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BI Beach Cleanup

2020 Bainbridge Island Beach Cleanup

The Bainbridge Island Beach Cleanup is happening Sunday, September 20 from 12pm to 3pm, and we can't do it without your help!


Volunteers can sign up to clean up at our public road ends and shorelines during the 12p to 3p (corresponding with low tide) time window. The slots in this signup list public road ends and shorelines in a clockwise direction starting from the north end of the Island. Please click here for a map  of all these areas (please note the map may have some additional road ends; the ones we list below are those we consider accessible, eg, not high bank or tough to access). Pick the spot you want, or add your own location in the open slots. We encourage you to find an area meaningful to you, or choose a location without a lot of commitments to help us ensure coverage! Please note: Road Ends were originally designed for community access, so many have limited parking. If the space appears to be full when you arrive please select another site.


Yay! We love groups (as long as they are following social distancing guidelines and current group size guidance which is 5 or fewer)!  Put your own name in the slot as the group lead, and then tell us in the comments how many people in your group are participating.  It’s okay to estimate.


We love this “problem!”  You can either pick a different spot, or you are always welcome, and encouraged, to remove litter on our roadsides- everything flows downstream, and trash removal further up the watershed helps our whole Island!


Bainbridge Island's shoreline is a mix of public and private property. We've identified public road ends and beaches in our map and list below so that we are focusing on publicly accessible areas. Please stay on the beach and off of lawns and shoreline vegetation -HOWEVER- if you are at a public road-end or beach, we really encourage you to make sure you're looking high up into the wrack line (line of debris left behind at high tides) for plastics too. Do not pick up debris if you are not sure if it belongs to an upland owner; if you happen onto private property and are asked to leave by a homeowner, please respect their wishes.


We suggest bags or buckets and gloves. You can borrow buckets and pick up bags from our team at the Miller Rd gravel lot just north of New Brooklyn Road, starting at 11:30 am on the event day.


If its a small amount please feel free to bring it home and dispose of it in your can. If you picked up orange litter bags from us, you can you can bring your collected trash, or large items you cannot easily dispose of at home, to the Miller Rd gravel lot  by 3:30pm.


Our event is part of a global effort led by Ocean Conservancy and they would love to know what you collected! Download a mobile phone app that lets you share data about the trash you collect; results will be compiled for our Island and for the global event and help us learn more about what kinds of debris we are keeping out of our oceans!


Thank you for your continued stewardship!  If you would like to participate in this year’s Bainbridge Island Beach Cleanup, and have your trash count towards this global tally, please join us this year and sign up on an open slot, listing your location.  We want to honor and note your efforts! 


We're hoping to have media coverage for this event and also we organizers will be out taking pictures. We're hoping you'll agree that media images or statements taken by any Bainbridge Island Beach Cleanup representative of you or your family as Event participants may be used by Sustainable Bainbridge or Bainbridge Island Beach Cleanup event partners for  publicity, education, marketing and/or advertising purposes. By signing up, you will consent to and authorize such use without restriction and understand that you will not receive compensation should any such image or statement be used in this way. BUT- if you see us out there taking pictures and you don't want to be in the picture, please just let us know!!


If you have questions please visit the Sustainable Bainbridge Beach Cleanup Page for FAQs and more information, or contact us at [email protected]

Thank you for doing your part to keep our beaches healthy and beautiful!

Date: 09/20/2020 (Sun.)

Time: 12:00pm - 3:00pm PDT

Created by:   Deborah Rudnick
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Available Slot

North Street NE road end (5)

Limited, steep access- not suitable for small children

3 of 5 slots filled
Marie Eßer
Fabienne Anstett
Julia Jaschik

Gordon Drive road end (5)

Limited space, muddy, may be tires at site

2 of 5 slots filled
Siri Kushner
Miguel Guillen

Grotle Road road end

7 slots filled - more available
Helaine Honig
Thomas Warrington (3)
Three Adults
Adiel Angeles
Robert Maneclang
Jian Samantha Gonzalez

Fay Bainbridge Park

38 slots filled - more available
Thea Laskowski
Kim Leopold (4)
Two adults and two teens!
René Ruiz (4)
Christina Hamlin (4)
Two adults and two teens
Bridget Crampton
Justice Brown
Cammy Delaney
Pete and Masako Guidry (2)
Kate Gormley (2)
Malatesta Family
2 audits 3 kids one dog
Zefire Skoczen (3)
1 adult 1 kid 1 teenager
Beckey Anderson
Jay Humarang
Brittany Vain (2)
2 adults
Jordan Rozul (10)
2 teams 5 adults on each

Gertie Johnson Rd road end

Limited parking

3 slots filled - more available
Gregory Hiatt (3)

Manitou Beach City Open Space

15 slots filled - more available
Brandi Marinoni (4)
Two Adults and two kids (7 & 9)
Candace McCarrel (2)
Cari Stricker (2)
Deborah Kidd (3)
Breanna Brawley (4)
3 Adults and 1 Child

Yaquina Point road end

4 slots filled - more available
Leilani Tonsmann
Tara Powers-Hausmann
Jane Rein (2)

Hawley Cove Park

site of a large quantity of styrofoam in the backshore- we will be removing this as well as shoreline debris. Lots of help needed here!

