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BI Beach Cleanup

2021 Bainbridge Island Beach Cleanup

The Bainbridge Island Beach Cleanup is happening Sunday, September 19 from 9am to 12pm, and we can't do it without your help!

*COVID PROTOCOLS* We are currently experiencing high Covid rates in our community. Current guidance from the state recognizes that transmission risks are high, and even fully vaccinated individuals can transmit the virus. We also recognize that young children who cannot yet receive the vaccine may be participating in this event. We strongly encourage participants to bring and wear masks, particularly if they find that a cleanup area has a large number of people or they are working with a large group. Masks WILL be required for the ETAP sorting area (see signup for details).


Volunteers can sign up to clean up at our public road ends and shorelines between 9a and 12p (corresponding with low tide) time window. The slots in this signup list public road ends and shorelines in a clockwise direction starting from the north end of the Island. There is also a slot at the beginning if you want to clean up a place not on this list, such as your own property or a road side. Please click here for a map  of all these areas (please note the map may have some additional road ends; the ones we list below are those we consider accessible, eg, not high bank or tough to access). Pick the spot you want, or add your own location in the open slots. We encourage you to find an area meaningful to you, or choose a location without a lot of commitments to help us ensure coverage! Please note: Road Ends were originally designed for community access, so many have limited parking. If the space appears to be full when you arrive please select another site.


Yay! We love groups (as long as they are following social distancing guidelines as appropriate)!  Put your own name in the slot as the group lead, and then tell us in the comments how many people in your group are participating.  It’s okay to estimate.


We love this “problem!”  You can either pick a different spot, or you are always welcome, and encouraged, to remove litter on our roadsides- everything flows downstream, and trash removal farther up the watershed helps our whole Island!


Bainbridge Island's shoreline is a mix of public and private property. We've identified public road ends and beaches in our map and list below so that we are focusing on publicly accessible areas. Please stay on the beach and off of lawns and shoreline vegetation -HOWEVER- if you are at a public road-end or beach, we really encourage you to make sure you're also looking high up into the wrack line (line of debris left behind at high tides) for plastics. Do not pick up debris if you are not sure if it belongs to an upland owner; if you happen onto private property and are asked to leave by a homeowner, please respect their wishes.


We suggest bags or buckets and gloves (gardening gloves can work well). We are not supplying gloves this year. You can borrow buckets, trash grabbers, and take pick up bags from our team at the Miller Rd gravel lot just north of New Brooklyn Road, starting at 8:30 am on the event day.


If it's a small amount please feel free to bring it home and dispose of it in your trash can. If you picked up orange litter bags from us, you can bring your collected trash, or large items you cannot easily dispose of at home, to the Miller Rd gravel lot  by 12:30pm.


Two great ways to use free smartphone apps to amplify your impact:

  • Our event is part of a global effort led by Ocean Conservancy and they would love to know what you collected! Download a mobile phone app that lets you share data about the trash you collect; results will be compiled for our Island and for the global event and help us learn more about what kinds of debris we are keeping out of our oceans!
  • Did you find large debris that is too big for you or your group to haul out? Use the free MyCoast.org app to alert Washington Department of Natural Resources so that our local and state agencies can find and remove the item! Examples of items that are great to report on this app are: washed-up boats or boat pieces; large buoys; styrofoam floats; creosote logs.


Thank you for your continued stewardship!  If you would like to participate in this year’s Bainbridge Island Beach Cleanup, and have your trash count towards this global tally, please join us this year and sign up on an open slot, listing your location.  We want to honor and note your efforts! 


We  hope you will use the social media hashtag #bibeachcleanup to share your finds! If you use this hashtag and publicly post your photos, you will be entered into a drawing to win an orca adoption from the whale museum!!

We're also hoping to have media coverage for this event and organizers will be out taking pictures. We're hoping you'll agree that media images or statements taken by any Bainbridge Island Beach Cleanup representative of you or your family as event participants may be used by Sustainable Bainbridge or Bainbridge Island Beach Cleanup event partners for publicity, education, marketing and/or advertising purposes. By signing up, you will consent to and authorize such use without restriction and understand that you will not receive compensation should any such image or statement be used in this way. BUT- if you see us out there taking pictures and you don't want to be in the picture, please just let us know!!


If you have questions please visit the Sustainable Bainbridge Beach Cleanup Page for FAQs and more information, or contact us at [email protected]

Thank you for doing your part to keep our beaches healthy and beautiful!

Date: 09/19/2021 (Sun.)

Time: 9:00am - 12:00pm PDT

Created by:   Deborah Rudnick
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Available Slot

Roadside, Undecided or Private Property (please note approx location if known in comments) (100)

Please note where you are planning to clean up so we can keep track of coverage

2 of 100 slots filled
Meghan Ettinger
Marcia Williams
Agate Point from North St. roadend to Bloedel Reserve

Gordon Drive road end (5)

Limited space, muddy, may be tires at site

All slots filled
Meghan Berg (3)
Thanks Deb!
Siri Kushner (2)

Grotle Road road end (5)


Fay Bainbridge Park (20)

All slots filled
Sarah Dugan
Nicole Minoza (10)
Girl Scout Troop 45447
Andy Harrah (4)
Emily Weaver (3)
Beau Rosencrans
Sydney Thompson

Gertie Johnson Rd road end (5)

Limited parking

All slots filled
Anika Toma (2)
Me and a friend will participate!
Greg Hiatt (3)

Manitou Beach City Open Space (10)

All slots filled
Lindy MacMillan (2)
Livia Hernandez (5)
Megan Sanchez (3)

Yaquina Point road end (5)

All slots filled
Elise Held (2)
Christen Muir (3)

Hawley Cove Park- Special Project (20)

A portion of this beach will be targeted for a quantitative litter assessment coordinated by Zero Waste WA and we need your help! HS age and older. Ideally in signing up you will stay for the full 3 hours. Masks required in the sorting and tally area.

