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JCC-North County ECHO Meal Prep Team

JCC ECHO Meal Prep Team

Thank you for volunteering with the JCC Meal Prep Team on June 30 to cook meals for ECHO -- a residential shelter and resource center in Atascadero. We are grateful to be one of many local community service clubs and faith-based organizations, whose cooperative efforts 24/7 ensure that 80 shelter residents and other food-insecure people -- families, couples and individuals -- have enough to eat every day of the week.

ECHO is located at 6370 Atascadero Ave, just across the street from Atascadero Bible Church. On June 30, we will drop off -- but not serve -- meals ready to eat between 4:00-4:15 PM. ECHO staff will then plate and distribute them to shelter clients.

Please review the available meal slots below and click on the button to sign up for the items you'd like to prepare. Thank you very much for volunteering to help feed our hungry neighbors, who are so appreciative of our generosity!

Date: 06/30/2021 (Wed.)

Time: 4:00pm - 4:15pm PDT

Location: ECHO is located at 6370 Atascadero Ave, across the street from Atascadero Bible Church. .

Created by:   JCC-Federation of SLO

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Enough dessert to feed 80 people. (2) - Could each person please bring enough dessert (cookies, brownies, etc) to feed 40 people.
  All slots filled
paula motlo
I will make brownies for 40 people
Virginia Baker
Double fudge brownies for 40.
Green Mixed Salad (no dressing required) (2) - Could each person please prepare enough green salad for 40 people.
  All slots filled
Tali Freed (2)
Please provide enough potato salad to feed 80 people.
Delia Horwitz
Help BBQ Fish Filets (4) - ECHO has received 60 lbs of frozen fish filets and 4 people are needed to help prepare them at an offsite outdoor kitchen in Atascadero under the expert supervision of Gail Gresham. Complete details will be provided to those of you who sign up.
  2 of 4 slots filled
Gail Gresham
Ilene Brill
Beef Hot Dogs + Buns and condiments - For kids and others who might prefer an alternative to fish, 1 person is needed to prepare 24 beef hot dogs, plus buns and condiments on the side pickle relish, catsup, mustard, maybe sauerkraut, too! (Perhaps Hebrew National or another well-known brand)
Vege-Burgers - For vegetarians in the crowd, please prepare 18 vege-burgers + buns and condiments: mustard, mayo, catsup, lettuce,sliced tomatoes, sliced dill pickles (perhaps some cliced cheese as well)
GAIL Schwartz
18 veg burgers wit condiments
Fruit (2) - Could each person please bring enough fruit to feed 40 people.
Rolls - Please bring enough rolls to feed 80 people.
Responses:     Yes: 7     No: 0     Maybe: 0     No Response: 17

Guest Count:    Confirmed: 10     Maybe: 0

YES (7) -  

Ilene Brill (1 guest)

GAIL Schwartz (1 guest)

Virginia Baker (1 guest)

paula motlo (1 guest)
Brownies for 40

Gail Gresham (1 guest)

Tali Freed (4 guests)

Delia Horwitz (1 guest)

NO RESPONSE (17) +  

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