jessica Lann
Andrea Marriott
Erica Garcia-Frausto
Patrick Krawietz
Blessed to help!
Abel Rodriguez
Alejandra Morales
Amy Huebner
angela garza
Lisa Martinez
Valerie alaniz
Cody Knowlton
Charnann & Ronnie Cox
Barbara Torres (3)
Louise Raney
Signed up not on list
hope molina
LeAnn Douglas
Michelle Aliff
Jose Soto
Jennifer Uecker
Veronica Smith
Lisa Kenyon
We would like to deliver 4 meals as a family. Thank You
Roxy Beaudet
There will be two of us in one car
David Schrantz
Two granddaughters and I want to deliver meals
Maria Milk
Larry Carpenter
2 people, 1 car
DAvid Medrano
Daniel Mitchell
Prefer a route on the south side of San Antonio.
Glenn Sturdevant
LaNell Beck
i have one car and 2 people
Lisa Gittens
One car but three people
Mom, 3 kids delivering
Noel Mesa
Shannon Mesa
Riding with Noel Mesa.
Michael Whiteley
Family of 5, Suburban for extra payload. First timers
Michael Arispe
Girlfriend and I
Donald Metzger
alisha dones
family of 4
Tammy Lewis
2016 Jeep Renegade
Leticia Zavala
Guadalupe Moreno
Maria Farrier
Courtney Bartusiak
Josh Lewis
Driving with Courtney Bartusiak in one car
Cassandra Farias
With Mom
Shayna Dorris (2)
Family of 8 with 2 cars to help deliver - we always look forward to helping out as a family this day!
Brian Baker
3 of us, 1604 Sea World area
Angela Almaraz
Family of 4 in one vehicle
Susan and Mel Bayne
Roger Hooker
Jacquelin Wright
Yvonne Pete
Tom and Roslyn Higginbotham
Cale Reiff
Christianne Taylor
Nanc Villarreal
Vanessa ramos
Kevin and Maria Kevin and Maria
Jereia Scott
Melissa Dewey
Amand Fernandez
Cyndi rasmussen
Marta Wasiewicz
Ruijen You
Anna Gonzales

Deliver Meals -Pickup route at 10:15 am (150)

All ages; Please use the QTY field to tell us how many cars are in your signup.