All slots filled
Kari Anderson
Hannah Ard (7)
BSA Troop 1804
Samantha Everett (2)
Karl Fritsche (10)
Boy Scouts troup

Harborview Drive (5)

2 of 5 slots filled
Gloria Sayler (2)

Waterfront Park (20)

All slots filled
Marina Cofer-Wildsmith
Erin Kollar
Caroline Dempsey
Oh yeah!
Theo Bamberger
Jack Rumery
Sara Miller
Chloe May
Josh Marble
Taylor Carstens
Marina Hydeman
Shannon Barger
Chelsea Vessenes (5)
BIR Varsity rowers
Joelle Varsovia
Keaton Aldrich
Andrew Garcia
The Luerkens

Strawberry Park (20)

All slots filled
Elizabeth Eisenhood (2)
dawn snider (2)
Chelsea Vessenes (5)
BIR Varsity rowers
Harriet Parsons (3)
Zoe Lang
Amanda Bast (5)
Troop 45182
Paul Herrera (2)

Gowen Place road end (5)

limited space- muddy

1 of 5 slots filled
Fredric Hoffer

Rose Loop road end (5)

2 of 5 slots filled
Carla Panescu-Reich (2)
We live on Rose Loop waterfront and will pick up from road end (east beach access) to trail to the west (no beach access)

Ward Ave (5)


Pritchard Park (20)

All slots filled
Kiel Reijnen (3)
Chelsea Vessenes (5)
BIR Varsity rowers
Gilian Engelson (4)
Engelson family
aiyana brumley
Daniela Munoz
Happy for help
Kim Dunscombe (2)
Stefanie Trenchard (4)
Trenchard family

Rockaway Beach Park (10)

All slots filled
Caroline Perisho
will be picking up trash on Saturday Morning
Jennifer Evans
Picking up trash Saturday Morning
Femke de Groot (6)
Ikumi Takahashi (2)
One adult and 2 kids

Blakely Harbor Park (30)

All slots filled
Grantham Gace (20)
We are the BHS Key Club
Kathy & John Haskin (2)
David Maron (4)
Bren Albrecht
I’m really excited!
James Lambert
Team IslandWood (2)

South Beach Drive road end (5)

Limited parking

4 of 5 slots filled
Jill Sinkula (4)

Fort Ward Park (30)

All slots filled
Cortney George (4)
Kevin Miller (4)
Jonathan Hurd (4)
Gina Stecher (15)
Team Otter! Ordway Elementary School
Christina Cielusniak (2)
Go Ordway!!
Gina Stecher
Team Otter!

Wharf Street road end (5)

3 of 5 slots filled
Bryan Rogowski (3)

Lytle Road road end (5)

All slots filled
Jamie Grant
Kitty Grant
Island Coop Megan R (3)
pre-K group

Beck Road road end (5)

4 of 5 slots filled
Laurie McConnachie (4)

Schel-chelb Park (20)

7 of 20 slots filled
Jeff & Katherine Myers (2)
Anna, Georgia & Reid Cunningham (3)
Jody Weller (2)

Point White Dock (20)

16 of 20 slots filled
Wendy O'Connor
Wendy O'Connor
Barbara Rayburn
I will cover beach from 3142 Pt. White to 3284.
Kate Brown (2)
Crystal Springs north from dock to 4804
Brooke Strong (4)
Jaime Quick (3)
Tracy Clayton (3)
Fauve Gouws (2)

Gazzam Lake Park - Close property (western shoreline) (5)

3 of 5 slots filled
Lyn Schnug (2)
Chelsea Minola
It will be two adults and two children.

Fletcher Landing road end (5)

very limited parking

3 of 5 slots filled
Lorelei Dean
Kylie Goguen
Kate Cressall

Olallie Path road end (5)

3 of 5 slots filled
Blake Markham (3)
Blake, Kieran and Connor

Williams Olson Park (10)

All slots filled
Roth Family (4)
Christopher Simmons (2)
Peter Stoddard (4)
2 adults 2 kids

Woodland Drive road end (5)

Very limited parking


Dock Street road end (5)

2 of 5 slots filled
Caroline Perisho
will be picking up trash on Staurday Morning
Jennifer Evans
Picking up trash Saturday morning

Hidden Cove road end (5)

2 of 5 slots filled
Caroline Perisho
Wiil be picking up trash Saturday morning
Jennifer Evans
Picking up trash Saturday morning

Agate Pass Bridge Access (5)

All slots filled
Greg Geehan (5)
We will do south of Agate Passage

Fairy Dell Park (5)

All slots filled
Campbell Family (3)
Jaclyn Peloquin (2)

Ocean Drive (5)


Broom Street (5)

All slots filled
Liz Can (5)

Lovell Ave SW (5)

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