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Warren Wilson College

Orientation Move-In 2022

Hello First Year and Transfer students!  We are looking forward to your arrival on campus on Monday, August 15th (for First Years) or Tuesday, August 16th (for Transfers). Please sign up for one of the time slots. We hope that by offering a time slot, we can help make the move-in process as smooth as possible for you. The official Orientation program will begin the afternoon of Tuesday, August 16th, so we wanted to offer plenty of move-in options prior to then. For First Year students that arrive on Monday, there will be evening activities for you to particiate in.


Any questions can be directed to Jonathan Gonzales, Director of Student Activities at [email protected]


We are very much looking forward to welcoming you to the Warren Wilson Community! 

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Date (mm/dd/yyyy EDT) Location Available Slot
(Mon. 8:30am - 2:30pm)
Warren Wilson College FIRST YEAR STUDENTS 

8:30 am - 10 am (70)

65 of 70 slots filled
Autumn Fritz
Brandi Harrelson
Hannah Wolfe
Wren Tisnado-Blake
Helena Aviles
Victoria Griffis
Annalyse Helms
Flynn Meharg
Rebecca Owen
Ellie Teweles
My mom, dad, and sister will be joining me
Ursula Curlin
I’m in a pre-orientation program.
Rylan Harvey
My parents coming to drop me off
Priscilla Wadlington
Griffin Gibson
Olivia Jones
Will have parents and possibly aunt present
Mason Hunsaker (3)
Haden Mason
pre-orientation student
Zaire Fauntleroy-McDaniel (3)
Me plus my mother my grandmother and brother
Marren Dougherty (4)
Luke Hart (2)
mom and sister coming to help maybe my dad
Stephanie Gray (2)
My mom and dad are coming.
William Jack
Quentin Rice
Dakota Getz (3)
me and my parents for move-in
Tobin Vignos
two parents coming
Waylon Rutherford
Tauryn Baldwin (6)
Me and my friend are moving in at the same time and he forgot to put his family in the quantity, so I’m including them here.
Eleanor Crews (3)
my parents coming to help with move in
Christian Blackmun (2)
Mom is coming w/
Forest Fulford
cool beans :-)
Carter Scott-Whiteside (3)
James Kelly
Parents may or may not attend.
Lorelei Bailey
Dad, Mom and Sister will be with me.
Willow Solomon (4)
Me, my parents, and my brother
Franny Moseley
paloma lombardi-ortiz
i will have one car and my mom with me
Kara Carreon
Joshua Allen Sanchez Jr.
I'll try to get there
Evan Mercado (2)
My mother and I
finn zwemer
i'll be moving in with my mom, dad, and brother

10 am - 11:30 am (65)

60 of 65 slots filled
Kai Daniels
Colin Hoover (3)
Me plus parents to help move in
Audrey Lyons
Katie Little (3)
Rylee Langdon
Chloe Raines
Anna Sauerbrey
I will have two cars with me.
Emily Cobb
Allison Lienemann
Maia Ashworth
Luci Hittle
my parents + brother will be with me!
Angie Reynolds
Ilya Andreyev
Lena Nelson (2)
My mom will be joining me.
Parker Snow
Mac Ware
Brother, Mom, and Dad will be joining me
Donatella Henry
My mom and dad will be helping me move in
Emma Wright (4)
Nora Bliss
My parents are coming with me
Gabriel Jefferson (3)
Mother, Father, Sister
Helena Cano (3)
Lila Faye Nicholson
lola arlt
Amelia Belz
Hannah Daniels (4)
Me parents and sister
Lilly Matthews (4)
Sabine Costello-Sanders (3)
Leigha Nix (3)
Olivia Spicer (2)
Grace Speyer (3)
Dakota Wheatley
Dylan Wheatley
Gio LoMonaco-Kiss
Olivia Manyette
Ellie Strohm

11:30 am - 1 pm (65)