All slots filled
Kimberly Edvalson
My family and I will be delivering. A total of 5 of us
Haydee Rivera
Its going to be me, my son and my daughter
Helen Cabrera
Mom and two boys
Cesar Avena
There will two of us delivering
Kathy Duckles
Robert Leyva
We as a family are excited ! Can't wait.
Margarita Hubbard
TaLeah Kendzior (2)
2nd vehicle may need to be used.
Harold Hevner
3 of us will be delivering
Anne Meyer
Dorothy Pillow
Justin Barbour
Jill Feig
NW/1604 area please - 3 family members
Stacy Barton
3 family members
Amber Vera
Susan Albert
Jordan Phillips
3 family members
Kaitlynn Johnson
Tonya Venezia
This is our 12th year. LOVE IT!
James Ratliff
Anna Gonzales
Barbara Mesquiti
Bethany Blanchette Blanchette
Bianca Pulley
Brandy Moser
brian and amelia beck
Brianna Berry
Casey Phillips
Christian Nate Degollado
Christinaa nd Maggie Hernandez
Crystal Farias
Curtis and Laura Thurman
One car, two people
Clara Desot
Rosanne Gonzales
So grateful for the privilege of helping! Family of 3.5.
Carl Michel
David and Janet Splitek
Debbie Cardell
Deborah De La Cruz Riebe
Deidre Bellinger Bellinger
Don and Linda Simmons
Dona Pecora
Ed & Doe Braswell
Eddie Sims
Elanore Decker
Emily Tarango-Chavez
Eric Kong
Estell Marie Paz
Andrea Salazar
Garrett D. Stegink
Hadear Sanchez
Isabel Marquez Degollado
J Magnolia Rebaldo-Cavazos
James Byrne
Jeannette Davis
Jeff Clarady
Jennifer A Lars
Gabriel Garcia
3rd year can’t wait...
Jessica Rivera Sustaita
Jessica Urias Urias
Jill Dickerson
Joey M Mendoza
Judy Castleberry
Karen Heinkel
One car, one person
Karen Shull
1 car, family of 5
Kathryn Keeton
Larry Perez
Lisa K Lytle
Lizbeth Oliva
Lorraine Gomez
Madeline Aliff
Marinda Boubel
Mark A Martinez
Mary Medina
Michele Gaston
Nikki Gonzales
norma garcia
Randall Walters
Rob Mattivi
Roberta Wager
Rosalyn velasquez
Rose Mary Huizar
Julia Lujan
Ruth Elena Soto
Sarafia Egea
Scott Williams
Nicole Boothe
1 car. 2 parents and 4 kids
Shana Ivery
Shaun Statham
Shirley Medina
Taddy Beuke
Juanita Lewis
My son and I will be delivering
Therese Marie Quinto
Valerie Arcement
Vickie Jain
Yanic Booker
sarah sunter
Sonia Ruiz
Can't wait!
Dana Phillips
Can deliver around the 78254 area cold if that is possible
BrandyJere Roberts
Aida Santell
Yvonne Gomez
Toni Delgado (2)
Not sure what quantify means but there will be 2 cars. We can each deliver 5 meals.
Jack Wesley
Isabel Degollado
My 18 year old son and I are driving together.
Mary LeRoy
Not sure how many to choose?
Todd Forbes
2 of us in 1 car
Pon Lo
Maria Burrell
Deliver on Thanksgiving day,
Kim Beechner
Family of 3 in 1 car!
Carlos Del Cid-Keller
I will be delivering meals
Debbie Luna
Luna Family of 4
Carrie Aranda
Husband, and 5 Yr Old Son
Michelle Taylor
Jonathan De La Cruz
Claudine Cortez
Rachel Davis
Tony Salazar
Dana Scott
Kelly Giles-Claville
Karen Sutherlin
1 minivan, 3 people
Tony Philip
My wife and I will be delivering
Adrian Segura
Brendan Biscan
2 adults
Jessica Rodriguez
My family will be volunteering (5).
Theresa Lopez
Family of 4 in one car
Chelsy Segovia
Mark Sutherland-Trevino
Robert Armstrong
Bob Zapata
one car
Jim Yanaway
Eddie Terrazas
Monica Hunte
Kristine Abellera
Gary D Barringer
Cynthia Palmer
Rebekah Chontas
Natalie Saavedra
kimberly McAnn
Amber Gonzales
Christine Criscuolo
2 adults and 2 young children, we will have 1 or 2 cars if necessary
Zavala Rosie
M. Kate Medina
One car-Mom and Daughter

Deliver Meals -Pickup route at 10:30 am (100)

All ages; Please use the QTY field to tell us how many cars are in your signup.

