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Noon and Sunrise Rotary

March 27, Rotary Workday I: Planting

Please review the available slots below and click on the button to sign up. Thank you!

Needed are 16 teams of 4 = 64 Rotarians plus plus support to ensure the CARD waiver is signed, refreshments and first aid.

Pre-augered hole means much less digging, mostly cleaning them out and fertilizing, planting and backfilling with a compost mix.  Trees need to be staked post-planting.

  • Picks
  • Shovels, flat and pointed
  • Wheel barrows
  • Rakes
  • Gloves and masks
Date: 03/27/2021 (Sat.)

Time: 8:00am - 12:00pm PDT

Location: Rotary Centennial Park

Created by:   Mark Pierce

Will you be attending the event?
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SUPPORT (20) - Ensure waiver is signed, refreshments and first aid
  All slots filled
Candace Andel
Not sure what this entails, but sounds important! Haha
Danie Schwartz
Lisa Reynolds (2)
Alberta Simic (2)
1 muscle
Kelly Crane
Anastacia Snyder Lando
Michelle Genova
Gordon Bergthold
Warren Locke (2)
Marteen Busby
Debbie Moseley (2)
Jeni Moore
Jack Van Rossum (2)
MUSCLE (100) - Physical Workers
  74 of 100 slots filled
Thomas Austin
Scott Blow
Mark Francis
Bob Evans
Heidi Musick
Rob Reddemann
Valerie Reddemann (4)
Dan Andreasen
Karli Olsen (2)
Kiley Patterson
Leanne Chrisman (2)
Brent Morrison
Ray Block (2)
Frank Schulenburg
Brandon Keith
Anita Barker
Kevin Moretti
Charlotte Hall (2)
Mary Sakuma
Glen Eaton
John DEwart
Carl Ochsner
Depending on how vigorous this is, I may be good for just 2-3 hours.
Dorian Dodds
Ed Anderson
Mike Donnelly
Charles Kyle
Phil Wilke
Evan Tuchinsky
Oakleaves photography & work!
Dana Campbell
Can only attend for 1 hour
Bill Kyle
Heather Short
Dan Herbert
Samia Yaqub (2)
Support or muscle - Wherever you need me!
Robert Bracewell
Spencer Fogleman
Mark Hendry
Pat Macias
Marteen Busby
Evan Busby
Gabriel Eggen
Mike Mays
Tom Huston
Dan DeWitt
Leah Wills
Jessye Barstow
Kaplan Laurie
Craig Duncan Duncan
Steve Christophel
Gayle Hutchinson
Ken Dickson
Ed Anderson
Lenn Goldmann
I would like to tie and stake trees
Dane Bracewell
Beau McSwain
I can only stay for a couple hours.
Tom Hughes
Paul Peck (2)
Matthew Donner (2)
Tim Colbie
Robb Lightfoot (2)
Karin and Robb Lightfoot can come and bring a wheelbarrow and shovels
Patrick Pillsbury (2)
John Growdon
Megan Haimbaugh
Responses:     Yes: 87     No: 1     Maybe: 0    

Guest Count:    Confirmed: 107     Maybe: 0

YES (87) -  

Megan Haimbaugh (1 guest)

John Growdon (1 guest)

Melanie Bassett (1 guest)
I'll be there on all the days from 9-11. If I can do longer I will.

Patrick Pillsbury (2 guests)

Robb Lightfoot (2 guests)
Robb and Karin will be there

Tim Colbie (1 guest)

Susie Sorenson (1 guest)

Matthew Donner (2 guests)

Tanya Layne (1 guest)

Paul Peck (2 guests)

Tom Hughes (1 guest)


Beau McSwain (1 guest)

Dane Bracewell (1 guest)

Jill Hendry (1 guest)

Philip Aviles (1 guest)

Jack Van Rossum (2 guests)

Lenn Goldmann (1 guest)
I would like to tie and stake trees

Ed Anderson (1 guest)

Ken Dickson (1 guest)
this may be a duplicate, did I sign up already?

Jeni Moore (1 guest)

Gayle Hutchinson (1 guest)

Steve Christophel (1 guest)

Craig Duncan Duncan (1 guest)

Katy Thoma (1 guest)

Kaplan Laurie (1 guest)

Jessye Barstow (1 guest)

Kyle Fales (1 guest)

Leah Wills (1 guest)

Dan DeWitt (1 guest)

Tom Huston (1 guest)

Mike Mays (1 guest)

Gabriel Eggen (1 guest)

Debbie Moseley (2 guests)

Marteen Busby (2 guests)

Warren Locke (2 guests)

Gordon Bergthold (1 guest)

Pat Macias (1 guest)

Mark Hendry (1 guest)

Spencer Fogleman (4 guests)

Robert Bracewell (1 guest)

Samia Yaqub (2 guests)

Dan Herbert (1 guest)

Heather Short (1 guest)

Kelly Crane (1 guest)

Bill Kyle (1 guest)

Dana Campbell (1 guest)
Can only attend for 1 hour

Evan Tuchinsky (1 guest)

Phil Wilke (1 guest)

Charles Kyle (1 guest)

Mike Donnelly (1 guest)

Ed Anderson (1 guest)

Carl Ochsner (1 guest)
I ask only that the day be organized with an identified leader.

Michelle Genova (1 guest)

John DEwart (1 guest)

Glen Eaton (1 guest)

Mary Sakuma (1 guest)

Charlotte Hall (2 guests)

Kevin Moretti (1 guest)

Dorian Dodds (2 guests)

Anita Barker (1 guest)

Brandon Keith (1 guest)

Anastacia Snyder Lando (1 guest)

Frank Schulenburg (1 guest)

Ray Block (2 guests)

Brent Morrison (1 guest)

Leanne Chrisman (2 guests)

Kiley Patterson (1 guest)

Jolene Francis (1 guest)

Karli Olsen (2 guests)

Alberta Simic (2 guests)

Dan Andreasen (1 guest)

Valerie Reddemann (1 guest)
Valerie Reddemann

Rob Reddemann (1 guest)

Les Heringer (1 guest)

Rodney Krebs (1 guest)

Heidi Musick (1 guest)

john rhein (1 guest)

Bob Evans (1 guest)

Lisa Reynolds (2 guests)

Mark Francis (1 guest)

Tom Lando (1 guest)

Scott Blow (1 guest)

Danie Schwartz (1 guest)

Thomas Austin (1 guest)

Candace Andel (1 guest)

Mark Pierce (1 guest)

NO (1) +  

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