Bingo Sign-up 7/29/2020

We are thrilled to be bringing Bingo back and we are dedicated to doing it safely!


Please review the following polocies and guidelines attached. Anyone who is unwilling to follow safety protocol (according to Virginia's phase 3 directives for safely reopening entertainment venues) will not be permitted to participate and will be asked to leave. Let's all be safe and follow the rules carefully! Please use the attached map for reference before selecting your seating preference from the available spots below. To sign-up, click the button and answer our follow-up questions. Thank you all for helping us keep our players, staff, and volunteers safe! 

Date: 07/29/2020 (Wed.)

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Created by:   Teresa Michener

Location Time (EDT) Available Slot
(a) Row A  6:00pm  

Seat A1

Lucye F

Seat A2

Tammy F

Seat A3

Connie I

Seat A4

Lorna H

Seat A5

Cathy J

Seat A6

Benilda J

Seat A7

Sheryl J

Seat A8

Vilma A

Seat A9

Tamika A

Seat A10

Joe W

Seat A11


Seat A12

(b) Row B  6:00pm  

Seat B1

Cheryl O

Seat B2

Pearl O

Seat B3

Cecil O

Seat B4

Joyce J

Seat B5

Terry M

Seat B6

Gloria W

Seat B7

Amanda S

Seat B8

Shirley B

Seat B9

Karen W

Seat B10

Evelyn H

Seat B11

Shanteil H

Seat B12

Cherita J
(c) Row C  6:00pm  

Seat C1

Cynthia G

Seat C2

Felecia N

Seat C3

Jeff A

Seat C4

Vicki G

Seat C5

Marie S

Seat C6

Lucille T

Seat C7

Tammy L

Seat C8

Danis L

Seat C9

Barbara S

Seat C10

Arnita M

Seat C11

Venita B L

Seat C12

Celestine B
(d) Row D  6:00pm  

Seat D1

Deagra S

Seat D2

Maria R

Seat D3

Norma P

Seat D4

Norma P

Seat D5


Seat D6

Sueko P

Seat D7

Sueko P

Seat D8

Billie A

Seat D9

Brenda B

Seat D10

Doris P

Seat D11

Ashley M

Seat D12

Tracy W
(e) Row E  6:00pm  

Seat E1

Elishia L

Seat E2

Chloe H

Seat E3

Elonda B

Seat E4

Jackie F

Seat E5

Linda B

Seat E6

Donna H

Seat E7

Carolyn B

Seat E8

Concetta D

Seat E9

Donzell W

Seat E10

Lisa C

Seat E11

Dorothy R

Seat E12

Mary C
(f) Row F  6:00pm  

Seat F1

Brandy S

Seat F2

Tobias P

Seat F3

Sybil M

Seat F4

Lisa J

Seat F5

Lashelle K

Seat F6

Dinette S

Seat F7

Demisha S

Seat F8

Annette D

Seat F9

Tracy D

Seat F10

Norma S

Seat F11

Lakeia W
Extra pack small

Seat F12

Rosie A
(g) Row G  6:00pm  

Seat G1

Beverly B

Seat G2

Brenda W

Seat G3

LaToya D

Seat G4

Shanique M

Seat G5

Melissa G

Seat G6

Pam H

Seat G7

Pam H

Seat G8

Donald M

Seat G9

Victor D

Seat G10

Cindy M

Seat G11

Joyce S

Seat G12

Marchia H
(h) Row H  6:00pm  

Seat H1

Curtis E

Seat H2

Anna E

Seat H3

Dolores B

Seat H4

Obie A

Seat H5

Danielle B

Seat H6

Renee K

Seat H7

Hannah K

Seat H8

Felicia H

Seat H9

Richard L

Seat H10

Terry D

Seat H11

Terry D

Seat H12

Dominique B
(i) Row I  6:00pm  

Seat i1

Denisha G

Seat i2

Deborah G

Seat i3

D'Juana T

Seat i4

Tiffany E

Seat i5

Venice W

Seat i6

Dorothea R

Seat i7

Darla H

Seat i8

Kim R

Seat i9

Kim R

Seat i10

Patric A

Seat i11

Bertha W

Seat i12

Alexis A
(j) Row J  6:00pm  

Seat J1

Angela B

Seat J2

Karen A

Seat J3

Matt A

Seat J4

Kiri A

Seat J5

Debra C

Seat J6

Donna P

Seat J7

Kristina D

Seat J8

Minie B

Seat J9

Yani B

Seat J10

Pat F

Seat J11

Christine H

Seat J12

Charlotte M
(k) Row K  6:00pm  

Seat K1

Christina C

Seat K2

Jackie V

Seat K3

Robin S

Seat K4

Shirley F

Seat K5

Regis A
Sm bundles blue dabber;

Seat K6

Bonnie F

Seat K7

Kathy L

Seat K8

Darick W

Seat K9

Brittany T

Seat K10

Herb M

Seat K11

Sabrina M

Seat K12

Kathy T
Group Tables (perimeter)  6:00pm  

HHT - 9 (2)

Same House Hold Table

All slots filled
Karintha M
Husband and wife
Gregory W

HHT - 1 (2)

Same Household Table

All slots filled
Susan C
Norma R

HHT - 2 (2)

Same Household Table

All slots filled
Carolyn S
Carolyn R

HHT - 3 (2)

Same Household Table

All slots filled
Cheryl S
LaTasha B

HHT - 4 (2)

Same Household Table

All slots filled
Alesia L (2)
Ebonie H

HHT - 5 (2)

Same Household Table

All slots filled
Robert D (2)

HHT - 6 (2)

Same Household Table

All slots filled
Diana H
Nina R

HHT - 7 (2)

Same Household Table

All slots filled
Kevin L
Helen S

HHT - 8 (2)

Same Household Table

All slots filled
Cynthia S
Margaret F
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