Winter Recital

LSM Winter Recital

Please review the available recital times below, and either sign up for your teacher's specific recital time (recommended), or if there's no teacher accompaniment neeeded for you or your child's performance, then you may choose any time that works best for you.  Please remember to select the exact number of students you are signing up to help us keep an accurate account of how many students will be performing in each time slot.  If you have students who will be performing in more than one time slot, you'll need to sign them up individually per each time slot.  If you have any questions regarding signing up please call us at 863-640-2810.

 Thank you!

Date: 11/16/2019 (Sat.)

Created by:   LSM Admin
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Location Time (EST) Available Slot
FSC, Recital Hall - Teachers Lisa & Jesi  10:00am - 11:30am  

Performances (30)

All slots filled
Amanda Williams (2)
Mason (drums) Lucy (voice) their birthday party is the same day so we need the earlier time slot.
Valerie Eich
11:00 or 11:30 if possible
Rachel Mathew
Benjamin LeFrancois (2)
Madison and Peyton LeFrancois
Reese Nalbach (2)
Heidi Sichelman
Brooke is 5 yrs old. It would be helpful if she could perform within the first 30min of starting.
Jackson And Allison Mills (2)
Jackson and Allison
Naveeta Maharaj
Diana Burgueño Vega (2)
Fabian (piano, Mrs Lisa) & Sebastian Burgueno, (violín w Fabian duo, Mr. Green) (L
Diana Burgueño Vega (2)
Fabian and Sebastian Burgueno
Elise Dixon
Alexandra ferson
Daphne Salyer
Ava Campanelli
Patty Ross
Christian Porquett - piano
Izabella Alicea
Johan Bijiyos
Kim Ellerbe
Makenna Ellerbe-piano
Kathy Howell (2)
Rick Starns
Amy Morris
Emmaline Morris - violin
Isabella Ancaya
Annalise Pannone
FSC, Recital Hall - Teachers Adam, Ryan, Georgina, Bradley, & Matthew  11:30am - 1:00pm  

Performances (30)

All slots filled
Denise Spiegel
Isla Spiegel
Eddy Varela
tavin horning
tavin horning
tyler horning
tyler horning
Heather Bowman
Bailey Bowman with Ryan, Guitar
Renee Dasinger
Kai Richardi
Vocal and guitar performance
Nancy Miranda
Erin King
Stephanie Peck
Adayah- viola /Georgina
Stephanie Peck
Eli- guitar/Will
Pamela Hendrick
Amy Brown
Tanner Brown for Ryan
Li Lin (2)
Kelly Inskeep
Marissa Inskeep Violin/Georgina
Sarah Jacobs
Carley Carden
Lula Peoples
Lucy Lind
Jayden Rivera
Jason King
Carla Ashton
Adrian Estrada
Casey Smallwood
Aliyah Webster
Aliyah Webster
Cristina Genninger
Worthie Morgia
Lauren Morgia
Sophia Cruz
Anthony Walston
FSC, Recital Hall - Teachers Deborah, Coleman, & Will,  1:00pm - 2:30pm  

Performances (30)

17 of 30 slots filled
Wendy Thornton (2)
Tania Zea
Keisha Stephenson
Rockabye by clean bandit ft Sean paul
Nga Huynh
Performer is Nguyen Huynh. He is going to play piano. His teacher is Ms. Deborah.
Vy-An Pham
Richele McMichael
Rhonda Green
Erikah Ramos
Frank T Pizarro Jr
Ms Deborah is Elijah Pizarro’s teacher.
audrey martinez (3)
miss deborah is selena jolie paino teacher
Kathy Howell
Ciara Livingston
Charlene Gilbert
Teagan Whetton
FSC, Recital Hall Teachers Tony, Eric, Nikki, Jared, & Neftali  2:30pm - 4:00pm  

Performances (30)

22 of 30 slots filled
Eddy Varela
Luke And Nolan Pippen (2)
Alex Stolzman
Alex Stolzman
Marti Cowie
Jeffrey Alemar
James Alexander
Jason Bowers
Melanie Cooksey
Brooke Miller
Kevin Macias
Kathy Howell
Kathy Howell (2)
Aaron Braamse
Tony Mercer said he is available to accompany Arron at 2pm and after. It would be nice if you can schedule Arron to perform along with Tony's students or right after his students' performances because I would feel bad to let Tony wait. Thank you!
Colt Fullenkamp
Jack Whetton
Jillian Glisson
I would like to request Jillian be one of the first performers in her time slot so I can watch her performance before heading to work. I teach at 1 pm on Saturday but have another instructor covering until I arrive. Thank you!
David Izzo
Sonja Bayt
Ellie-Jane Horton
Kyliegh Leggore
Piece: Lily. Composed by: K-391 and Alan Walker
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