All slots filled
Nick Luna
Nicolette Rada
Kathy Hitt
David Jarrell
Scott Miller
Mark Fowler
Maria Dobbs
Tracey Johnson
Cyndi Padron
We can deliver as many meals as needed
sandy martinez
Family of 4
Julia hewitt
Charlene Lodge
This is my granddaughter's and my tradition for years. We really look forward to serving others on Thanksgiving.
Yolanda Alfaro
Tammy Lechuga
3 of us will be delivering
Karen Doe
Meliza Carrion
Reina Trevino
I will be delivering meals with my 2 daughters
Rey Salazar
It will be my son and i
tivia lucas
Al Farias
John Szurek
Mary Mercado
H2O Pros H2O Pros
Ida Donias
Irma Lyons
Jennifer whalen
Mary christine valle
Miguel Perez
Miranda Casados
Monica Martinez
Paul M Zuniga
Tiffany Batsakis
michael constantine
Matthew Turner
Patty Mills
Two routes if needed
Kim Cadwell
Larry & Bridgedette Ynman
2 adults and 2 kids delivering.
Liz Davila
Volunteered here a couple of years ago but excited to bring my husband along for the first time. 1 car, 2 ppl
Norma Medrano
I will have 1 vehicle
Daniel Zuckerman
lynnette longoria
Sheila Killpack
Haley Peterson
Deb and Gil Avila
Deanne Herrera
My mother might help me.
leslie wilson
Louis Herrera
Kristina Perez
Tran De La Fe
Family of 4
Melissa Vela-Williamson
Denise Morales
Valerie Gonzalez
Genevieve Gomez
Alisa Spangenthal
1 car
Velma Garcia
Looking forward to it again!
Diana Luu
1 car
Wendy Kim
1 car
AnnaMarie Ramsey
Patty Hamner
1 Car, 3 adults
Daniela Worthen
My husband will be co-pilot
Valeria Ybarra
First timer. Super excited for this since meals on wheels used to bring my dad food when he was sick with cancer . I can’t wait to give back .
Sharon Hill
Vanessa Young
1 car, family of 4
Lindsay Gurr
Delivering as a family
Vicki Wilson
Family of 3 delivering
Julio Zamago
Leticia Aleman
Rebecca Savage
Delivering with family
Alan Dennis Inchaurregui
Alexandria Sifuentes Alexandria Sifuentes
Casandra Shipman
Maria Potter
Larry Ramos
With family
Sarah Mitchum
Patty Bond
and Husband
Jordan McIlveen
1 car
Audrey Yurcheshen
aurora huggins
Joann Garza
Esther Bustos
Total of 4 people in one vehicle
Maria Reyna
Husband and I Truly enjoy this every year
Nancy Bula
Ashley Trevino
My family and I will be delivering meals
Nils Stinson
My wife and I will deliver in one car.
Tara Aldana
Excited to be able to deliver with my kids and make this an ongoing tradition!
Kayla Nichols (2)
Debra Monsivais
Robert Allen
Ana-Maria Phillips
One vehicle
Julie Moses
Cynthia Palmer
With Husband
Nancy Socher
Natalie Taylor
Anissa Mahone
My husband I will be in one car. Glad to serve!
Anna Lopez
Richard, Anna and Al ready to deliver meals!
Letty Martinez
Tracey Johnson
My husband and my son
Kacee Chapa

Deliver Meals -Pickup route at 10:45 am (50)

All ages; Please use the QTY field to tell us how many cars are in your signup.

All slots filled
Melissa Trevino
This is my favorite mother daughter time! We have done this for many years together!
Richard Levine
First time - Cant Wait
Holly Connell
1 car 3 adults. First time. Looking forward to helping out!
LoGina Vinceslio
Our whole family helps. We love doing this each year. LoGina, Ron, & Dylan
Joni Reyna
My husband & I loving spending Thanksgiving doing this!
richard williamson
Scott Avery
Melissa Robledo
We may have 2-5 people with us depending on the availability of our children.
Chris Riojas
1st timeer looking forward to it
Kenna Stotts
Rick Caulder
Melinda Van Dyk
Andie Farias- O’Brien
Rob Martinez
Dominic Fornicola
Megan Anderson
Myself and 3 kids
Leona Mullins
Lorrie Lorimer
Will be 2 adults in one car. North Central side would be perfect, but not a necessity.
cynthia alcala
Daphne Garrison
Scott Moore
One car
Monica Tobon
It will be 2 of us. Myself and my Daughter. First Time
Manuel Vasquez
Rosie Gamez
Kristene Bainbridge
Carla Lopez
Family of 4
Sherrie Roetheli
My husband and I are really looking forward to making someone's Thanksgiving special! We will be driving together in 1 vehicle. We live in the Northwest side of San Antonio.
Eileen Miller
2 people, 1 car. We can work several hours
Linda Ramirez
Rose Siller
Would like to deliver close to 78228 or close by
Gordon Blocker
Dennis Griffith
Matthew Rocha Rocha
Super excited to give back!
Cindi Moreno
fabiola vaquera
thankful to have the chance to give back!
Sherika Hall
Rachel Quiroz
Brian Jergens
Juaquina Rodriguez
2 cars
John Gonzalez
2 people
Louis Duet
Jennifer Redding
Paul Wilson
Bonnie Miller
Jo-Anne Meredith Espinosa
Julie Cordero
Audra Morris
Family of 4 delivering
Melissa Stuth
First time, really thankful to have made the volunteer list. 1 car, 2 people.

