Wahoo 3D

16th Annual Wahoo 3D Shoot

16th Annual Wahoo 3D Archery Shoot  

Presented by Golden Arrow Archery Club

March 9 & 10, 2019

Saunders County Fairgrounds

635 East 1st Street, Wahoo, NE

Please note the Adult Grand Championship Shoot date and time below...

Come join us for this exciting and fun shoot. There will be 4 shooting times/lines...

March 9th at 8am (Shotgun Start) - Open to all archers - $20 for adults, $10 for youths under 18 years of age.

March 9th at 1pm (Shotgun Start) - Open to all archers - $20 for adults, $10 for youths under 18 years of age.

March 9th at 6pm (Shotgun Start) - Adult Grand Championship Known 50 Shoot- If you are 18 years of age or older and wish to compete for the Grand Championship, you will be required to pre-register for this date and time. $25.00 per shooter. Please note, if you are shooting the Grand Championship, you cannot shoot any other times. This is for Bowhunter (Pins) and Open (moveable sight) Championship.

March 10th at 9am (Shotgun Start) - Open to all archers - $20 for adults, $10 for youths under 18 years of age.

Raffles and door prizes will be at the shoot and concessions will be available.

Trophies/plaques will be awarded for the overall winners from the Saturday (8am & 1pm) and Sunday shoots. Grand Champion shoot will receive a Grand Champion trophy/plaque. Four classes for the Grand Champion Shoot - Men's Pins and Men's Open and Women's Pins and Women's Open.

Note: If you want to sign up a group of shooters, for the 8am, 1pm or 9am Lines, you will need to include their full names in the comment section. ALSO, when signing up the group, enter the total number of shooters in your group in the quantity box.


Location: Saunders County Fairgrounds

Created by:   Golden Arrow Archery Club
Already signed up? You can change your sign up.

Date (mm/dd/yyyy) Time (CDT) Available Slot
03/09/2019 (Sat.) 8:00am - 12:30pm  

March 9th 8am Line - Shotgun Start (80)

Please arrive at least 30 minutes before the shoot time

64 of 80 slots filled
Sean Smith (4)
4 people
Dylan Tegtmeier
Michael PIERCE (4)
Dean Pierce, Ronnie Anderson, Hunter Pierce
Bob Fisher (2)
Chris Lautenschlager (4)
Chris, Max, Ben, Sebastian
Jaxon Bumgardner
Chad Trutna (3)
Sean Lindgren and Josh Todd
Keith Hurley (3)
Keith, Leah & Ty Hurley
Braxton Stuart
Youth bow Hunter freestyle
Hayden Mitchell
Brian Meyer
Brent Wood (5)
I have five people in my group their names are 1)Brent Wood, 2)Justin Chamley 3) Nathan Kroll 4) Darcy Ramsey 5) Sam Ramsey
Keith Hofer (3)
Caleb Rawson, Seth Koertner
Ray Madison (3)
Chloe Madison,Daric Stalder
Carl Nielsen
Michael Fricke
Kevin Stange (4)
group of 4 Kevin Stange, Paul Wimmer, Alex Hansen, Chris Angland
John Hay
Robin Ward (4)
Brad Johannesen (2)
Chuck Chrystak (4)
Jeff Uleman, Travis Uleman , Keagen Chrystak
Chase Powers
Aaron Blank (2)
Jeff Jackson
jason Wallace (3)
Hunter Wallace, Jed Schmidt
Rick Rudd
Matthew Rudd
Liam Fitzler (2)
Keith Nolda
Add me to Robin Ward’s group.
1:00pm - 5:30pm  

March 9th 1pm Line - Shotgun Start (80)

Please arrive at least 30 minutes before the shoot time

43 of 80 slots filled
Joe Clark (4)
Joe Clark, Nic Riecken, Joey Miller, Jeremy Othmer
Glen Duerfeldt (4)
Scott Henderson/Scott Owen/Chad Duerfeldt
Mason Gerdes
Chad Perkins (5)
Colby Perkins, Shaeli Perkins, Brad Perkins, Chad Marshall
Todd Probasco (2)
Tripp Probasco
Geoff Russell (2)
Geoff Russell and Jonny Russell
Ryan Knobloch (2)
Kenny Frederick (4)
Aaron Hyland (2)
Lyle Skalka
Marcus Ethen
Mark Ethen
Marcus Ethen
Kyle Hubenka (3)
Kyle Hubenka, Matt Emodi, Emily Emodi
Corey Anson (2)
Chad Duerfeldt
I am 17 years old
Rick Bartlett (3)
Rick bartlett Mckenzi Bartlett paulmer Bartlett
Joel Reinke (3)
shooting with Evan Reinke, Micah Reinke
Mitchell Bowden (3)
Tyler Vorhease, mike vorhease
6:00pm - 9:30pm  

Adult Grand Champion Known 50 March 9th 6pm Shotgun Start - NOTE: Individual Sign Up Only - No Group Sign Ups (80)

Please arrive at least 30 minutes before the shoot time

20 of 80 slots filled
Tim Hendricks
Tony Friberg
Tim Macrander
Joshua Butler
Robert Gregg
Chad Morgan
Scott Washburn
Dallas Crowder
Tyler Lyhane
Ryan Drinkgern
Darold Starks
Dave Cavalieri
Jeff Allen
Golden Arrow Archery Club
This is for Troy White
Brian Glock
Adam Jirovsky
Robert Goodwin
Perry Miller
Bill Lewis
Tyler Miller
03/10/2019 (Sun.) 9:00am - 1:00pm  

March 10th 9am Line - Shotgun Start (80)

Please arrive at least 30 minutes before the shoot time

All slots filled
Joe Clark (4)
Joe Clark, Nic Riecken, Trent Thornburg, Jeremy Othmer
Troy White (4)
Zach Kelley (5)
Kaylyn Kelley, Kurt Kelley, Billy Chromy, Nicki Chromy
Beau Sheffield (3)
2 adults and one cub would like to shoot together
Justin Ross
Tim Tanner (4)
Dave Labs, Declan Tanner, Ryan Vogel
Anthony Hill
Beau Petersen (3)
Jarett Stork, Dustin Coleman
Jackson Clark
Nate Burnison (2)
Nate Burnison, Brandon Huber
Brian Hoefener (3)
Ron Berube
Kalob Pearson (3)
Kalob Pearson , Justin Gibson, John Martin,
Ed Bachmann (2)
Marty Gill
Josh Pflasterer (2)
Rachel Beeney, Tyler Kohl
Aleczander Lueder
Charles Dresch (3)
Jeff Bunde, Conner Dresch
Robert Gregg (2)
Tom Nauman chad Morgan Robert Gregg and Greg Gill
Tom Nauman
Robert Gregg chad Morgan
Chad Morgan
Tom Nauman robert Gregg
Riley Peterson
Rick Fitchhorn (2)
Matt Reed
Gabe Calabretto (2)
Dustin Woster (3)
josh koenig (2)
Rob Engdahl
GAAC Members (6)
Holding for Golden Arrow workers
Perry Miller
Zach Woods (2)
Zach Woods, Shawn Grunnmen
Brian Glock
Roy Shelton (4)
Benjamin Jones (2)
Jake Crnkovich
Cole Scott
Jeremy Misfeldt
Put me with Brian Hoefener
Jeremy Johnson (3)

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