60 of 65 slots filled
Justice Black
Isra Peterson
Elvin Sanchez
Caralyn Fox
Luke Nightingale
Luca Faro (3)
2 family members coming along
Elder Waters
My mom is joining me
Malakas Andora
John Rhoden
Mom and Dad are joining me. Taking 2 cars.
Isabella Abeles
Dakota Ward (3)
me + 2 parents to help
Baylee Gearheart
Sarah Black (3)
2 parents
Cate Oswald
Henry Berta
My mom will drop me off.
lola arlt
Destiny Barrick (2)
Callie Aerni (4)
3 people with me
Zee Tornberg
Mom and Dad will be with me
Niko Schoessler (3)
Both parents coming to help :)
Chloe Douglas (3)
Me and my parents
Tyson Bombick
Elijah Linklater
Courtney Warns
Adolfo Castrejon (3)
Mom and Dad & 2 cars
Noah Jennings
2 parents helping
Elizabeth Gembczynski (2)
My dad is helping me move in
Zachary Beverly (6)
Me, aunt, grandma, mom, brother, sister
Gabriel Trinca
Alana Young
Hannah Sommers
Sydney Weber
with four guests
Benjamin Soto (3)
Me, Mom, and Dad
Finn Borror
Owen Kennedy (2)

1 pm - 2:30 pm (65)

60 of 65 slots filled
Neil Schaefer
Layla McDaniel
Emily Fredrickson (3)
Quinley Stiles
Eva Huffaker
Ruby Schober-Colburn (4)
Amira Al-Hammami (3)
Blue Wilkinson
1 parent coming
Diogo Richardson (2)
Emma Tuck (3)
Remi Luckiewicz
Owen Mihavetz
Cam'Ron Picquet (2)
My Pastor may bring me to help. Might still come alone.
Sophie Gallagher
my mother and father will be joining me
Kelsey Campbell
Tariq Underwood (4)
Me and my family
Emma Mamone-Peeples (4)
Me, my parents, as well as my sister
Baileigh Sinaman-Daniel (5)
Joseph Castello
Hannah Judd
Trace Howard
Ava Hamernik
I will be joined by my mother and father.
Aidan Aubry
Kashius Ford
Noah Azur
Jori Spencer (4)
My moms and my sister will be coming as well
Sean Politte
My sister and father will be with me
Asa Morris
Will likely arrive b/w 3-3:30; disc'd with Skye.
Sadè Lawrence
Sage Scott
Mom and partner helping me move in.
Wright Tozzer (2)
Waylon Rutherford
Jordan Rodgers
Amelia Dietrich
Hyacinth Cox
(Tue. 8:30am - 1:00pm)
Warren Wilson College TRANSFER STUDENTS 

8:30 am - 10 am (65)

15 of 65 slots filled
Lauren Miller
Anna Blezard
ella parker
Giselle Castaneda
Eugene Wagoner
Chloe Woods
Aidan Saunders
Aidan Saunders
Ashlan Stolley
Ahna Webster
Towner Schunk
Ella Baker
my mom and dad will help me move in
Sydney Johnson
Lucas Michels (2)

10 am - 11:30 am (60)

39 of 60 slots filled
Chloe Billings
Violet Hill
Sophia Conklin
Ellis Sperling-Freilich
Teaghan McAllister
Patrick McDonald
Right on
Catherine Pooser
Meredith Traugott
Anna Robinson
Maitreya Suchocki
Bayan Haseem
Alyssa Gagliano
Juliet Moreno
my parents, sister, and boyfriend coming to help me move in
Anastasia Duich (2)
My mom will be with me
Brianna Swanson
Willa Ayres (2)
My mom will help me move in
Graham Memmesheimer
Olivia Crescitelli
Waylon Rutherford
Adam kluge
Nedas Nacickas
Ezra Hernandez-Simpson
Nedas Nacickas
International student
Noah Blackford
Bella Hubbard
Sadè Lawrence (7)
my family is coming
Daniela Rojo (3)
River Rochelson
my mom and partner will help me move in
Alexander Magder
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