Meal Prep - Kitchen 5:00am to 7:00am (18)

Must be 16 and older

All slots filled
Elaina Steele
Please send address
Giselle Reinhardt-Gillis
Mary Dennis
Mary Dennis
Brad Mudgett (2)
God bless your ministry
Eitan Feldman
Excited to help out!
Breana White
Marina Fuentes (4)
Leticia Alfrido (2)
Jeanette Davis
Linda Gillis (2)
Richard Gillis will also attend
Jessica Iroanya
5:00 am-7:00 am meal prep
Khadijah Morning

Meal Prep - Kitchen 7:00am to 9:00am (18)

Must be 16 and older

All slots filled
Ursula Wheeler
Michael Baldwin
First timer
Lydia Ramirez (2)
My Mom and I are looking forward to help with great community event :)
Tracy Castillo (4)
My boys and I are looking forward to this
Sha Johnson (3)
Sha & MJ Johnson, & Kiara Moore
Katherine Granillo (2)
Corina Huesing (2)
Me and my husband look forward to volunteering!
Sacha Soltys

Traffic Control 8:00am to 11:15am (26)


All slots filled
Carol Martinez
Edwin Maurer
Evan Maurer
Sheila & Richard Dipprey Cabrera
Bill Rieck
Load Cars
Evelyn Walford (2)
also Martha Schuh
Anita DeLeon
Gina L. Menchaca
Kathleen FRANK
Group of 3 (Jenna & Denise)
Linda Arnold
Linda Trodlier (2)
Sara Gonzalez
Jeanne Loddeke
Brittany Socher
And Nancy Socher
Herbert Lee
cheryl lee
Karen Keener
Man table or load cars
Joe Martinez
Stephanie Gamez (2)
Armando Bustos
Ernestine B (2)
Man tables or load cats

Set up Parking Lot 8:00am to 9:30 (15)

Ages 18 and older

12 of 15 slots filled
Ritu Mathur
Mac Shelton
RICHARD brooks
Set up tables
Bev Ostmo
Abby Ostmo
Work with Bev Ostmo
David Ostmo
Work with Bev Ostmo
Tim Klassen
William Goff (2)
Alexandra Bojorquez (3)
also Eduardo and Gabrielle

Clean Up 10:50am to noon (20)

Ages 10 and older

All slots filled
Marian Sultenfuss (2)
Mac Shelton
Bill Urbanovsky (2)
Linda Novi
Branden Dross
Thanh Bui (5)
6 Persons
Valerie De La Vega
Valerie Villegas
Susan Testa
Martin Ramirez
Herbert Lee
cheryl lee
Armando Bustos
Kathy Keevan

Wait List (46)

Please enter the activity you would like to participate in into the comments and we will notify you if a slot opens up

45 of 46 slots filled
Kimberly Sanders
Prepare Meals
Stephen& Susan McClure (2)
Prepare meals
Madison Tulaba
Prepare meals
Michael Sanders
Prepare meals
Jane Tulaba Tulaba
prepare meals
Brandy Newbauer and Kelsey Smith (2)
Prepare meals
Bayleigh Sanders
Prepare meals
Andrea Chavez
Prepare meals
Alexandra Bojorquez (3)
Meal Prep 7-9, also Eduardo and Gabrielle
Boy Scouts Troop 70 (9)
Troop 70 Boy Scouts to man tables
Maricela Garcia-Gallegos
Prepare meals
Bethany Eggleston
Prepare meals
Nancy M Hernandez
Prepare meals
Alice Yau
Prepare meals
Jason Miller Jason Miller
Prepare meals
Allyssa Atkinson
Prepare meals
John Stewart
Melissa Stuth
Available for anything
Kacee Chapa (3)
Nicole Dierschke (2)
Deliver meals
Johnny Laureles (2)
Drive or meal preparation
Eruca Oliver
Family of 3 delivery. Or anywhere I can have a 6 ur old
Darling Rivas (4)
First time volunteers- Family of 4
Lori Burkhardt
Deliver meals, 1 car w/3 people
Brittany Long
Delivery: 1 car, 3 people

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