COVID Support Continues

Hello Volunteers!

We are so thankful to have such a wealth of great volunteers who support us. In conjuction with COVID Phase 3, SBIM will be transitioning into our next phase that will allow us to support  our most vulnerable children in our community, by continuing to provide groceries, but also provide snacks and activities - so we will need many volunteers.

The children in our community may be staying home alone during the unknown upcoming school year, and continue to have uncertainty in their lives. Therefore we want to put their mental health at the forefront of our next phase. We want to focus on the kids and pair "SBIM liaisons" with families to deliver/check in on a regular basis (every other week). The liaison will be delivering provided items to 2-4 children to also support emotional wellness in addition to food.  You can deliver, possibly say hello, and maybe even get to have a distant conversation in the additional visits. Having a consistent person showing up and provide means so much to these families.  If this is of interest to you, please sign up below.

If you would like to make donations for these children, please see the List of Snacks and Activities  for ways you can contribute. We will continue to utilize the blue bins in front of Floris UMC to collect these donations. Please mark bags/items with "SBIM".

Amazon wish list - - Please have all items shipped to Michelle Galliano @ 1236 Rowland Drive, Herndon, VA 20170

In order to keep track of inventory, please let us know what you have purchased and are either dropping off at the church (drop off date) or through Amazon, what you have ordered.  You may email this info directly at [email protected]  Thank you in advance for this extra step.

Lastly, as always, donations can also be made on our website: DONATE to She Believes in Me

Please review the available slots below and click on the button to sign up. Thank you!

Created by:   She Believes in Me - Empowering Girls!
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Available Slot

Team Leaders (16)

You will be the point of contact for 6-8 volunteers. They will email you after their "wellness check" and inform you of any needs. You will be the point of contact between the Wellness Liasons and SBIM.

10 of 16 slots filled
Karen Connell
I would also like to support my adopt a family and one more
Erica Carter
Sally Mathews
I would like to continue to support My Adopt a Family
Barb Sprout
I would like to continue to support my "Adopt A Families"
Cynthia Lopynski
Lisa Barsky
Christine Hall
Tyra Norwood
Karen Berlin
Kathy Primus

SBIM Liaisons

You will work with 2-4 families and visit them every other week to provide groceries, snacks and activities. You will have a team lead to share any additional needs the family may have.

20 slots filled - more available
Leah Kmetz
Gale Ott
Barb Collura
Christine Hall
Paola Henslee
Karen Berlin
1-2 families
Sally Mathews
2 Families- Suzanne talked to me about Helen and Andry
Laura Yuska
I will take as many of my kids who are on your list
Haleh McDermott
Roya Najmabadi
Our Adopt a Family is the household with Angie and Renzo. We would love to continue to be involved with or family as a wellness liaison.
Mina Vasquez
I will continue to cover my Adopt a Family.
Teri Taylor
For 1) Baires Family and 2) Julie (Suzanne to cover for me: Aug 8-Sept 13th)
Malinda Fossett
Joanne Doolittle
I will continue supporting Keyrin’s family
Cathe Hargenrader
The Hargenraders will continue with our Adopt A Family. Coordinating with Suzanne K.
Nick Carter
Elisa Kepner
Anna Marie Caudill
Kathy Primus
2 Families Please - My Mentee Family: Gianella and Gabriella Bautista-Nolasco and an additional family
Carly Greenlief
I will take the 3 families from my class!

Snack Items (please make note of what you are donating in 'Comment')

Suggested Items: fruit cups, pretzels, applesauce, Goldfish, granola bars, nonperishable chocolate milk, animal crackers, crackers etc...Please note when you are dropping off or when it will be delivered via [email protected]

39 slots filled - more available
Lori Manik
Granola bars (Costco box) I will drop it off on Monday, 7/20.
Barb Collura
Applesauce and Fruit cups
Sheri Hodinko
goldfish and animal crackers
Christine Hall
Chocolate milk and animal crackers; whatever else is needed
Dana Kunt (4)
Packages of fruit cups, pretzels goldfish
Linda Cooper (10)
Fruit cups; granola bars (quantity for each)
Mary Euerle
Granola bars (Costco box)
Deb Fraser
granola bars
Carol Edwards
I have notified my neighborhood, I should start receiving supplies this week. I'll bring them in each Wednesday
Anne Alston (12)
Chocolet milk and crackers
Malinda Fossett
Malinda Fossett
Healthy snacks 66pack Amazon 7/19
Pam Hatch
Pam Hatch (3)
Chocolate milk 16,granola bars 64, apple sauce cups 36

Activity Pack Items (please make note of what you are donating in 'Comment')

Suggested Items: word search, drawing notebooks, journals, coloring books, playdoh, slime, jump rope, board games, card games, deck of cards, soccer ball, basketball, outdoor games, puzzles, Highlights, hidden picture books, crafts.

20 slots filled - more available
Barb Collura
Craft books from Amazon wish list
Sheri Hodinko
10 highlights books from Amazon wishlist and playdoh
Donielle Scherff
I will put together a complete activity pack--need to know how many.
Christine Hall
Items from Amazon wishlist
Linda Cooper (4)
Coloring books; playdoh packs (quantity for each)
Cynthia Lopynski
12 pkgs bubbles, 6 decks of cards, 5 coloring books
Carol Edwards
I have notified my neighborhood, I should start receiving supplies this week. I'll bring them in each Wednesday
Jane Marshall (7)
Activities, crafts, drawing booklets for younger children.
Sally Mathews
2 Hidden Pictures, 2 Soccer Activity, 4 Markers
Elisa Kepner
Annamarie Caudill
Coloring books, crayons, play do, books
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