30 slots filled - more available
Ruth Adams
Bobbie Morgan
Did I already sign up, previously??
Naomi Spinak
Loren Bast
Inga Sheffield
Alison Kettering
Aaron Leong (3)
Two children and one adult
Sarah Albee (2)
Me and Cameron
Shayla Kowaleski (3)
Krzysztofa McDonough (3)
(2 adults & 1 kid)
Christy Goss (2)
Me plus other adult
Jennifer Ruys (2)
Hannah Ard (5)
BSA Troop 1804
Jill Anderson (3)
Jay Humarang

Harborview Drive


Waterfront Park

11 slots filled - more available
Sheila Curwen
Bainbridge Island Rowing Club Vessenes (5)
MaryAnne G. Keane
James Macpherson
Dee and John Eisenhauer
julius ramirez (2)
me and my wife

Strawberry Park

8 slots filled - more available
Naomi Spinak
Elizabeth Eisenhood
Bringing family member(s)
Angela Ault
+ family members
Bainbridge Island Rowing Club Vessenes (5)

Gowen Place road end (5)

limited space- muddy


Rose Loop road end

4 slots filled - more available
Gilian Engelson (4)
(and family)

Ward Ave

1 slot filled - more available
Krista Pal

Pritchard Park

15 slots filled - more available
Kiel Reijnen
Lyn Schnug (2)
My wife and I
Sherri Egashira (5)
Bainbridge Island Rowing Club Vessenes (5)
gloria sayler
Christina Kereki
plus 1 kid

Rockaway Beach Park

4 slots filled - more available
Rick Hatten (2)
Brooke Drury
may head to Blakely Harbor if there's time.
Paul, Mev, and Mar Hoberg

Blakely Harbor Park

12 slots filled - more available
Alison Hatletveit
Krista Pal
Casey Schmidt (4)
Hecker Family (2)
Maizy Goerlitz
Alena Pulhug
Eve Ferreira
Grace Pridmore
May bring a friend

South Beach Drive road end

Limited parking

7 slots filled - more available
Sarah Mooneyhan (4)
I live on South Beach Drive. My family and I will clean the private beach by our home and hope to recruit neighbors to do the same.
Megan Vilke (3)

Fort Ward Park

6 slots filled - more available
Anna Britt (4)
The britts
Laura Bottger (2)
Just to be different, we’ll probably head down the beach to the east of the park towards where the beach becomes private. (Tide permitting.)

Wharf Street road end

2 slots filled - more available
Margie Trujillo (2)

Lytle Road road end

7 slots filled - more available
Cheryl Painter (2)
Kathleen Smith (5)
I will be there with my family and a friend.

Beck Road road end


Schel-chelb Park

7 slots filled - more available
Eileen Wold (4)
I will have two adults and two kids
Anne LeDell-Hong (2)
Hecker Family

Point White Dock

6 slots filled - more available
Wendy O’Connor
I live right across the street from the Dock, immediately south of the parking lot.
Tish Treherne
My neighborhood...I'll see if I can recruit more neighbors to help
S Goerlitz (2)
Amy Pinker
Linda Bohannon

Gazzam Lake Park - Close property (western shoreline)

8 slots filled - more available
Lisa Sheffer (2)
I will be there with my husband and 2.5 year old. We can only stay until 2pm.
Jocelyn Kempe (6)
We will be 3 adults and 3 children!

Fletcher Landing road end (5)

very limited parking

3 of 5 slots filled
Christy Carr
Lori Weise (2)
we live nearby and can walk there

Olallie Path road end

8 slots filled - more available
Karen Mattock (2)
Stacey Nordgren (6)
+5 (Olallie Path toward Tolo rd)

Williams Olson Park

4 slots filled - more available
Helaine Honig
Eileen Maron (3)

Woodland Drive road end (10)

Very limited parking

1 of 10 slots filled
Maggie Kizer

Dock Street road end

2 slots filled - more available
Barb Zimmer (2)

Hidden Cove road end

1 slot filled - more available
Stephanie Farquhar
Sampson, Peter, Stephanie will clean up around Hidden Cove park and Port Madison beaches

Agate Pass Bridge Access

2 slots filled - more available
Martha And Tom (2)

Fairy Dell Park

2 slots filled - more available
Christian Berg
Thanks for Organizing
Kiel Reijnen

Ocean Drive

2 slots filled - more available
Mallery Choiniere
Marc Choiniere

Broom Street


Lovell Ave SW

Hawley Wallace
I will also bring my husband.

Roadside, Undecided or Private Property (please note approx location if known in comments)

Please note where you are planning to clean up so we can keep track of coverage

32 slots filled - more available
Kate Cressall
Fletcher Bar Area
Christine Perkins
S of Fay Bainbridge, private beach
Donna Rodger (2)
Winslow West street endMy husband Fred Hofer
Kim & Susan Bottles
Blakely Harbor private property
Beckey Anderson
Sunrise Torvanger to Day Rd
Jackie Syvertsen (25)
Yeomalt Water Company Group Yeomalt to Pleasant Lane+-
Val Sils
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