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Noon and Sunrise Rotary

April 10, Chico Rotary Workday III: Split Rail Fencing

Lets build some fencing!

Instalation of over 1,100 foot of split rail fencing. With four distinct starting spots, 8 teams of 5 are needed = 40 in additon to support people.

Please bring:

  • Shovels
  • Cordless saws, handsaws
  • Cordless drills
  • 3" deck screws
  • Hammers and small sledges
  • Tamping bars
  • Cargo straps
  • 1 wheelbarrow per team
  • PPE: Safety glasses, gloves and masks
Date: 04/10/2021 (Sat.)

Time: 8:00am - 12:00pm PDT

Location: Chico Rotary Park

Created by:   Mark Pierce

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SUPPORT (20) - Ensure CARD waiver is signed, refreshments and first aid
  All slots filled
Lisa Reynolds
Anastacia Snyder Lando
Charlotte Hall
Alberta Simic
Kelly Crane
Marteen Busby
Jeni Moore
Gordon Bergthold (2)
Elizabeth will help with the manual labor
Mike Donnelly
Spencer Boone
Put me wherever you guys need me!
Heather Short
Greg Peters (3)
Jessye Barstow
Heather Fegley
Mr. Colbie
  All slots filled
Thomas Austin
Mark Francis
Rob Reddemann
Valerie Reddemann
Kiley Patterson
Brent Morrison
Anita Barker
Kevin Moretti
Frank Schulenburg
John DEwart
Devin Potter
Ed Anderson
Charles Kyle
Phil Wilke
Evan Tuchinsky
Oakleaves photography + work!
Robert Bracewell
Rodney Krebs
Randall KOrte (4)
Marteen Busby
Dorian Dodds (2)
Gabriel Eggen (2)
Mike Mays
Tom Huston
Joel Zimbelman
Dan DeWitt
Craig Duncan Duncan
Steve Christophel
Ken Dickson
Kelly Staley (2)
Dane Bracewell
Beau McSwain
Ed Tierney
Tom Hughes
Matthew Donner
Responses:     Yes: 58     No: 1     Maybe: 0    

Guest Count:    Confirmed: 72     Maybe: 0

YES (58) -  

Mr. Colbie (1 guest)

Heather Fegley (1 guest)

Jessye Barstow (1 guest)

Greg Peters (3 guests)

Heather Short (1 guest)

Spencer Boone (1 guest)

Stuart Thompson (1 guest)
What time should we show up?

Mike Donnelly (1 guest)

Gordon Bergthold (2 guests)

Levi Russell (2 guests)

Melanie Bassett (1 guest)
I'll be there on all the days from 9-11. If I can do longer I will.

Matthew Donner (2 guests)

Tom Hughes (1 guest)

Ed Tierney (1 guest)


Beau McSwain (1 guest)

Dane Bracewell (1 guest)

Kelly Staley (2 guests)

Ken Dickson (1 guest)

Jeni Moore (1 guest)

Steve Christophel (1 guest)

Craig Duncan Duncan (1 guest)

Carlos Mora (1 guest)

Kyle Fales (1 guest)

Dan DeWitt (1 guest)

Joel Zimbelman (1 guest)

Tom Huston (1 guest)

Mike Mays (1 guest)

Gabriel Eggen (2 guests)

Dorian Dodds (2 guests)

Marteen Busby (2 guests)

Randall KOrte (4 guests)

Rodney Krebs (1 guest)

Robert Bracewell (1 guest)

Kelly Crane (1 guest)

Alberta Simic (2 guests)

Evan Tuchinsky (1 guest)

Phil Wilke (1 guest)

Charles Kyle (1 guest)

Ed Anderson (1 guest)

Devin Potter (1 guest)

John DEwart (1 guest)

Frank Schulenburg (1 guest)

Charlotte Hall (1 guest)

Kevin Moretti (1 guest)

Anita Barker (1 guest)

Anastacia Snyder Lando (1 guest)

Brent Morrison (1 guest)

Kiley Patterson (1 guest)

Jolene Francis (1 guest)

Valerie Reddemann (1 guest)

Rob Reddemann (1 guest)

Les Heringer (1 guest)

john rhein (1 guest)

Lisa Reynolds (1 guest)

Mark Francis (1 guest)

Tom Lando (1 guest)

Thomas Austin (1 guest)

NO (1) +  

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