St Matthew

Joining Jesus On His Mission Seminar

Joining Jesus On His Mission isn’t just the name of book, it’s a mindset and a lifestyle.  Join the entire St Matthew gang to welcome Pastor Greg Finke to unpack this idea a bit more.  In "Show Me How", Greg will share the simplicity and clarity of following.  Plus share thoughts on how St Matthew can keep the “discipleship” ball rolling.  

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Lunch will be provided.  A free will offering will be taken.

Date: 01/12/2019 (Sat.)

Time: 9:00am - 3:00pm EST

Location: Fellowship Hall

Created by:   Rose Mill

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Karl Koenig (1 guest)

anita marie erickson (2 guests)
We will be attending 1-3:00 only

Scott Leistner (1 guest)
I’ll be attending from 9 to noon

Lori Wieneke (1 guest)
Will be there by lunch.

Mark Behnke (1 guest)
I'll be there from 9 to noon.

Charen Buyce (1 guest)
I will only be able to attend until 10:30

Donavon Orth (2 guests)

Jacob Dunlop (1 guest)

Nancy Dryburgh (2 guests)
Dave and I will be but have to leave after lunch

Don & Lois Porter (2 guests)
We may not be able to stay for the whole time.

Scot Fay (2 guests)

Rod Otto (1 guest)

Steve & Marlene Kelley (2 guests)

CAROL YOUNG (1 guest)

Pastor Appold (2 guests)
Liz and I will be present

Gail VanCoevering (1 guest)

Paul Lytikainen (3 guests)
1 only for lunch

Douglas Vogt (1 guest)

Jim Harger (1 guest)

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